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Earth Science
Chapter 9
Minerals of the Earth
Section 9.1
Use your book to answer the following questions.(0.25 points)
1. Define Mineral.
2. What is an inorganic substance?
3. Is Coal considered a mineral?
4. Is Magnetite considered a mineral?
5. Are synthetic diamonds considered to be minerals? Why?
6. Why isn’t petroleum a mineral?
7. Minerals also have a definite _______________ composition.
8. What are the two main groups of minerals called?
9. What two elements do all silicate minerals contain?
10. What percentage of silicate minerals make up the Earth’s crust?
11. What percentage of non-silicate minerals make up the Earth’s crust?
12. Define crystal.
13. Scientists can use _______________ to study the structure of crystals.
14. In Career Focus: Mineral Resources, which of the three jobs would you most prefer? Why?
Table 9-1
Look at table 9 - 1. (1.5 points)
15. Which of the non-silicate minerals (list three) do you recognize as being important to us? What are each
used for?