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The School of the Public Health of Fudan University, Shanghai (复旦大学公共卫生学院)
Red Cross in Baoshan, Shanghai宝山红十字会
Baoshan Food and Drug Adminstration宝山FDA
Shanghai Food and Drug Administration上海 FDA
Nutritional Research, Dept of Public Health and Clin Med, Umeå University瑞典乌墨奥大学公共卫生
The Northern Sweden Nutritional Research Foundation瑞典乌默奥瑞典北方营养基金会
The Swedish Food Administration 瑞典食品监督管理局
Keyhole for
Health in China
Nutritional Research/
Department of Public Health and Clinical medicin
[email protected]
[email protected]
A National Plan for Changing
Dietary Habits改善饮食习惯的全国计划
The National Board of Food in Sweden
together with the Swedish National Institute
of Public Health has since 2003 a national
assignment by the government to make a
plan for dietary habits.
The objectives is to reach healthy dietary
habits and increased physical activity by
organise the society, for all population.(拥有
Targets for Healthy Dietary Habits
The Nutrition recommendations are published by the Nordic Council of
Ministers on based evaluations done by Nordic researchers and
National authorities. This evaluation is revised continuously.
根据Nordic 的科学家和国家权威组织的评价, 北欧议会部长公布了营养推荐量
The most significant changes in diet are suggested to be(饮食中最明显的改变如下:)
Double the consumption of bread (wholegrain bread)双倍的摄入面包(全麦面包)
Double the consumption of vegetables (to approx 500 g/day for adults)双倍的蔬
Choose keyhole labelled dairy and processed meat products选择绿钥匙标记的奶制
Halve the intake of salt (recommended level is 5-6 g/day)盐减半(5g/d)
Halve the consumption of soft drinks, sweets, ice cream, crisps, cakes, cookies
(max 15 energy % should come from such products) and alcoholic drinks (not more
than 5 energy % should come from alcohol).软饮料,糖,冰激凌,蛋糕,甜点减半摄入
The keyhole-labelling project
- “Keyhole for Health”
Since 1989 low-fat/fibre-rich foods may be labelled with the keyhole symbol in
Sweden. The Keyhole food labelling system was invented within a collaborative
project between scientists from the Department of Nutritional Research in Umeå
University, The National Food Administration and The Västerbotten County in
1988. (1989年起,在瑞典低脂高纤维食物广泛应用了绿钥匙标记系统。
The food labelling is voluntary and very much used and recognized today in
Sweden. The system is estimated to be valuable for both product development
within the industry and for the consumers in their selection for healthy food
The purpose of using keyhole labelling is to make it easier for consumers to
choose more wholesome products (low fat, sugar or salt content, or high dietary
fibre content) which can contribute to healthy eating habits and good health. 应
Since the problem of obesity and overweight is threatening public health within
the whole world it has to be simpler to choose healthy food products through
clear labelling. 由于肥胖和超重威胁全世界的问题。所以,通过食物标记寻找健康食品非常
The Regulation in Practise
Section 1
Labelling of foodstuffs with a keyhole symbol declares:
a low fat, sugar or salt content,低脂肪,糖、盐
or declares a high dietary fibre
The Regulation in Practise
Section 2: Labelling in accordance with Section 1 may only be carried out on:
ready-packed foodstuffs, specified in an Annex
unpackaged foodstuffs, specified in Annex(未包装食物)
Foodstuffs may only be labelled in accordance with paragraph 1 if they satisfy the
conditions specified in the Annex.
Foodstuffs intended for children up to the age of 36 months must not be labelled with the symbol.
The Food Industry adaption to the
Keyhole labelling system
Guidelines for
Calculation of fat content and composition in a course/dish:
Not more than 30 energy % from fat or 17 g fat in the whole portion.全部食物中脂肪
Courses with only vegetables can not be labelled with a keyhole只包含蔬菜的食物不能
The calculations must be done on a complete course (with potatoes,
rice or pasta and sauces).计算时必须包含所有的部分,如土豆,大米,匹萨,汤)
Already calculated dishes is available in files from The National
Food administration已计算的食物必须能在国家食品管理局的文件中找到
Web-based program for own calculations at
Certification of
Key Meal restaurants
An on-going project since 2002, run in cooperation
between a chain of restaurants associated with
swedish universities, a consulting firm, The Swedish
Food Administration with support from the Department
of Agriculture
A public health project that follows the keyhole rules
An overall major goal in the first phase has been to
build a concept that could be applied to restaurants all
over Sweden. The long term vision has from the start
been that KeyMeal will be a well-known trademark for
healthy choices第一阶段的目的是建立一个概念,即标记系
The Key Meal Certification Parts
All employees take part in the education program. 所有的经营者都参与培训
2 half day seminars with all the staff or with the chefs and managers
In charge is consultants with rich knowledge in nutrition (and art of
cooking) 富有营养知识的顾问主持
Webbased training (网上训练
7 week training for all the staff of the restaurant (personal access
codes to computer program)餐馆所有成员参加为期7周的训练
Managers has administrative access经营者负责此过程
Easy to use, with a lot of pictures and illustrations带有大量图片和介绍,
A new chapter every week每周新的一章
The Key Meal Certification Parts
Recipes and manual菜谱和手册
The certified restaurants get full access to标准的饭店容易
Keymeal digital recipe book and a关键食物详细的菜谱
Keymeal manual that makes the work easier关键食物的手
The Key Meal Certification Parts
Guest information (网站
A internet site were all certified restaurants are
listed with links and address
The Key Meal Certification Parts
Posters, slickers, and tailor-made info
The Key Meal Certification Parts
Diplomas and certificates证书和标准
Printing originals is provided
electronically by The National Food
Recipes for The Restaurants
Provided By The
National Food Administration瑞典食品监督
Receptsamling för restaurang/storhushåll med 46 recept (10
resp 100 port.) fördelade på kött- (16 st), fisk- (17 st),
kyckling (7 st) och vegetariska (4 st) rätter. Alla rätter är
illustrerade med färgbilder. Receptbladen är plastade och
samlade i en pärm, som även innehåller information om
nyckelhålsmärkning. Livsmedelsverket 1995.
