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Vocabulary 2
from validity to reliability, and
from factors to regression
the relations between
• valid : up-to-date, true; well-grounded,
sound, cogent = powerful, constraining,
convincing; sufficient, and effective
• reliable : true, more true, refered to
something, a trustworthy source;
Ethics !
• ethic (n): a moral principle or a set of
• ethical (a): dealing with moral questions or
• ethics (n, pl): the science of morals; a
system of principles…
(Source: The Cassell Concise Dictionary)
data manipulations 1
• factor : a changing value with an affect on
a phenomenon; any circumstance, fact or
influence which contributes to a result
• factor analysis : A class of procedures
primarily used for data reduction and
data manipulations 2
• regression : a backward movement, a
return, reversion to type
• regression analysis : A statistical
procedure for analyzing associative
relations between a metric-dependent
variable and one or more independent