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Naomi Belcher
Correct Name of the Career
o Forensic Anthropologist
Education and/or Training Required
o Skills that are needed for this career are: communication, observation, and public
o Recommended classes could include: higher level science courses, with
physiology and anatomy, as well.
o Education required for the job is extensive because of the requirements of having
a bachelor’s degree in anthropology (or any related field) and a master’s degree in
anthropology. This is just to meet the minimum requirements to be able to fill the
job position. Also, a doctorate in biological or physical anthropology is
recommended, but not required.
o The training involved can be through doing internships, field work, and clinical
Responsibilities and Daily Activities
o Responsibilities of this career consist of: studying the physical condition of the
person, studying bones to determine what age death occurred at, and determining
the sex of the deceased person.
o Candidates can specialize in this field by choosing to work with law enforcement
or with ancient remains.
o People of this profession work for the state government or the law enforcement.
Salary Range
o The average salary range is $84,500 to $120,750.
o The salary is specific to Owensboro, Kentucky.
o Experience may influence salary.
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o I haven’t heard of this career before.
o A positive thing about this career is that it can help solve crimes.
o A negative thing about this career is that the remains that have to be examined
were once an alive person.
o I would not like to have this job.
o I wouldn’t because working with peoples remains doesn’t sound very appealing.