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Minerals Notes
A MINERAL has the following 5 characteristics:
1. ____________________________ Explain: __________________________________
2. ____________________________
3. ____________________________
4. ____________________________
5. ____________________________
The most common minerals in the Earth’s crust are (Look in ESRT!)
1. ______________________ 2.________________________3._________________
Describe and give an example of the following physical properties of minerals:
1. Color:
2. Streak:
3. Luster:
4. Hardness:
5. Density:
6. Cleavage
7. Fracture:
8. Crystal Structure:
All of a mineral’s physical and chemical properties are caused by
Some minerals have special properties such as:
The physical properties can be used to identify minerals. Which physical property is the least
reliable and why?
Most common minerals belong to the SILICATE family, and are made up various arrangements of the
silicon-oxygen tetrahedron, a 4-sided unit of one silicon atom surrounded by 4 oxygen atoms. Its looks
like this:
Three example of silicate minerals are 1.__________________ 2. _________________ 3. ____________
Two examples of non-silicate minerals are 1.____________________ 2._______________________
Diamond and Graphite are minerals with the same chemical composition ___________ .
Diamond is very hard and colorless with a non-metallic luster. Graphite is very soft and grey with a
metallic luster. Why do these two minerals have such different physical properties?
An example of something that is NOT a mineral is _______________________________________
because _______________________________________________.
Minerals have many important uses in our lives, for example _________________ is used for