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Resource depletion
Erica and Aly
• Resource depletion is the exhaustion of raw materials
within a region. Resources are commonly divided
between renewable resources and non-renewable
resources. Use of either of these forms of resources
beyond their rate of replacement is considered to be
resource depletion.
• Large-scale exploitation of minerals began in the
Industrial Revolution around 1760 in England and has
grown rapidly ever since. Today’s economy is largely
based on fossil fuels, minerals and oil. The value
increases because of the large demand, but the supply is
decreasing. This has resulted in more efforts to drill and
search other territories.
Major Problem?
• Over-consumption/excessive or unnecessary use of resources
• Overpopulation
• Slash and burn agricultural practices, currently occurring in many
developing countries
• Technological and industrial development
• Erosion
• Habitat degradation leads to the loss of Biodiversity (i.e. species and
ecosystems with its ecosystem services).
• Irrigation
• Mining for oil and minerals
• Aquifer depletion
• Pollution or contamination of resources
Fossil Fuels
Solar Power
Minerals Other than Petroleum
Arable Land
It Exists!