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awesome ANCIENT GRAINS ///
HOW TO beat diabetes
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Supplements to keep
you and your kids healthy!
Plant Proteins
Pg. 6
VITAMIN D-ficient?
Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common nutrient
deficiencies in the US, with millions of cases in the US each year.
Having adequate levels of vitamin D is so important to maintain
healthy bones, strengthening the immune system and minimizing
the risk of depression, to name a few.
The main source of vitamin D in humans is through sun exposure.
In fact very few foods naturally contain vitamin D, which is why
you see so many fortified foods these days. Oily fish such as
salmon and cod are the best natural food sources for vitamin D.
According to recent research, wearing sunscreen does not
significantly decrease your body’s ability to produce vitamin D.
You can protect yourself from skin cancer while taking in that
vitamin rich sunshine! However, if regular sun exposure is not an
option, supplementation is always a great solution. Get your blood
serum levels checked to determine if you have a deficiency.
Serum levels under 50 ng/ml are considered deficient, while
serum levels from 50-70 ng/ml are considered optimal. Current
Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is from 400 IU to 800 IU
depending on your age. Once tested your doctor will recommend a
dosage, which could vary from person to person.
And don’t forget those little ones, especially infants. If your infant
is primarily breastfed with limited sun exposure, chances are
they are not getting adequate vitamin D. Breast milk alone does
not provide adequate levels of vitamin D. Check out the Nordic
Naturals Baby D3. Only drop per day supplies the RDA of 400 IU to
keep your little one growing happy and healthy everyday!
Sindy Wise
Director of Natural Living
[email protected]
Acure Organics
Shaving Gel
Powered by AIR! The FIRST and
ONLY all-natural shave gel that
actually FOAMS and dispenses just
like dad’s old stuff! No nasty gases or
environmentally insensitive bag-in-can
Spry Mint Gems
These Spry Gems Mints provide a
refreshing burst of spearmint in a tiny,
flavorful mint. Spry Gems combine the
tooth-protecting properties of xylitol
with a tasty, pH-balanced formula to
maintain the health of teeth, gums and
oral tissues.
Teething Tablets
Babies get fussy. It’s a natural
response to being in a totally new
world. Couple that with occasional
sleeplessness, and you’ve got an
irritable little person that needs
natural calming medicine to settle
his or her system.
Nordic Naturals
Baby’s Vitamin D3
Nordic Naturals Baby’s Vitamin D3 is in the
natural form of vitamin D (cholecalciferol)
for optimal absorption and comes in a
carrier oil of certified-organic extra-virgin
olive oil. It offers the recommended
dosage in just one drop.
Each serving of these tapioca and
pectin-based gummies provides 100% DV
(400 IU) of Vitamin D3 for children four
years and older and 50% DV (200 IU) for
children two and three years of age . . .
and naturally, they are Non-GMO.
Hero Nutritionals
Yummi Bears
Get more value with our 200 count value
bottle! It’s the same great gummy with 22
fruits and veggies for your picky eaters.
Clean Well
Hand Sanitizer
All-natural Ingenium™, a patented
formulation of essential plant oils,
proven to kill 99.99% of germs.
ZuZu Luxe
Earth Mama Angel Baby
This gentle and non-irritating
formula enriched with vitamins and
herbal extracts will help protect
each fragile eyelash and encourage
maximum growth.
A safe, effective, herbal diaper cream
that safely battles existing diaper rash
and protects against flare ups.
Aura Cacia
Cheering Foam Bath
The uplifting and refreshing blend of
100% pure tangerine and sweet orange
essential oils will have your children
begging for bath time!
Bottom Balm
Alba Botanica
Fast Fix for a Pimple
When you need a fast fix for a pimple, this tinted
cream immediately blurs the offending blemish
while willow bark extract, colloidal sulfur and
licorice root work to remedy the underlying
problem. Zit be gone!
Triple Razor System
This BPA free Triple Razor comes with two
replacement blades and has an ergonomic
handle that is 100% recycled #5 plastic
and completely recyclable after use.
Genesis Today
Garcinia Cambogia
Açaí Blueberry
Superfruit drink mix contains
1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia to
support healthy weight management.
Rainbow Light
Power Sours
Twice the recommended daily value of vitamin C
for enhanced immune support, plus a balanced
profile of vitamins and minerals kids need.
August 2015
16 Family Health Primer
August means back to school—and back to hectic
schedules. Here are some timely tips to help keep
the whole family healthy and eating right, even
when time is tight. Plus, simple stress-busting
strategies, natural remedies for everyday ailments,
and more.
22 Scatterbrained—
Or Something More?
When we talk about ADHD, we usually think of kids.
But adults can suffer from this condition, as well.
If you’re always losing the car keys, forgetting the
grocery list, or just plain can’t get organized, a few
targeted nutrients and herbs may be able to help.
Potent herbs that support adrenal health, control cortisol,
and help the body deal effectively with stress.
A diet and supplement plan to help halt prediabetes in
its tracks.
Natural ways to fend off seasonal maladies, just in time for
back to school.
Boost your mood, increase your energy, and heal what ails
you with the power of flower essences.
From pea to hemp, here’s a look at the best plant proteins
for building muscle, lowering cholesterol, and more.
Toss out those synthetic white bars and revive your skin
with pure, wholesome African black soap.
From west to east and north to south, we’ve scoured the
globe to bring you the best natural beauty secrets from
around the world.
Spelt? Kamut? Farro? You may have seen them on
store shelves, but what the heck are they? Here’s a
look at some of today’s trendiest ancient grains, plus
recipes to help you take full advantage of their
health-boosting prowess.
Beat the August heat—and maybe even live longer—
with a refreshing glass of iced green tea.
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supplement savvy
plant proteins 101
Simple solutions for six common problems
rotein powders derived from
plants, such a pea, rice, or hemp,
are growing in popularity. In
addition to being a convenient source of
vegan protein, they are less likely to
trigger food sensitivities.
“Plant-based protein powders are more
easily digestible and have a more
balanced phytonutrient profile,” says
Lauren Beardsley, ND, a naturopathic
doctor at Integrative Health in Scottsdale, Ariz. If your system is too acidic, she
says, “They can help balance the pH,
encouraging detoxification and limiting
These, says Beardsley, are some of the
special characteristics of each type:
Pea Protein
Popular among athletes, pea protein is a
good source of branched chain amino
acids (BCAAs) that are broken down in the
muscle tissue to produce energy.
In addition, it is high in
lysine, an amino
acid that
converts into carnitine, a molecule
responsible for building energy and
lowering cholesterol. And, one serving
may provide about 30 percent of a day’s
iron requirements, although iron content
varies among products.
Rice Protein
A clinical trial, published in Nutrition
Journal , found that a specific organic,
sprouted rice protein—called Oryzatein
and found in a variety of rice protein
brands—was found to be especially
effective for building lean muscle and
strength, and promoting recovery after
resistance exercise, qualities previously
believed to be unique to whey protein.
Although the two proteins contain
different amounts of individual amino
acids, both equally enhanced the results
of resistance exercise.
Hemp Protein
Available in hemp seeds, oil, milk, butter,
and powders, this potent plant protein
has been popular among vegan athletes
for many years. In addition to protein,
hemp is rich in fiber, B vitamins, and a
combination of healthy fats, including
omega-3s. When unflavored, the
protein powder has a pleasant nutty
taste that works well in salad dressings,
dips, soups, or sprinkled on vegetables.
Soy Protein
The FDA considers soy a heart-healthy
food, and it is a longstanding, popular
vegan protein. But most soy in the
United States is genetically modified
and often highly processed with a
variety of chemicals. To avoid these
problems, Beardsley recommends
choosing non-GMO, organic soy
protein powders, and cautions that
phytoestrogens in soy can
disrupt estrogen and
thyroid hormones.
By Vera Tweed
Cooking with Protein Powder
Always popular in smoothies, protein powders can also be used in cooking and baking. Anna Sward, author of The Ultimate
Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook, points out
that powders such as hemp, rice, and pea
absorb a lot of liquid. “Add moisturizing
ingredients to a batter,” she suggests—
bananas, pumpkin purée, and cooked
sweet potatoes and beets are her personal favorites. Rice protein, she says, is well
suited for pancakes, and hemp works well
with strong flavors, such as chocolate. For
pea protein, try this recipe:
Chocolate Protein Cookies
Recipe from Anna Sward. For dozens more,
Other Plant Proteins
Some products combine proteins from a variety of sources, including
sprouted seeds and grains, cranberries, and algae, such as spirulina. “Many
manufacturers are utilizing this approach to create a comprehensive blend
of vitamins, fatty acids, and fiber that offers a myriad of health benefits,”
says Beardsley.
