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A constant source of vitamins and minerals
The wellness problem
For all manner of reasons – particularly poor diet, lifestyle
choices or illness – we may not receive all of the nutritional
requirements our body requires to operate at optimum
efficiency and underpin our overall wellbeing.
Ensuring that your own and your family’s nutritional needs
are met is not always an easy process and achieving the
recommended adult guidelines for 5 serves of vegetables
and 2 of fruit can be tricky.
Our food choices determine the nutrients our bodies receive,
in particular the necessary vitamins and minerals. Vitamins
are a group of organic compounds, and are essential in the
daily diet in the right quantities for normal metabolism,
cardiovascular function, growth and physical wellbeing.
Minerals are inorganic substances needed in the body for
good health. Minerals work with vitamins in the body to
ensure maximum absorption and functionality.
Where adequate supplies of vitamins and minerals are
not – or can not – be obtained from dietary sources,
supplementation may be the perfect answer to maximise
the potential for optimum wellbeing.
The Neways solution
Orachel is an original high potency multivitamin and mineral
supplement. Additional herbs and the carefully crafted
formula of vitamins and minerals in Orachel provide a
powerful source of bioavailable nutrition to address dietary
deficiencies that can be caused by consuming food-on-therun, social indulgences like smoking and alcohol consumption.
Arguably, taking a multivitamin and exercising is one of
the simplest decisions you can make to assist in improving
your overall health and wellbeing. Lack of vitamins in the
diet is associated with low energy, immune problems and
stress. Exposure to pollution, toxins and chemicals in our
environment and foods can lead to free radical exposure.
Designed for daily use Orachel incorporates a range of
traditionally and scientifically recognised herbal ingredients
including garlic, hawthorn, lime tree and kelp.
The advantages of Orachel with its potent broad spectrum
mix of vitamins and minerals along with targeted herbal
support make it a powerful formula to help maintain energy
function Helps protect against free radical damage and aid
in general wellbeing.
Lifestyle Tips
• The foundation of wellness begins with a good diet, adequate exercise and cellular nutrition
• A diet should consist of low GI fruit and vegetables, lean quality proteins with every meal, regular consumption of oily fish, low carbohydrate nuts and seeds with the avoidance or reduction of all refined foods such as bread, pasta, rice, cakes, pastries
and biscuits
• Increase exercise for heart and lung function and to increase muscle mass. Exercise increases lung function and lung function is a biomarker of ageing
• For optimal wellbeing address any digestive and gut imbalance
• Regular bowel movements are essential for good health and wellbeing. Increase water consumption
and make sure you are getting adequate fibre on a daily basis
• Eat regular and small healthy meals and keep low
GI fruit handy (e.g. green apples, green pears, strawberries, blueberries)
• Balance your energy levels with protein. Protein not only supports tissue repair, it can also help to sustain energy levels. Try eating protein with every meal
and snack
Wellbeing benefits of Orachel
General wellbeing
• Aids the maintenance of general wellbeing
• Supports healthy energy production
• Supports healthy immune system response
Dietary supplementation
• A multivitamin and mineral supplement to provide supplementation when dietary intake is inadequate
• Antioxidant function
Active ingredients
• Allium sativum (garlic), Crataegus monogyna (hawthorn),
Tilia cordata (lime tree), Fucus vesiculosus (kelp),cysteine
hydrochloride, choline bitartrate, inositol, methionine,
citrus bioflavonoids extract, vitamin A, betacarotene,
vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin
B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin
E, biotin, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium,
manganese, molybdenum, potassium, zinc.
Directions for use
• Take one to five tablets with breakfast and one to five
tablets with dinner
• Pack size: 100 tablets
Free from
• Milk, gluten, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours,
and yeast.
• Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamin
supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
• Warning – this product contains pyridoxine hydrochloride which may
be dangerous when used in large amounts or for a long time.
• The recommended adult daily intake of vitamin A from all sources is
700 mcg retinol equivalents for women, and 900 mcg retinol equivalents
for men.
For additional wellbeing
Companion products
• You may receive additional benefits from combining
this product with Atrimax, Cascading Revenol,
EFA Krill, Feroxin and Revenol
• Warning – when taken in excess of 3,000mcg retinol equivalents,
vitamin A may cause birth defects. If you are pregnant, or considering
becoming pregnant, do not take vitamin A supplements without
consulting your doctor or pharmacist.
Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, AUST L193121.
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Telephone: 08 8364 3660 • Facsimile: 08 8364 3664
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