Download IBPM Database migration from V7.4 to V11.0 using utility

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March 2011
Upgrading Interstage BPM Version 11.1x to Version 11.2x
IBPM Version: 11.1x
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Application Server: JBoss 4.0.5 / JBoss EAP 5.0.0
 It is desired to retain and migrate existing tenant (in the case that there are multiple tenants and
application data stored in the database to the new Interstage BPM version.
 It is desired to retain and migrate running process instances to the new Interstage BPM version.
 It is desired to ensure that e-mail notification functionality is retained during the migration.
 There aren’t any external Java Actions or Agents that need to be migrated.
Problem Description:
Each upgrade situation/scenario may be slightly different depending on user needs/requirements. In any case
the InstallationGuide will not cover every single situation/scenario. This guide is intended to assist users with
their upgrade from Interstage BPM version 11.1 to 11.2x based on the assumptions described above.
First and foremost- plan ahead. Start by reviewing section 9, “Upgrading Interstage BPM from Previous
Versions” from the InstallationGuide PDF. The InstallationGuide PDF outlines the steps that are required.
It is very important to back up the existing teamflowdb database. From the Microsoft SQL Server Management
Studio, this can be done by:
1. Connect to the database.
2. Right click on “teamflowdb” click on “Tasks” and then “Back up”.
3. In the “Back Up Database – teamflowdb” window, make sure you know where the backup will be saved to
(under Destination section).
4. Press OK.
*In the event that the database needs to be restored for one reason or another, these steps can be
followed to restore the database from the backup:
1. Connect to the database.
2. Right click on “teamflowdb”, click on “Tasks”,click on “Restore” and then on “Database.
3. In the “Restore Database – teamflowdb” window, under, the “Source for restore” section, click on “From
device” and navigate to the location where the backup is stored.
4. Press OK.
*In the event the restore of backup fails caused by a “database is in use” error, these steps can be
followed to circumvent this issue:
1. Select “New Query” from the menu bar.
2. In the query window, enter “sp_who” and then press “Execute” from the menu bar.
3. Under the “Results” tab, look for any processes connected to the teamflowdb database (You know it is
connected to the database if teamflowdb shows up anywhere under “dbname” column).
4. Collect the “spid” of those processes.
All Rights Reserved, Copyright © FUJITSU LIMITED 2008
5. Kill those processes connected to the database by entering “kill” + the “spid” of those processes from a new
query window.
6. Try to restore the database again following the steps mentioned above.
Supplemental information during upgrading:
1. During the file backup process, make sure that the “tenants” folder is backed up from:
a. <InterstageBPM Installation>/InterstageBPM/server/instance/default
b. <JBoss installation>/server/ibpm/deploy/console.war
*Make sure the backup can be differentiated from one another.
2. During the deployment process, making sure to set to SaaS mode while leaving create default tenant
3. After deployment, restore the backed up tenant folders to their respective location under the new installation.
4. After server is started and running, enter the TenantManager page and add in the correct SMTPServerHost
IP address under System Properties.
Last reviewed: 03/14/2012
All Rights Reserved, Copyright © FUJITSU LIMITED 2008