As an example, spirulina consists of up to 70 percent protein and is one of
the few plant sources of vitamin B12, as well as other vitamins and
minerals. “It offers many health benefits,” Beardsley adds, “including
immune boosting properties, anticancer benefits, and it can help lower
blood pressure.” In addition to protein, sprouted seeds and grains contain
fiber, iron, and chlorophyll—good for detoxification and appetite control.
Shopping Guide Look for 15–20 grams of protein per
serving, without artificial flavors or chemical additives. If you
have food sensitivities—or thyroid or other hormonal issues—
choose soy-free plant proteins. To prevent food sensitivities in
the future, make a habit of varying protein sources.
¼ cup plain or vanilla pea protein powder
1/8 cup cashew or almond butter
2 Tbs. agave syrup
1 Tbs. almond milk
2 squares (20g) chopped 85% dark chocolate
1. Preheat oven to 320°F. Mix all ingredients together in bowl to make a cookie dough. Taste, and add
sweetener of your choice, such as stevia, if desired.
2. Divide dough into 4 balls, and press onto cookie
tray lined with parchment. Bake 8–12 minutes, or
until cooked through, but still soft in center.
PER SERVING: 140 cal; 8g pro; 6g total fat (2g sat fat);
13g carb; 0mg chol; 120mg sod; 1g fiber; 9g sugars
GoStaks are a
smart and sleek
advancement in
portable nutrition. Durable jars secure tightly to
carry powders, vitamins, supplements, snacks,
and more.
COFFEE tastes like a
creamy coffee house
drink when mixed with
water or almond milk.
proprietary blend of pea,
hemp, and cranberry provides
20 grams of plant-derived
protein per serving, plus amino
acids; omega-3, -6, and -9;
polyphenols; and antioxidants.
Veggie Protein is an all-natural
vegetarian super food complex
designed to meet protein needs.
Each ingredient was chosen for
its ability to deliver maximum nutrient concentrations while providing a smooth pleasant taste.
VANILLA With 20 grams
of protein per serving, plus
added B12 and enzymes, this
potent powder provides the
equivalent of almost 14 lbs.
of vegetables. Plus it’s gluten
and soy free and vegan safe.
Take the chore out
of your daily protein quest with Vega Protein
Smoothie. You and your family will love this
convenient protein boost you can take (and
make) as an on-the-go snack or part of a
healthy breakfast.
healing botanicals
By Vera Tweed
adrenal health
Healthy adrenals boost energy and endurance
drenal glands don’t make
headlines, but they deserve some
attention. Sitting on top of the
kidneys, these little glands each weigh
less than one-fifth of an ounce, but when
they malfunction, the human body can’t
muster the energy it requires.
“The adrenal glands are essential for life
in that they help us deal with any kind of
challenge that comes up in the environment,” says clinical herbalist Guido Masé,
author of The Wild Medicine Solution.
Such challenges can be physical, such as
running a marathon, or stressful life
situations, such as an exam or a traffic jam.
“In all of those situations,” says Masé,
“The adrenal glands play a really vital and
important role.”
How They Work
Adrenal glands secrete two important
hormones: adrenaline and cortisol. We
feel the effects of adrenaline as a “rush” or
“fight or flight” response, which can be
exhilarating, frightening, or somewhere in
between. It kicks in almost instantly, and
can disappear in seconds or minutes.
Cortisol works more slowly, causes no
discernible physical symptoms when it
initially rises, and can remain elevated for
anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or
even longer. When there are repeated
stressors in the environment, cortisol can
remain chronically elevated.
Chronic Cortisol Problems
Cortisol boosts the body’s energy by
raising blood sugar levels. It also
suppresses the immune and inflammatory responses, so physical exertion
produces less pain. For example, cortisol
enhances runners’ ability to complete
marathons, but afterwards, studies show
that they are more susceptible to
respiratory infections.
“Chronic repeated stress may be
connected to immune dysfunction,
autoimmune disease, and chronically
elevated blood sugar and therefore
diabetes,” says Masé. Eventually, the
adrenal glands may no longer be able to
produce enough cortisol, and exhaustion
sets in. “Exercise is a great way to diffuse
anxiety and stress,” he says. Any type of
low-intensity physical activity lowers
blood sugar and cortisol levels.
Herbal Relief
made with linden leaf, lemon balm, or
chamomile, or a combination of the three.
Brew for 2–3 minutes, and cover while
brewing to prevent aroma from escaping.
The volatile oils in these herbs calm the
nervous system.
chamomile &
lemon balm
Gaia Herbs
Ashwagandha root
Adaptogenic herbs such as
Ashwagandha Root help
nourish and restore optimal
nervous and immune system
health by normalizing mood,
energy levels, and overall
immune function.
recommends trying these herbs one at a
time, to see how you react. Take ½ tsp. of a
tincture in a glass of water or juice, twice
daily. In capsules of whole root or berry,
take 1 gm of rhodiola root, twice daily, or 2
gm of any one of the others, twice daily. For
extracts and herbal adrenal formulas,
follow product directions.
Rhodiola root: The fastest-acting herb
for stress, rhodiola also perks up mood
and “get-up-and-go.”
Schisandra berry: Also helps to
normalize digestion.
Ashwagandha root: Also improves
sleep quality.
Siberian ginseng root: Also improves
physical endurance, and is especially
good for athletes.
Lucky’s Market Brand Adrenal Support
is a unique and effective blend of ingredients supporting adrenal function,
energy & stress management.
Certified organic and tested for
potency, this pure ashwagandha
extract helps the body adapt to stress
and improves physical endurance and
stamina. Gluten and additive free.
Stress can wreak havoc on the
immune, nervous, and inflammatory pathways. Adrenal Support
provides nourishment to the
adrenals, enabling the body to
adapt to stress in a healthy way.
I will survive.
Get probiotics past stomach acid
with Probiotic Pearls™, the patented, triplelayer softgel that delivers active cultures where
they’re needed most for digestive balance.*
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5/26/15 11:23 AM
natural remedy
By Jack Challem
the prediabetes prescription
A nutrition and supplement plan that can help to keep prediabetes
from progressing
rediabetes is a wake-up call—
one that does not have to be a
prelude to full-blown type 2
diabetes. Most people can take steps to
reverse prediabetes—wait too long, and
type 2 diabetes will have to be treated
medically. An estimated 70–100 million
Americans have prediabetes, most of
them undiagnosed. Being overweight or
obese, having difficulty losing weight,
feeling tired much of the time, and having
poor concentration are common
symptoms of prediabetes.
GETTING TESTED: Having either a
fasting blood sugar level between
100–125 mg/dl or a HbA1C level between
5.7 and 6.9 percent is a sign of prediabetes. A fasting blood sugar between 90
and 99 mg/dl points to looming prediabetes. It’s also important to have your
fasting insulin tested—a measure of 11
mcIU/ml or higher indicates that your
body is working very hard to control
blood sugar. A high fasting insulin is an
accurate early predictor of diabetes risk
in the coming 10–15 years.
THE CAUSE: In the vast majority of
cases, prediabetes is a consequence of
eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates
and sugar for many years.
variety of drugs are commonly prescribed to people with prediabetes. Like
most drugs, they have side effects.
EATING TIPS: Improving eating habits
is essential. Focus on quality protein (fish,
chicken, grass-fed beef), which stabilizes
and lowers blood sugar levels. Eat plenty
of high-fiber vegetables as well. Fiber,
particularly soluble fiber, slows the
breakdown of carbohydrates and also
lowers and stabilizes blood sugar. Some
foods, such as vinegar and cinnamon, can
help lower blood sugar.
SUPPLEMENTS: If you take more than
two of these supplements, reduce the
suggested dose.
Vitamin D can help maintain normal
blood sugar levels and prevent prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Combining it
with calcium boosts the benefits. Both
nutrients are involved in regulating blood
sugar and insulin. Take: 1,000–4,000 IU
of vitamin D, plus 500 mg of calcium
citrate daily.
Silymarin, the extract of the herb milk
thistle, can dramatically improve blood
sugar. Three human studies have
demonstrated silymarin’s benefits, which
include a 15–20 percent decrease in
blood sugar, along with decreases in
insulin, post-meal blood sugar, and
HbA1C. Take: 200 mg three times daily.
