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Learning Targets
Learning Targets for Chapter 15: The Digestive System
Part 1
1. Trace the path of food in the digestive tract & describe the general
structure & function of each organ mentioned
2. Describe peristalsis & state its function.
3. Describe the wall of the small intestine & relate its anatomy to
nutrient absorption.
4. Name the hormones produced by the digestive tract that help
control digestive secretions.
5. Name the accessory organs of digestion & describe their
contributions to the digestive process.
Part 2
6. Name the 2 structures that are involved in mechanical digestion.
7. Name & state the functions of digestive enzymes for
carbohydrates, proteins & fats.
8. State the functions of glucose, fats & amino acids in the body.
9. Define the terms essential fatty acid, essential amino acid &
Describe the functions of major vitamins & minerals in the