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Environmental Science
Daily Quiz
Chapter 16, Section 1
Minerals and Mineral Resources
Directions: Read each question and write an appropriate
answer. Your answer must be a complete sentence for full
credit. If I cannot read your handwriting, I cannot grade your
quiz. You may use your textbook.
What is an alloy?
What is gypsum and what is it used for?
What is the difference between an atom and a compound?
What is a gemstone and what makes them special?
Define “native element” and give an example.
A mineral is a naturally occurring substance. Are synthetic
mineral`s produced in laboratories minerals? Explain your
7. ___ tend to be good insulators while ___conduct electricity.
8. Briefly describe how minerals form from hydrothermal
9. What is a “gangue mineral”?
10. Define mineral.
11. Briefly describe how minerals form from the process of
evaporation. What are these minerals called?
12. List five properties that make metals economically and
industrially important.