Chromium is needed to help insulin
work efficiently. A study found that taking
500 mcg twice daily demonstrated benefits
in people with type 2 diabetes after just
four months. Take: Start at 400 mcg daily,
and go up to 1,000 mcg daily if necessary.
Biotin. This B vitamin is needed for the
activity of glucokinase, an enzyme that
monitors the body’s glucose levels. It’s safe
even in large amounts. Take: 1,000–10,000
mcg daily.
Curcumin. Taking 1,500 mg of
curcumin daily over the course of several
months has shown promise in preventing
the development of type 2 diabetes. Take:
750–1,500 mg of curcumin.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid has been used in
Europe as a medical treatment for diabetic
nerve disease. Studies have found that it
improves insulin function, and in some
people might lower blood sugar. Take:
200–400 mg daily.
Pycnogenol inhibits the activity of
alpha-glucosidase, a carb-digesting
enzyme. The mechanism is similar to the
diabetes drug acarbose, but a study found
Pycnogenol 190 times more potent than
acarbose in inhibiting alpha-glucosidase.
Take: 100–200 mg daily.
Lucky’s Market Brand Milk Thistle
capsules help to support the liver
and maintain healthy
liver function.
SUPREME Made with a dualextraction technology that delivers
the broadest spectrum of herbal
constituents, Gaia Herbs Turmeric
Supreme helps modulate inflammatory pathways that affect heart,
joint, liver, and cellular health.
BN_Jul15_batch print.indd 6
5/26/15 11:26 AM
expert’s take
back-to-school health tips
Here’s what you need to know about preventing colds and flu naturally
he following prevention advice is not just for kids—although contact
with germs inevitably increases when kids (and teachers) return to
school in the late summer/early fall. If you or your children have a
history of being vulnerable to common colds or flu during the school year, there
are a few simple lab tests to rule out hidden problems. Check for anemia, as well
as low levels of vitamin B12 and/or folic acid—all can increase susceptibility to
colds and flu.
Hand washing is an obvious, but underutilized, method of preventing disease.
Avoid the triclosan-containing antibacterial soaps—these are contributing to
the invasion of superbugs. Use plain soap with warm water and vigorously rub
the hands together for at least 20 seconds after every dubious encounter,
before and after eating or preparing food, after using the bathroom, and after
handling money, doorknobs, and the mail. Ideally, avoid all sugar and processed
foods. Certainly avoid these ingredients at the first hint of illness, for at least a
week. Get enough sleep. Fatigue causes vulnerability to illness of all kinds.
One of my favorite preventives for the common cold is good old-fashioned cod
liver oil—1 teaspoon daily for children and 1 tablespoon daily for adults. It comes in
For Super Immunity,
Probiotics Are Your
Best Defense
What’s the best way to strengthen
your immune system and avoid catching a cold or the flu this year? It starts
with eating a clean diet. But you must
also ensure that you’re digesting your
food properly and absorbing all those
nutrients. To that end, probiotics are a
front-line defense in fighting off colds
and other illnesses. This goes for adults
and children. In fact, a wide variety of
good “bugs” live in the intestines. Near
the stomach, you’ll find “acid-loving” varieties such as Lactobacillus acidophilus.
Closer to the large intestine, the environment becomes increasingly alkaline, and
different bugs—for example, Bifidobacterium—thrive. All these wonderful bugs
further break down food into its basic
components for easy absorption.
Research suggests that taking probiotic
supplements may greatly protect against
a variety of pathogens, including staph
bugs, E. coli, salmonella, and even the
superbug Clostridium difficile. Among the
newest findings, researchers from the
University of Florida reported that a trio
of specific probiotic strains—Lactobacillus gasseri, Bifidobacterium bifidum,
and Bifidobacterium longum—trigger a
beneficial shift in the bacterial composition of the gut. This helps to enhance
immunity, bolstering the body’s defenses
against colds, flu, stomach bugs, and
other germs.
– Emily Kane, ND, LAc
By Emily A. Kane, ND, LAc
lemon, orange, and strawberry flavors, which makes it more
palatable for kids. Vitamin C is also important. Children should get
about 500 mg daily and adults should get 1,000 to 2,000 mg. You can
hardly overdose on vitamin C—it will give you loose stools if you are
taking too much, so just cut back to a comfortable level.
Most common colds are viral, so there is no reason to take
antibiotics unless there is proven evidence of a secondary
bacterial infection. Two of my favorite antivirals are zinc (50 mg
daily for adults, 15 mg for children) and vitamin A (25,000 IU daily;
avoid if you are pregnant or nursing). These can be used preventively, or at the start of symptoms. Vitamin D is also important for
staying healthy. Have your vitamin D levels checked, as most
people are low. Vitamin D has emerged as a critical nutrient not
just for bones, but also for mood, cell integrity, cancer prevention,
and possible prevention of flu viruses. Optimal levels range
between 60 and 90 ng/mL.
If you are mostly suffering from a sore throat, try an antiviral
liquid containing either eucalyptus or some other mentholated
substance (such as Olbas sprays or pastilles). Listerine (the caramelcolored type—not the stuff with blue-green food dye) has eucalyptus
as the active ingredient and works well to prevent and treat viral
sore throats. Solutions featuring oil of bitter orange also help to heal
a throat infection.
If your cold starts with a cough, hot lemon-honey tea can work
wonders. Don’t ever give honey to a child younger than age 1 (it can
cause botulism), but older children can benefit greatly from the
anti-infective and soothing effects of honey. If the cough is deep, a
Dijon mustard poultice, applied to the chest, can effectively loosen
mucus, making it easier to cough up.
There are a few tried-and-true homeopathic remedies for viruses.
All the remedies should be taken in 6X potency, three to four pellets
three to four times daily for a few days, as follows:
Allium cepa (onion) especially for a runny nose.
Ferrum phosphoricum (iron phosphate) especially for kids feeling
weak or in the first stage of inflammation
Garden of Life
Dr. Formulated
Once Daily
For everyone looking for a powerful probiotic
supplement to add to their daily health
plan, Dr. Perlmutter formulated Once Daily
30Billion which offers a convenient, one
capsule per day formula made from diverse
strains of 14 beneficial probiotics.
MegaFlora Plus
Supports intestinal health, bowel regularity,
and immunity while restoring and maintaining
the balance of healthy probiotics.
Super Daily
D3 for Kids
Super Daily D3 for Kids provides
concentrated liquid vitamin D3.
Children can receive their daily dose
of vitamin D3 by simply adding a
drop to their food or drink. Carlson
Super Daily D3 for Kids provides a
full 400 IU dose of vitamin D3.
Kali carbonicum, especially if complicated by influenza
Kali muriaticum, if mucus secretions are thick
Belladonna, for a red face, dry throat, and throbbing headache
Aconite, for an abrupt onset, fear and anxiety around the illness,
restlessness, and no sweating. Stop aconite when sweating begins.
PLUS restores a healthful balance
of good bacteria in your body to keep
immunity strong.
Renew Life
Buddy Bear
Buddy Bear Probiotic is a natural probiotic
formula with 1 billion cultures, including
Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, to help
support overall digestive and immune health.
know aromatherapy
By Sherrie Strausfogel
pure flower power
Discover how to boost your mood, increase energy, and ease any
number of ails with flower essences and aromatherapy
he power of flower essences and aromatherapy may seem mysterious
and miraculous, but science and practitioners promise that they work.
Both flower essences and aromatherapy’s essential oils can help calm
anxiety, ease depression, heighten focus—and more.
“Every element, every organ, every system in the body has electric circuits,” says
Machaelle Wright, developer of Perelandra Essences. “And every level of being
(physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) has its own electric circuits. Perelandra
Essences are water-based solutions holding electrical patterns derived from
nature that balance, stabilize, and repair weakened or damaged circuits.”
According to Wright, the foundation for the body’s healing process is its
electric system. Flower essences help repair damaged circuits by fusing the
electrical patterns from the corresponding essences with the damaged circuits,
providing the balance needed for their repair. Flower essences capture the
energetic healing imprint of everything from alpine lilies to yarrow. They’re
bottled in concentrate form in dropper bottles that make it easy to place one
drop of a needed essence on your tongue.
Essential oils concentrate on stimulating the part of the brain that affects
emotion, which can affect physical and mental well-being.
