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A Mineral Web Quest
Go to this site:
Write the answers to the following questions in complete sentences. Use the
buttons located directly under the questions to navigate your way through the
lesson to locate the answers.
1. What is a mineral?
2. What are physical properties of minerals? List 7 properties.
3. What eight elements make up over 98% of the Earth's crust? List in order
from largest percentage to smallest.
4. For each of the following minerals, describe the key distinguishing
properties and at least one use or application by humans.
A) Calcite:
B) Talc:
C) Hematite:
D) Magnetite:
E) Galena:
5. How is streak used in mineral identification? How can this property
compare with using colour only? Explain.
6. Define luster. Why are there more descriptions to identify nonmetallic
minerals? Explain with examples.
7. Which two minerals are magnetic?
8. With reference to calcite, what is a rhomboid?
9. What is the difference between cleavage and fracture? What does a
conchoidal fracture look like?
10. Canada is fortunate in both the variety and amount of natural resources
found from west to east…find out which province has (or had):
A) The purest and greatest concentration of gold:
B) Greatest amount of iron ore:
C) A “mountain” of jade:
D) One of the world’s top three largest source of silver:
E) North America’s largest gypsum mine: