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Marketing 1.04: Segmentation
Match the following types of segmentation with the correct statement. More than one type of segmentation
might apply.
42 year-old woman
Marathon runner
Prefers beverages without sugar
Grandparents with 10 grandchildren
North Carolina Mountains
Prefers adventurous vacations
NBA cheerleader
Newly married couple
Earns $100,000+ a year
Received a Masters Degree from UNC
Cayman Islands
Cold climate
Attends worship service every Sunday
Enjoys day trips
Prefers watching television
Frequently purchases products with warranties
Match the vocabulary word using the letter in the table with their definitions.
A. Market
B. Mass Market
E. Product
I. Goals
M. Direct
Q. Agents
F. Place
J. Strategies
N. Indirect distribution
U. Psychographic
V. Geographic Segmentation
R. Intermediaries/Middlemen
C. Market
G. Price
K. Tactics
O. Wholesalers
D. Marketing Mix
S. Market
W. Behavioral
T. Demographic
H. Promotion
L. Target Market
P. Retailers
_____ is a group of potential customers.
_____ is a subgroup of a larger market that share one or more characteristics.
_____ is the process of dividing a larger market into smaller parts.
_____ Segmentation is markets divided by where the customer lives.
_____ is when the group is considered as a whole with all the marketing activities; using a single marketing
plan. For example, chewing gum would be marketed as a mass market.
_____ are objectives set to achieve a specified purpose that should have measurability and a deadline
established (stated achievement.)
_____ include where the customer can obtain the..
_____ Segmentation in segmented a market base on the way customers use a product or behave toward a
_____ are specific actions for carrying out strategies and ultimately the goal (how to).
_____ includes four basic strategies called the 4 P’s or elements of marketing.
_____ segmentation is statistics that describe a population by personal characteristics such as age, gender,
income, marital status, ethnicity, education, and occupation.
_____ include what to make or obtain as the business’s product mix.
_____ Decisions include the promotional mix.
_____ are plans of action used to achieve the goals (What to do)
_____ buy their products from manufacturers or wholesalers and sell directly to the consumer.
_____ are identified segments of the market that a business wants to have as their customers.
_____ do not take ownership but instead represent a business and assist in the sales transaction.
_____ is when a product/service goes from the manufacturer directly to the consumer.
_____ is when a product/service goes from an intermediary or middlemen.
_____ segmentation is markets divided by social and psychological characteristics.
_____ are wholesalers, agents, or retailers.
_____ buy products from the manufacturer taking ownership and then reselling to other wholesalers or
Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
List the characteristics for demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral segmentation.
Explain the difference between mass marketing and target marketing.