“The shape of an essential oil molecule is like a key that unlocks the olfactory
nerve receptors in our nostrils,” says Charlynn Avery, Aura Cacia aromatherapist. “The impression of the aroma is sent directly and immediately to the limbic
system. When stimulated, this system releases chemicals that affect the central
nervous system. Serotonin counteracts anxiety; endorphins reduce pain. We
achieve a calmer state.”
Tap into the various benefits of aromatherapy
with pure essential oils and essential oil blends
from NOW ESSENTIAL OILS. The essential
oils, such as 100% Pure & Natural Sandalwood,
are produced using gentle harvest and
extraction methods to preserve the complete
essence of the botanical source.
Improve the quality of your mood and your
skin with AURA CACIA PURE AROMATHERAPY. Choose 100% Pure Lavender
Essential Oil to calm your emotions and your
complexion, or 100% Pure Rose Otto Essential
Oil, pre-blended with skin-nourishing jojoba oil
that also balances your emotions.
Get natural stress relief with BACH
popular Rescue Remedy containing five
flower essences is available in drops and
spray. Rescue Cream, Rescue Balm, and
Rescue Gel, using the same five flower
essences, soothe and heal irritated
damaged skin on your face, hands, and body
HOW TO USE Essential Oils
You can enhance your mental and physical well-being with essential oils by diluting
them in almond or jojoba oil for topical use,
or by using them in the bath, in personal care
products, or with a diffuser. For immediate
relief, however, direct inhalation works best.
To relieve stress, Avery suggests dripping 2–5
drops of chamomile onto a handkerchief and
holding it under your nose while you breathe
deeply. Or combine 18 drops of lavender with 1
oz. of water in a mister, and spray four times
on your pillow before bedtime for restful sleep.
If a probiotic
to work on even
the most upsetting
digestive issues...
Imagine what it can do for you!
Probi 20 Billion AND Probi 30 Billion FROM SOLGAR.
over 10 years of scientific review and human clinical
routine to the point that where you go and what you do
studies. Probi’s active probiotic has been substantiated and
has to be carefully planned. Even if your digestive issues
demonstrated to effectively help with occasional
are less “concerning,” the occasional and unexpected can
gas and bloating and support daily abdominal comfort.*
still disrupt a normal day. Taken once a day, Probi® from
Finally, getting your digestive system on track is easily
Solgar effectively helps balance your digestive tract, so
within your reach.*
©2015 Solgar, Inc.
On again off again digestive issues can alter your living
feeling well… becomes that easy.*
With the right probiotic strain delivered in the right place
Probi from Solgar is different. Focusing on today’s
in the right dosage, Probi® from Solgar can make a real
probiotic advances, Probi concentrates less on the
difference in your life… day after day after day.*
quantity and number of different strains, and more on
True potency of 20 or 30 billion live probiotic cultures…
identified strains that are documented to work through
GUARANTEED. All that in one little capsule once a day.
Probi ® is a registered trademark of Probi AB.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
BN_Jul15_batch print.indd 6
5/26/15 11:26 AM
AM UA GY U 2S 0T 1 52 0 1 5
By Claire Sykes
and frantically search for your car keys. A wave to the school bus
and you dash off to work, calling a quick coffee “breakfast.” It’s
another lunch at your desk, and who knows what you’ll do for
dinner. Suddenly the day’s over and, once again, you barely got
outside, let alone got any exercise.
From overscheduling to multitasking, a busy lifestyle may
leave little room for a healthy life. Instead, it’s fast-food meals and
fitful nights, weight gain and weak muscles. But when you make
wise decisions for yourself and your children about nutrition,
sleep, and exercise, your family will be healthier and happier.
Family Health Primer, cont.
“Stop and be in the present moment,
even if that means just looking
down at the lines in your hand.”
The Stress of Stress
Rushing around ruins our mood and wrecks our energy, negatively
affecting our work performance and parenting. A constant fight-orflight mode also races the heart and constricts the blood vessels, inhibits
digestion, and hinders breathing. The stress hormones you release also
can make you store fat and burn fewer calories. “Insulin production is
compromised, which shifts glucose levels and strains the adrenal glands,”
says Ellen Lewis, ND, resident naturopathic physician at the National
College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Ore. “All this can drive inflammation throughout our body and play out as high blood pressure,
cardiovascular disease, and immune system disorders.”
The first step to quiet the stress response is to simply take a moment
and breathe. “Stop and be in the present moment, even if that means just
looking down at the lines in your hand,” says Mary Bove, ND, a naturopath in Brattleboro, Vt. “Then, take a few deep belly breaths. This will
halt the brain’s release of anxiety neurotransmitters and relax you
enough so you can become aware that you have choices.”
A healthy, low-stress lifestyle also includes ample sleep. “Adequate
sleep is necessary for children’s growth and development, and strengthening their immune systems,” says Bove. She suggests seven to nine
hours a night for older children and parents.
Arnica Cream and Blue
Tube Value Pack
Boiron Arnicare Arnica Cream delivers everyday pain relief.
This homeopathic formula relieves pain associated with
muscle aches and stiffness and swelling from injuries as
well as discoloration from bruising.
Lucky’s Markets
Getting sleep helps you function during the day. Supplemental melatonin may help to promote more normal, restful
sleep. Melatonin helps regulate sleep and wake cycles.
Smart Starts
Begin with breakfast, not skipping it. Says Lewis,
“Breakfast gets your metabolism going and produces
energy, which we need at the start of the day.” This
is especially true for kids. And fueling up throughout
the day is also important for tiny stomachs. “To get
enough energy, most children need to have food every
two to three hours, and babies even more frequently,”
says Lewis.
Quick-Fix Breakfast Tip:
Wake up to Crock Pot oatmeal. You can literally make it in your
sleep! Before bed, add oats, water, and other ingredients of
your choice (additions such as apples and cinnamon will make
your house smell great, too) to a Crock Pot and set to low. In
the morning, breakfast is ready. Try healthful toppers such as
honey, stevia, almonds, and fresh or dried fruit.
Toddlers to Teens
Introduce kids to healthful food early in life. By age nine
– 12 months, fruits and vegetables can be added into the
diet. Lewis recommends starting with the latter. “If you
start with puréed veggies, your child can develop a
preference for them, instead of the sweetness from fruit,”
she says. And stick to organic for those, as well as fish,
chicken, and other meats. “Once your child starts eating
solid foods, introduce one new food per week, so you’ll
know which might give them a reaction, such as gas,
rashes, and constipation,” says Lewis, who recommends
introducing whole grains after age 4, when children’s
immune systems can better handle them. Opt for complex
ones, found in quinoa, millet, rice, and amaranth instead
of white, refined flour. Be aware of food allergies. “Wheat
is a typical intolerance for kids, as are dairy, peanuts,
citrus fruits, corn, and sometimes eggs,” says Lewis.
Naturalize Your Medicine Chest
Want to ditch over-the-counter drugs for pain, heartburn, and other mishaps? Dave Forman, RPh, ND, known as the Herbal Pharmacist, started out
as a traditional pharmacist and now educates both consumers and health professionals about natural healing. Here are his favorite remedies:
For all-around pain relief: Solaray
IbuActin, which contains a
proprietary form of hops called
Perluxan, as well as other herbs.
Pain, such
as ibuprofen
For spot pain, such as sore
muscles or joints after being a
weekend warrior, or sprains or
strains: Celadrin or arnica topical
Cake (don’t rub) cayenne powder on cut
before bandaging; cayenne helps stop
Tea tree oil to prevent infection
Cuts and scrapes
Calendula for antibacterial and antiviral
properties, and to help soothe skin
Colloidal Silver cream
For muscle pain: anti-inflammatory enzymes (e.g., bromelain,
papain, serrapeptase)
Turmeric or curcumin capsules
Heartburn, upset
or indigestion
Chewable DGL (deglycyrrhizinated
licorice) tablets
Drink ½–1 ounce of apple cider
Aloe gel (100%) to soothe
Arnica and comfrey cream—each one
works differently to heal.
Aloe gel (100%) to soothe
Apple cider vinegar (mixed with water and
applied topically with a cotton swab)
Chewable papaya enzymes
Chia seeds with as little water as
possible, to help absorb excess
water in the digestive tract
Cold sores
Lemon balm, in tube or stick form, has
been shown to kill the herpes virus
Oregano oil cream
Lysine cream
Chamomile tea to calm muscle
Aloe juice to soothe
If caused by food poisoning:
activated charcoal capsules
Colds, flu,
and fever
Homeopathic formulas (such as Boiron
Oscillococcinum for flu symptoms)
Herbs (such as Echinacea, astragalus, and
Zinc lozenges
Medicinal mushroom capsules
Magnesium citrate (1,000 mg or
more at night) to hydrate bowels
without irritation
Aloe juice to soothe
For ongoing constipation: take
probiotics and eat plenty of fiber.
