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Earth Revealed: Minerals
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1. True or False
For the most part, minerals are not used in the formation other things.
2. Iron ore is mined from the Earth and used to make ____________________ .
3. Quartz is used to make ____________________ .
4. Minerals are also useful tools for classifying ____________________.
5. True or False
By studying minerals, geologists can tell how the tectonic plates have moved
over time.
6. True or False
New minerals are still being discovered today.
7. There are about ___________ common minerals.
8. _____________________ growth occurs atom by atom in exactly the same pattern repeated over
and over again.
9. _____________________ is a mineral that forms when sodium and chlorine atoms combine.
10. True or False
Chlorine is a poisonous gas.
11. True or False
Quartz is harder than steel.
12. True or False
All minerals can be identified by its physical properties.
13. True or False
Rocks containing minerals are studied by cutting them into thin slices and
also by melting them to study them under a microscope.
14. Diamonds and graphite are both made of the same substance - _____________________
15. ____________________ is commonly used in pencils.
16. True or False
Pure metals are quite rare.
17. ____________________ can form underground when water is heated by ___________________.
18. True or False
Minerals form in just two ways – evaporation and sublimation.
19. Pure silicon is used in what important form of technology? ____________________
20. The people who study minerals do so in order to learn about