Cost for recipes: 95,00 SEK (approx 96 CNY)
One example on how the keyhole is accepted
by a Fast Food producer绿钥匙系统被快餐业接
”We were the first, as early as 2003, to offer keyhole-marked meals. We
changed our menus, which resulted in a change for the entire fast food
”It did not take long before our competitors followed our lead and made more or less the same
”Fast food? Delifresh took 7 months to develop!”
”Chicken burgers with rye bread containing only 6% fat. (燕麦面包的鸡肉汉堡含6%脂肪)
The Delifresh box with a new hamburger, fruit salad and juice resulted in a decrease in the meal‘s
fat content from 12.5% to 4%! 汉堡,水果色拉,果汁组成的套餐导致食物的脂肪含量下降了12.5-4%
The new line also includes a new low fat dressing (7.6%) and new low fat soft ice cream (app. 2.5%)
and fruit salad as a dessert choice.”
What happened next?
Keyhole-marked pasta salad 绿钥匙标记的意大利面色拉
Low Carb burger, a hamburger without bread. Low
fat keyhole-marked hamburgers, just as lean as cottage
cheese. No trans fats at Max!
Keyhole for Health in China中国绿
Not only for healthy dietary habits,
but also Food safety?不仅是为了健康
Matters to discuss:讨论的事项
How to implement the labelling system
in practise?如何实际应用标记系统
How to finance the project?经费如何
How to protect the ownership and
usage of the symbol?如何保护产权
Agreement on research for popularisation of healthy foods
and a food labelling system (“The green key hole for health”)
in Baoshan Region of Shanghai上海宝山绿钥匙协议
The healthy foods and the labelling system (green key hole) are used to prevent
chronic diseases. In general, foods low in sugar, fat, salt and/or high in dietary
fiber/whole grain will be labelled with the symbol for “a key hole for health”. In
China, the purpose is also to involve different aspects of food safety in the labelling
The main contents of the project are to define the labelling system, to educate the
staffs who are running the project and to evaluate the outcome of the project.项目研
Scientists from Umeå University and Fudan University will give technical
instructions, lectures, and training to the research staffs and various forms of
interactions between the two countries will be facilitated.乌默奥大学、复旦大学的科学工
The use of the labelling system for healthy food (green key hole) should be
instructed and agreed by the project group. The Swedish Food Administration will
be continuously informed about the progress of the project.有关在健康食品上应用食品标
记(green key hole)需征得本课题组的指导和同意。有关课题进展将不断向瑞典食品管理局通报。
Baoshan will be responsible for the practical aspects of the production of the
healthy foods and the education of the local population.宝山区负责实施有关健康食品的制作,
Funding should be searched by all three parties. One part of the funding in the
future may come from incomes from permissions to use the symbol. The project will
be started in the spring of 2007 according to the available resources. Project
meeting will be hold in China or Sweden annually.研究经费应由三方各自筹集,在将来部分经
Internal evaluation(内部评估人员)
Göran Hallmans, Professor, Department of Nutritional
Research, Institution of Public Health and Clinical
Medicine, University of Umeå, Sweden is responsible for
the internal supervision of the project and the contact
person to Vinnova.
Göran Hallmans has been responsible for the Swedish part
of the Cooperation since the very start of the cooperation
15 years ago. He is together with Åke Bruce one of the
inventors of the Swedish Key Hole system for food
尧朗 哈尔曼斯 教授 瑞典乌墨奥大学公共卫生和临床医学系营养研
究室负责人。负责内部项目评估和指导工作以及和Vinnova (瑞典主
要资助单位)联系人。尧朗 哈尔曼斯是从15年前开始以来的负责合
作的瑞方代表。他和奥盖 布鲁士同是瑞典食品标志系统创始人之一。