Slippery elm lozenges
Sore throat
Throat Coat tea by Traditional Medicinals
B vitamins and plenty of fluids.
PartySmart by Himalaya Herbal
Healthcare (a combination of
liver-supportive, cleansing herbs)
Singer’s Saving Grace spray by Herbs Etc.
Stuffy nose
Use a Neti pot with contaminant-free,
sterilized, or purified salt.
Xlear Xylitol Nasal Spray
Family Health Primer, cont.
Meanwhile, make sure your children
drink plenty of water every day, from a
dropperful for infants to several glassfuls
(try flavoring water with a lemon wedge
or mint leaves) for older children.
Time Saving Tips
Choose a day to shop. Prepare a meal plan or list of foods your family likes, and don’t go the
grocery store hungry.
Stock your cupboards. Stack the shelves with staples such as whole grains, nut and seeds,
nut butters, and healthful oils.
Fill your refrigerator. Cut up fruits and vegetables, wash all the salad greens, and have
sandwiches on hand.
Quick-Fix Snack Idea:
Have easy-to-grab after-school snack
options on hand like raw cut-up fruit and
vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese,
and yogurt. Try healthier, refreshing alternatives to soda, such as sparkling drinks
flavored with fruit or stevia, cold or hot
herbal teas, and coconut water, an exceptionally hydrating drink that is rich in
heart-healthy potassium. The most popular
source of overabundant, added sugars is
conventional soda—don’t make it a habit.
Set an Example
Let your kids help you, in the grocery
store or the garden, by washing vegetables and assisting with preparing and
cooking food. Talk to them about those
apples and artichokes, where they come
from, and how they help us stay healthy.
Make time for sit-down family meals
around a dinner table, at least a few days a
week. This can be a challenge after a long
day at work, school, sports practice, or
music lessons, when it’s so tempting to eat
microwaved meals in front of the TV. One
busy mom shares how she came to enjoy
LUCKYS Vitamin D3
Make meals the night before. Use a rice cooker and Crock Pot, soak grains to cook twice as
fast, and mix up muffin batter so it’s ready to bake.
Prepare meals in bulk and freeze. For example, make extra chili and store in meal-sized
containers, and purée vegetables for baby food and freeze in ice cube trays.
family mealtime: “I used to come home
from work and look at the messy house
and kitchen, and find myself getting
frustrated and angry,” she says. “One day, I
came home, put the groceries on the
counter, made myself a cup of tea, and put
my feet up. I then very sweetly told my
kids, ‘As soon as the groceries are put away
and the kitchen is cleaned up, I’ll make
dinner.’ This became our new routine.”
Most important, be a role model for
your children by maintaining your own
excellent health. When they see you
eating well, going off to the gym, or
waking up refreshed from a good night’s
sleep, they’ll be more apt to do the same.
Cover Your Bases
No matter how well you and your
family eat, the depleted soils in which
our produce is grown can result in
Calm Rasberry Lemon
Magnesium is one of the most
important basic nutrients that
power our bodies, and this
potent anti-stress powder offers
an easy way to restore healthy
levels quickly and effectively. Just
mix 2 tsp. in a glass of water.
Bears Organics Multi-Vitamin
Provides 16 essential nutrients that
growing bodies need in delicious,
natural strawberry, orange, grape,
and pineapple flavors that kids love.
The vegetarian-approved fruit pectin
base is gelatin, gluten, dairy, and
allergy free.
deficiencies; studies show fruits and
vegetables have lower levels of
important minerals and trace elements
today than they did when measured in
the 50s and 60s. “Magnesium is one we
don’t get enough of,” says Bove. She also
recommends a multivitamin, B complex
for stress, vitamin D (a blood test can
determine deficiency) and vitamin C
with mixed bioflavonoids. A good multi
will cover most of the basics. Also
essential, says Lewis, are omega-3 fatty
acids, found in fish oil and flaxseed oil
(there are many flavored varieties
available, including gummies, which are
great for kids); and probiotics for the
beneficial bacteria that populate the
gut. Lewis recommends 3 billion colony
forming units (CFUs) of probiotics for
babies, 7 – 10 billion for children, and 20
billion for adults.
Spectrum This unique
combination of high-potency
enzymes provides specialized
digestive support for anyone
who experiences intolerance to
foods containing gluten, dairy,
phenols, vegetables, and beans.
Safe for kids—and adults.
Protein & Fiber This high-quality
hemp seed contains a guaranteed
13 grams of fiber and 11 grams of
protein per serving. Plus additional
vitamins, minerals, lignans, amino
acids, and EFAs—all from non-GMO
seeds. Sprinkle on cereals or add to
smoothies for a potent health boost.
BN_Jul15_batch print.indd 6
5/26/15 11:27 AM
—or something more?
Are you chronically late, always forgetting the grocery list,
losing the car keys, or routinely disorganized? If so, you
could be showing signs of adult ADHD
By Lisa Turner
t’s estimated that adult ADHD
(attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder) affects almost 5 percent of
the population, with symptoms that include
difficulty concentrating, lack of organization,
inability to complete work, and memory
problems. Left untreated, it can result in stress,
depression, obesity, and addictive behaviors
such as smoking and drug use.
ADHD is sometimes referred to as ADD
(attention deficit disorder). Both terms describe
the same thing: a neurobiological condition
characterized by a persistent pattern of
inattention and/or hyperactivity. The term
ADD has been dropped in medical literature in
favor of the term ADHD, which is now seen as
having three main subtypes:
1. ADHD, predominantly inattentive
2.ADHD, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive
3.ADHD, combined
The condition is usually diagnosed by a set of
inattention and hyperactivity symptoms and
other criteria listed in the Diagnostic &
Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders Fifth
Edition (DSM-V). Adult ADHD symptoms are
markedly different from childhood symptoms.
Inattention symptoms include lack of attention
to detail, being easily distracted or forgetful,
losing things, and difficulty paying attention or
staying on task. Hyperactivity-impulsivity
signs include a general feeling of restlessness, a
tendency to be easily bored (which shows up as
switching jobs or leaving projects uncompleted), taking risks, or spending money
Misdiagnoses Are Common
The symptoms of adult ADHD vary
widely, are often subtle, and can mimic
other conditions. Not surprisingly, the
condition is often misdiagnosed as
depression, anxiety, and/or bipolar
disorder. Some psychiatrists believe brain
scans—which measure blood flow and
highlight activity in brain regions related
to attention—are necessary for an
accurate diagnosis.
Based on information from brain scans,
psychiatrist Daniel Amen, MD, has
developed a spectrum of classifications.
See the brief overview at right, or visit for more information.
Natural Therapies to Try
Because adults with ADHD are more
likely to suffer from stress, depression,
or other emotional problems, treatment
is important. Pharmaceuticals such as
Adderall, Ritalin, and Strattera can be
effective, but often have significant side
effects, including nausea, insomnia,
headaches, dizziness, and mood changes.
A number of recent studies have
pointed to specific herbs, supplements,
and other holistic treatments that can
help. If you suspect you or someone you
know has ADHD, consult with your
health care provider, and try some of
these natural alternatives:
Mind Your Zinc Intake Several studies have found that people
with ADHD have lower levels of zinc.
Because zinc regulates brain chemical
activity and improves cognitive
function, zinc supplements may help
improve symptoms of ADHD. A number
of studies have found that zinc reduces
signs of hyperactivity and impulsivity,
and can increase attentiveness. Other
studies suggest that 30 mg of zinc
sulfate daily can reduce the need for
medications and help control symptoms
of ADHD.
In addition to supplements, foods that
are high in zinc include oysters, red meat,
turkey, chicken, beans, and nuts.
Type 1—CLASSIC ADD/ADHD. Primary ADD symptoms (short attention
span, distractibility, disorganization) plus hyperactivity, restlessness,
and impulsivity.
Type 2—INATTENTIVE ADD/ADHD. Primary ADD symptoms combined with
low energy and motivation. Type 2 tends to be diagnosed later than Type 1, if
at all. It is more common in girls. These are quiet adults, often labeled as “lazy,”
“unmotivated,” or “not all that smart.”
Type 3—OVER-FOCUSED ADD/ADHD. Primary ADD symptoms plus inflexibility, trouble shifting attention, clinging to negative thoughts or behaviors,
excessive worrying, holding grudges, argumentative, and saddled with a need
for routines.
Type 4—TEMPORAL LOBE ADD/ADHD. Primary ADD symptoms plus a
short fuse, periods of anxiety, headaches or abdominal pain, history of head
injury, family history of rage, dark thoughts, memory problems, and difficulty
Type 5—LIMBIC ADD/ADHD. Primary ADD symptoms plus chronic mild
sadness, negativity, low energy, low self-esteem, irritability, social isolation, poor
appetite, and disrupted sleep patterns.
Type 6—RING OF FIRE ADD/ADHD. Primary ADD symptoms plus moodiness, anger outbursts, inflexibility, rapid thoughts, excessive talking, and extreme
sensitivity to sound and light.
Type 7—ANXIOUS ADD/ADHD. Inattentiveness, distractibility, disorganization, anxiety, tension, nervousness, excessive pessimism, and social anxiety.
People with this type are prone to physical symptoms of stress, such as headaches and gastrointestinal problems.
Feed Your Head Some Fat
The effect of omega-3 fatty acids on the
brain has been well documented, and
studies suggest that omega-3 fats can
improve ADHD symptoms as well—in
some cases, better than drugs.
Other essential fatty acids also have
benefits: In one study, children who were
treated with a mix of omega-3s, omega6s, and evening primrose oil showed
improvements in attention and behavior.
In another study, 2,400 mg of fish oil plus
600 mg of evening primrose oil reduced
hyperactivity and inattention.
The best dietary sources of omega-3s
are fatty fish such as salmon, tuna,
herring, mackerel, and sardines. Flax
seeds and walnuts also contain omega-3
fats, but in a form that must be converted
by the body into useful forms.
Healthy sources of omega-6 fats include
evening primrose oil, borage oil, and black
currant seed oil, all of which contain GLA
(gamma linolenic acid), an omega-6 fat
that also helps reduce inflammation.
“B” Brainy
Like omega-3s, B vitamins are associated
with overall brain health and cognitive
function. They can improve symptoms of
ADHD, cont.
Fresh Catch
Fish Oil Softgels
Fresh Catch Signature Fish Oil Softgels
are ideal for people who are seeking
the absolute highest-quality fish oil in
convenient capsules.
Lucky’s Markets
Kid’s Mellow Plus
Use Kid’s Mellow Plus as needed or as a
daily tonic to calm excitability, to help your
active child focus during the day, and to
relax and get restful sleep at night.
Now Foods
Virgin Coconut
Oil 1000mg
NOW Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined
cold-pressed oil, and does not utilize
any solvents in the manufacturing
process. Coconut oil contains no
trans-fats and is a rich source of
medium chain triglycerides (MCTs),
such as lauric acid (C-12) and caprylic
acid (C-8).
Organic india
Memory helps improve mental clarity,
long and short term memory, and
focused attention. Memory supports
and nourishes the brain and the
entire nervous system, increasing
blood circulation to the brain, which
improves mental energy, focus,
attention, and memory.
ADHD by increasing the brain’s levels of dopamine, which enhances
alertness and focus. In some studies, B vitamins also reduced aggression
and antisocial behavior, and improved other symptoms of ADHD.
Other studies suggest that B vitamins are especially effective when
used with magnesium, a mineral that has a calming effect on the brain.
Several studies have shown that B vitamins and magnesium can relieve
ADHD symptoms, including hyperactivity, aggression, and inattention. In
one study, after subjects stopped taking B vitamins and magnesium, their
symptoms returned. And in another interesting study, researchers found
that pregnant women who lacked folate in their diets were more likely to
give birth to children with hyperactivity disorders.
The best dietary sources of B vitamins include chicken, turkey,
salmon and other fish, egg yolks, leafy greens, peanuts, and fortified
grain products (try organic, sprouted versions). Also take a B-vitamin
complex supplement—sublingual and liquid forms tend to be more
easily absorbed.
Iron: Why You Might Need More
Several studies suggest that people with ADHD may be iron deficient. In
one study using MRI scans, patients with ADHD showed abnormally low
levels of iron in the area of the brain that controls alertness. In another
study, 84 percent of children with ADHD had significantly reduced iron
levels, compared with 18 percent of a control group.
Studies have found that 80 mg of iron, in the form of ferrous sulfate,
treated symptoms of ADHD as effectively as drugs. Dietary sources
include red meat, organ meats, oysters or clams, beans, and egg yolks.
The Best Herbs for ADHD
The research on botanicals as possible treatments for adult ADHD is
mixed and inconclusive, but a few popular herbs do show promise.
Ginkgo biloba appears to improve ADHD symptoms, including antisocial behavior and hyperactivity. Red ginseng can calm ADHD symptoms—
in one study, 1,000 mg of ginseng reduced anxiety and improved social
functioning. And ginseng in combination with ginkgo helped improve
social problems, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.
Bacopa (also known as Brahmi) is an Indian herb that’s been shown to
improve the ability to retain information, and may be helpful in ADHD.
Calming herbs, such as valerian, passionflower, and lemon balm, can
soothe irritability and restlessness, and may help promote sleep—important
for people with ADHD who suffer from insomnia.
Pycnogenol, the antioxidant-rich extract from French maritime pine
trees, can lower stress hormones and has been shown to decrease neurostimulant activity in people who have ADHD.
Brain Foods: Eat More of These
Studies are limited, but most anecdotal evidence suggests that a high-protein, lower-carb diet with a good mix of healthy fats can help reduce
symptoms of ADHD. Cutting back on white sugars and carbohydrates helps
keep blood sugar levels—and mood—stable, and some research suggests
that chronic excessive sugar intake leads to alterations in brain signaling.
High-protein foods such as beans, eggs, fish, meat, and nuts quickly boost
dopamine and norepinephrine levels, leading to increased alertness. And
healthy fats such as omega-3s promote overall brain health.
Foods & Preservatives to Avoid
Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives may exacerbate symptoms of
ADHD. Studies found increased hyperactivity in children after eating foods
containing artificial coloring and additives.
Another study suggested preservatives, especially sodium benzoate, can
cause hyperactivity even in kids without ADHD.
Other studies suggest that salicylates—naturally occurring chemicals in
apples, dates, avocados, peanuts, peaches, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli,
and certain other foods—may also increase hyperactivity in children. Visit to learn more.
In some cases, food allergies can be part of the problem. If you suspect a
hidden allergy, ask your health care provider about food allergy testing.
Mind-Body Healing Resource
Relaxation, meditation, massage, hypnotherapy, progressive muscle
relaxation, guided imagery, and biofeedback may benefit ADHD by calming
the nervous system. One of the top experts on mind-body medicine is James
S. Gordon, MD, founder of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC. Visit for self-care resources and to hear Podcasts on a
variety of topics—from guided imagery to soft-belly breathing.
Supplements for Kids
A high potency multi. Studies have shown that
vitamin and mineral supplementation can increase
non-verbal intelligence in some children. These
studies highlight the essential role of certain nutrients in brain function, especially thiamin, niacin,
vitamin B6, vitamin B12, copper, iodine, magnesium,
potassium, and zinc.
Iron. A deficiency is linked to decreased attentiveness, narrower attention span, decreased
persistence, and decreased voluntary activity.
Dosages: Children 1–10: 10 mg; Males 11–18:
12 mg; Males 19+: 10 mg; Females 11–50: 15 mg.
EPA and DHA. The developing brain is especially
dependent upon adequate levels of these critical
building blocks. Numerous studies have shown
that children with ADHD have a measurable
reduction in tissue levels of EPA and DHA. In a
2013 Oxford University study, levels of EPA+DHA
“significantly predicted” the ability of children between the ages of seven and nine to concentrate
and learn. The recommended dosage for children
is 600–1,000 mg of EPA and DHA daily.
GABA. Recently, studies have indicated that this
amino acid may help improve mental function in
children, and a form known as PharmaGABA could
be the best approach. In one study, 6th graders
who received 100 mg of PharmaGABA and then
took a math test answered 20 percent more
questions—and answered more questions
correctly—than a placebo group.
