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Miranda McCormick
Forensic Anthropologist
Correct Name of Career
o Forensic Anthropologist
Education and/or Training Required
o Reading, writing, mathematics, and communication are all important skills to
have for this job.
o General high school courses should include biology, chemistry, history and
physics. Extracurricular activities such as science fairs and part-time work in a
research laboratory are also valuable.
o The minimum requirements for individuals wanting to be a forensic
anthropologist are a bachelor's degree in anthropology or a related field and a
master's degree in anthropology.
o It is also helpful to possess a doctorate degree in biological or physical
anthropology. This means prospective forensic anthropologists could spend up to
ten years in school for this career. Formal degree programs often include
internships, field work and clinical experience.
Responsibilities and Daily Activities
o Forensic anthropologists study the skeletal remains of human bodies to determine
their age at death, sex and physical condition. Also, they may assist in excavating
and relocating human remains, performing dental analysis, determining time of
death, assessing trauma to bones and presenting expert testimony in court.
o Forensic anthropology is a subfield of anthropology. Another example of
anthropological field (besides forensic anthropology) is archeology.
o Forensic anthropologists work with law enforcement agencies and assist in
processing skeletal evidence. Most forensic anthropologists maintain full time
employment in academia and work part-time as forensic anthropology
consultants, while a smaller percentage work as medical examiners or for the
Salary Range
o Specific for Owensboro, Kentucky.
o Mid-Range: $85,292 - $127,937
o Variables that may influence the salary may be the location, working conditions
(private or public), size of the facility you work in, experience, level of education,
if you have certifications, and/or if you work in a leadership position.
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o I had not heard of this career before.
o One positive thing about this career is forensic anthropologists make a lot of
o One negative thing about this career is there is a lot of school needed for this
o I think I would like this job because it would be interesting to study bones and to
find out the identity of someone based on their skeleton.