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Presented by Dr Ralph Gilbert, 2015.
ADHD: What is It?
 Inattentiveness, Hyperactivity, Impulsiveness
Maladaptive and Pervasive
Academic and Behavioral Problems
Present in 2 or more areas
Onset Prior to Age 12
Specific criteria needed for correct
 Organic Cause
 Aetiology now known
Scientific Proof
Genetic link
85% have relative affected
DNA deletions
Brain Activity in Frontal cortex Less
Nerve studies
Neural Pathway in Non-ADHD Brain
Dopamine Transmission
Re-uptake of Dopamine
Resting State in Non-ADHD Brain
The Pathway in ADHD
Dopamine Transmission
Too many “Vacuum Cleaners”!
Resting State in ADHD Brain
Do we need to treat?
Depression and Anxiety
Occupational status
Social/financial status
Drug abuse
Peer relationships
Traffic accidents
Marital status
MPH blocks 2/3 “Vacuum Cleaners”
Allowing normal transmission.....