Code Raw Zinc, derived from
Complete Omega is a full-
raw, organic vegetables, contains
30 mg of the mineral—the
amount shown in studies to
reduce ADHD symptoms.
spectrum omega supplement
that contains both omega-3s
from coldwater fish and omega6s from borage oil.
NOW FOODS True Focus
maximizes mental acuity with
a blend of brain-boosters
including ginkgo, vitamin B6,
and grape seed extract, a
potent antioxidant.
LUCKY’S Brain Support
contains a potent blend of
clinically studied ingredients,
and additional keys nutrients
designed to support brain and
memory health.
IRWIN NATURALS Mega BComplex is a balanced blend of
high-potency B vitamins, including a
full 1,000 mcg of methylcobalamin (the
biologically active form of vitamin B12),
as well as MCTs, a preferred source of
quick cellular energy.
off the shelf
By Sherrie Strausfogel
black soap
Toss those synthetic white bars of
soap and revive and renew your skin
lack soap has been used for centuries in West Africa, and
today it’s becoming popular around the wold for its skinsupporting benefits. Women in West Africa still make it the
traditional way—from locally harvested plantain skins, cocoa pods,
palm tree leaves, and shea tree bark that they sun-dry and then burn
to ash, which is how the soap gets its black color. They add the ash to
coconut oil, palm oil, and shea butter, combine it with water, and boil
it until it dissolves. They hand-stir for 24 hours, and when the
vitamin-rich soap solidifies, they scoop it out and set it out to cure.
The extensive cooking and curing process makes authentic African
black soap mild and gentle.
The soap detoxifies and purifies the skin, but it does much more due
to its powerful constituents. It works equally well on dry, oily, sensitive, and distressed skin, thanks to its bevy of wholesome ingredients:
Plantain skins have a high concentration of vitamin A, which
increases collagen production; vitamin E, which is healing and helps
moisturize skin; and iron, which boosts the benefits of both vitamins
A and E.
Cocoa powder softens and firms skin, and its antioxidants and
anti-inflammatory properties fight free radicals, repair damaged
skin, and renew skin cells.
Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer packed with vitamins A and E
that fights the signs of aging and eases rashes, eczema, and psoriasis.
Shea butter also has vitamins A and E to strengthen skin, repair
damage, and diminish wrinkles. It can heal burns, sores, and scars,
and treat psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.
Palm oil is rich in antioxidants and two forms of vitamin E—tocopherol and tocotrienol—that help heal acne and eczema.Palm kernel
oil, extracted from the fruit seeds of the African palm tree, is high in
lauric acid, giving it antibacterial and antifungal properties that can
help heal acne.
Coconut oil has fatty acids that reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier and
lock in moisture. It helps repair skin damage, dry skin, and eczema,
and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It has cleansing and
antibacterial properties, and when combined with other ingredients,
works as a natural deodorant.
Multitask with
the full-body cleanser
that is ideal for face,
hands, body, shaving,
and shampooing, and is
gentle enough to use on
babies. This rich soap
leaves you scented with
a fresh blend of citrus
essential oils.
cleansing formula aids exfoliation and promotes new cell growth to
reveal radiant, fresh, healthy skin. With all-natural ingredients and
customized fragrance profiles
designed to bring balance
to the body physically,
emotionally, and spiritually.
Clean up your act.
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button with Whole Body Cleanse™, the
complete system for eliminating toxins
and restoring digestive balance.*
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5/26/15 11:23 AM
real radiance
beauty around the world
We scoured the globe to bring you the best natural beauty secrets
ll around the world, women
from various cultures have their
own unique tips, tricks, and
home remedies for softer hair, smoother
skin, and fewer wrinkles. Here’s a
sampling of some favorites from across
the globe:
Shea butter, from the nut of the karite
tree, is among the most prized beauty
ingredients from Africa. It’s used to
soften and nourish hair and skin, and is a
key component of black soap, legendary
for its ability to calm eczema, psoriasis,
and other skin irritations. Other healing
compounds native to Africa include
buchu, which reduces inflammation and
AJ U GL YU S2 T0 12 50 1 5
prevents oxidative damage to skin.
Baobab oil, derived from the seeds of the
baobab tree, is rich in antioxidants and
essential fatty acids, and has anti-inflammatory effects to soothe irritated skin.
Rooibos, or “red tea,” is an indigenous
herb from the Southwestern Cape region
of South Africa that’s a potent antioxidant for skin.
Beauty tip: Use shea butter as a shave
cream or after-shave cream to minimize
red bumps and deeply moisturize.
The leaves, roots, and seeds of the neem
tree have been used medicinally in India
for thousands of years to treat various
skin diseases, infections, inflammation
and gum disease. Neem has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties
that prevent and heal acne, and it’s used
in hair products for its strengthening
effect on keratin, the chief protein found
in the hair. Neem also strengthens and
soothes irritated gum tissues. Turmeric,
taken internally, can heal inflammatory
skin conditions, and gooseberry (also
called amla) is rich in vitamin C and is
used to reduce pigmentation and lighten
dark spots.
Beauty tip: After cleansing skin, apply a
few drops of neem oil over problem
areas. Neem’s antibacterial properties
help to clear blemishes, remove blackheads, and tighten pores.
Japanese women can often be found
sipping green tea. Green tea is rich in
polyphenol antioxidants and antiinflammatory compounds that shield the
skin from sun damage, wrinkles, and
signs of aging. Green tea polyphenols
also protect against skin cancer, both
internally and when applied topically.
The traditional Japanese diet also tends
to be high in omega-3 fats, which
mitigate signs of aging from sun
exposure. Seaweed, another component
of the traditional Japanese diet, is rich in
iodine, essential for strengthening hair.
Seaweed is also rich in polysaccharides,
which help firm and tone the skin, and
other compounds that reduce blotchiness and redness.
Beauty tip: Make a green tea mask:
After brewing a cup of green tea, open
the bag and mix leaves with raw Manuka
honey to form a paste. Apply to cleansed
skin for 10–15 minutes, rub to exfoliate,
and rinse.
Neem has antibacterial, antifungal,
and antiviral properties that prevent
and heal acne.
By Lisa Turner
Aloe vera has long been used in the Philippines to soften skin, heal irritations, and soothe sunburn. Aloe also makes hair smooth and glossy, and
helps tighten and tone skin around the eyes. Papaya, another ingredient
native to the Philippines, contains papain, an enzyme that gently exfoliates
by breaking down the proteins in dead skin cells.
Beauty tip: For added volume and shine, apply pure aloe gel from roots to tips
of shampooed hair. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse and condition as usual.
Taking good care of skin rather than covering flaws with cosmetics is a
priority for French women, who indulge in regular facials and hydrate by
drinking lots of water and spritzing their faces regularly with mineral water.
And while drinking alcohol is deleterious to skin, red wine, rich in the
antioxidant resveratrol, is ubiquitous in France. Taken internally as a
supplement, resveratrol may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and
protect against other diseases of aging; topically applied, resveratrol is 17
times more potent than idebenone, an antioxidant used in some antiwrinkle
creams. Fruit-based masks and peels, central to the beauty routine for French
women, contain enzymes that gently exfoliate dead, dry skin. Milk-based
products, another cornerstone of the French beauty routine, contain lactic
acid to improve skin’s texture and naturally hydrate. And sunscreen is a must:
Most French women won’t leave the house without it (and neither should
you); choose a natural brand without fragrance or phthalates.
Beauty tip: Carry a mineral water spritzer in your handbag at all times
for a dewy complexion.
CREAM features unrefined
shea butter to deeply
moisturize and encourage
cell regeneration.
WASH cleanses away
impurities and helps to
reduce pore size with a
fresh, soap-free lather.
Burt’s Bees
Cucumber & Aloe
Sheer Body Lotion
Clinically shown to quickly smooth and silkify
skin in seconds without the use of emulsifiers is just one of the amazing benefits of
our Cucumber & Aloe Sheer Body Lotion.
Everyday Shea
Lavender Body
EveryDay Shea Lavender Body Wash is
prepared with Certified Fair Trade unrefined
shea butter, virgin coconut oil, protective
West African neem extract, and relaxing
lavender essential oil. For everyday use on
all skin types.
