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What did you learn from doing this activity at the
Gems and Minerals in the
World Around Us
Try This Out:
With your family, look around your house and list
the minerals that you find and their uses.
Museum - School
As you walk through the
Gems and Mineral Hall, record your
observations in the chart below:
Why do you think the museum organized the
minerals in the exhibit this way?
Answers may vary.
What is the difference between a rock and a
Name of
Picture of
Your Observations
Pure (made of the same substance)
Made of crystals
Crystals have a definite shape
Made of more than one mineral
Not the same color throughout, normally
Classified by its formation process
What properties are used to identify minerals?
Hardness, cleavage, fracture, color, density, transparency, refraction, diffraction, luster, interference, and tarnish