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Name: ________________________
Date: ______________
Chapter 1 Assignment
You must complete both of the following assignments:
1. Complete the ‘Getting to know the periodic table’ assignment (back of page).
2. Create a song, rap or poem that describes the history of the atom.
Your assignment is due on ____________________________.
Name: ________________________
Date: ______________
Assignment 1: Getting to Know the Periodic Table
Complete the following objectives using the periodic table below.
1) Using blue ink, write in the group numbers of each group below. Label the following families: Alkali
Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Halogens and Noble Gases.
2) Using red ink, show the lewis dot structure for groups 1-2, 13-18.
3) Using black ink OR pencil, write in the period number for each period, and group number for each
4) Answer each of the following questions:
a. Which element has 27 protons in its nucleus? ___________________________
b. How many neutrons does Phosphorous have? _________
c. What is the family name of Calcium? __________
d. How many orbitals does an atom of Polonium have? _________
e. How many valance electrons does a bromine atom contain? _________
f. How many valence electrons does a fluorine atom contain? _________
g. What is the atomic mass of Mg? ______________
h. What is the atomic number of nitrogen? ___________
i. How many electrons does oxygen have? ___________
j. What group number is gold found in? ____________
k. Which element has more orbitals, Iodine or Cesium? _________________
l. Which element has an atomic mass of 28 amu? ____________________
The Periodic Table of Elements