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
Lemon Verbena
Hand Soap
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena
Liquid Hand Soap contains aloe vera gel,
olive oil, and a unique blend of natural
essential oils and plant-derived ingredients
to create a hardworking, non-drying, yet
softening lemon and verbena scented liquid
soap for busy hands.
and face the day with the help of this brightening pick-me-up, rich
in nourishing lipids that stimulates cell regeneration to reduce the
appearance of blotchiness for a more uniform skin tone.
from fresh organically grown
whole-leaf Aloe vera leaves and
thickened naturally with xanthan
gum, this 100% edible formula
includes skin-saving vitamins E,
A, and C combined with herbal
extracts of azulene from chamomile
and allantoin from comfrey.
WITH PAPAYA includes
enzymes from papaya that
gently exfoliate, deeply
cleanse, and encourage
cell renewal.
Kiss My Face
Early to Rise
Shower Gel
Forget the coffee, this is your warm up for
the day ahead. Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy work together to stimulate and
invigorate with botanicals such as bay, basil,
eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, lemongrass,
peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen.
the fit foodie
By Neil Zevnik
amazing ancient grains
Those trendy “new” grains at the market? Most of them have been
around a lot longer than you think
he Aztecs were known to deliver chia seeds as tribute.
Spelt was sufficiently important to the Greeks that they
gave it as an offering to their gods. Farro was even
mentioned in the Bible. And yet, as little as 10 years ago, it was
almost impossible to find these historical grains on store shelves.
That’s changed, however, as there has been a huge resurgence of
modern interest in these ancient grains.
Chia Seeds. These gluten-free seeds were a linchpin of Aztec
civilization. Packed with omega-3s, protein, and fiber, chia seeds
are also an excellent source of calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. Their neutral flavor makes them a perfect addition to all sorts
of foods—smoothies, cereals, baked goods, salads, and more.
Spelt. A distant cousin to wheat, spelt offers a wider spectrum of nutrients than its modern relative, providing a generous
dose of protein, riboflavin (vitamin B2), and zinc. Spelt has a
robust nutty flavor and chewy texture. Breads and pasta made
from spelt flour are denser and slightly sweeter than those made
from white flour.
Farro. Similar in texture and taste to spelt, farro provides a
complete protein when paired with legumes, and its lignans offer
antioxidant benefits. Resembling a plumper barley grain, it is
excellent in pilafs, salads,
Kamut. Known as a high-energy wheat due to its complex
carbohydrates and protein content, kamut is also packed with
vitamins and minerals, and it maintains most of its nutrition
when processed thanks to its low oxidation levels.
Spelt, Sugar Snap Pea, & Peach Salad
Of course, these are just a few options for increasing your
grain intake and widening your culinary horizons. Also consider
the gluten-free grains millet, sorghum, and amaranth—and don’t
neglect the ubiquitous quinoa. So head down to your local health
food store and get your grain on!
This unusual and fresh-tasting salad pairs beautifully with roasted chicken. For a gluten-free version,
swap spelt for forbidden black rice.
2/3 cup organic spelt
2 cups water
8 oz. sugar snap peas
1 large peach, peeled,
pitted, and diced
1/3 cup chopped raw pecans
11/2 Tbs. blood orange olive oil
1 Tbs. raspberry vinegar
Salt & pepper to taste
Shredded mint
1. Bring spelt and water to a boil in small saucepan. Reduce to a simmer,
and cook until tender, about 55–60 minutes. Drain and cool.
2 Steam peas until just past hard but still crisp, about 1½ minutes. Rinse
under cold running water, and halve peas with sharp knife.
3. In medium bowl, combine spelt, peas, peaches, and pecans. Drizzle with
olive oil and vinegar, add salt & pepper, and toss lightly.
4. Mound in serving bowl, and top with shredded mint.
PER SERVING: 172 cal; 5g pro; 9g total fat (1g sat fat); 22g carb; 0mg chol;
7mg sod; 4g fiber; 5g sugars
form of curcumin
“Theracurmin represents a major scientific breakthrough and
is the #1 absorbed form of curcumin.‡ Finally, the powerful
health benefits of curcumin can be fully realized!”
– Dr. Michael Murray
Co-author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
CurcuminRich® Theracurmin
Clinically proven most bioavailable curcumin!‡
Supports the body’s natural
inflammatory response*
Supports joint health and
Promotes heart and
vascular health*
Scientific scrutiny revealed that Theracurmin was more bioavailable on a milligram-to-milligram
basis than other leading◊ enhanced and regular forms of curcumin.
As measured by SPINS 2014 data.
* The statements made in this advertisement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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5/26/15 11:24 AM
peak season
By Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, and Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC
play it cool
Beat the summer heat—and
maybe even live longer—with
this ginger-spiked iced green tea
NOTES FROM: Chef Jeannette
You can buy ginger juice premade (we like the Ginger People),
put the root through a juicer, or simply peel and grate a chunk
of ginger root and squeeze the gratings with your hand to
produce fresh juice.
While brewed citrus green tea is delicious, if you’re in a hurry
you can whip up a cool, refreshing quencher in just minutes by
using matcha powder. Matcha is a nutrient powerhouse, containing more than 100 times the catechins (EGCG) of regular
green tea! Just blend 1 cup of water, 1 cup of ice cubes, 1 teaspoon of matcha powder (we like Aiya Matcha, cooking grade),
½-inch peeled ginger root, the juice and zest of 1 small lime,
and a tablespoon or two of raw local honey in a high-speed
blender until frothy. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy at once.
Iced Green Tea Limeade
This recipe combines the healing power of green tea with ginger, which
adds just the right amount of flavor and zing to the iced tea, making it an
absolutely perfect, refreshing drink for a summer day at the beach.
4 cups water
4 lemon green tea bags
¼ cup raw local honey, or to taste
1½ Tbs. ginger juice, or to taste
Juice of 3 limes
Fresh mint leaves for garnish, optional
Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Add tea bags and allow to
steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags and stir in honey until completely
dissolved, rewarming tea slightly, if necessary. Stir in lime and ginger juice.
For Full Pitcher:
Pour hot concentrate into a glass pitcher. Add 1½–2 trays of ice, stirring to
combine as it melts. Garnish with mint leaves, if using.
For Individual Servings:
Pour concentrate into a quart-sized Mason jar, and store in fridge. To
make tea, fill a glass with ice and top with concentrate to taste. Garnish
with mint leaves, if using.
PER SERVING: 80 cal; 0g pro; 0g total fat (0g sat fat); 21g carb; 0mg chol; 0mg
sod; 0g fiber; 17g sugars
very time I’m asked by a magazine editor to come up
with “10 top tips” for living longer, I put this tip on the
list: Drink green tea every day! It’s loaded with
catechins and phenols, which have been found to protect the
heart and brain and extend life, not to mention to help protect
against cancer—a nice little “side effect” of this heart-healthy
drink. And if that wasn’t enough, green tea can also help you
lose weight!
Here, Chef Jeannette combines the healing power of green
tea with ginger, one of the best natural remedies for digestive
disorders on the planet—it’s great for gas, nausea, morning
sickness, and seasickness. And it adds just the right amount of
flavor and zing to the iced tea, making it an absolutely perfect,
refreshing drink for a summer day at the beach. Chef Jeannette recommends either fresh ginger or ginger juice (see
“Notes from Chef Jeannette,” below). Either works just great.
Note—you can do a really terrific and unusual variation on
this iced green tea beverage by substituting a legendary tea
powder known as matcha for the four lemon green tea bags.
Matcha is a very specific type of premium green tea grown
only in Japan. It has a unique, rich taste—full-bodied, astringent, with a lingering sweetness. But it’s also known for its
numerous health benefits—rich in nutrients, antioxidants,
blood-purifying chlorophyll, and, of course, the wonderful,
calming amino acid, L-theanine. If you use matcha, just
substitute 1 teaspoon of the powder for the tea bags. Enjoy!
—Dr. Jonny
A Natural
mykind Organics vitamins are Certified USDA Organic,
Non-GMO Project Verified, made from more than
30 whole foods, fruits and vegetables.
“I searched for certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, whole food supplements for years
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didn’t exist and went looking for a partner to create them.
I teamed up with Garden of Life because we share the same vision of bringing the highest-quality
vitamins (unlike many that are derived from petroleum chemicals and synthesized in labs)
to families everywhere.
I wanted to take a multi from the same types of organic, nutritious foods I eat in my daily diet.
I didn’t want a bottle of chemical isolates dressed up with organic fluff. The multi that I wanted
to take didn’t exist, so that is why we created mykind Organics.”
Alicia Silverstone
Actress , NY Times Best-Selling Author, Health Advocate
Empowering Extraordinary Health®
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At Lucky’s, we stand by our brand.
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