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Expert Topic : TATIANE
Team Members: Juarez, Michel , Rafael ,Samantha, Tatiane
If you are writing this, you have completed your work . In order to become a
more efficient, effective researcher, it is important to look back on the process
and consider what you have learned and how you might do it differently next
time. The more proficient you become, the higher the salary you can demand!
Respond to the following questions as accurately and honestly as you can.
1- What did you learn in this Webquest?
We do not know that a simple propaganda could carry prejudice , ideology
prejudice, ideology messages, these things, we got very frightened with
cigarette propaganda.
2. Student's vision: (Auto- Evaluation)
2 – How was your
- In your group
- In group work
-In works presented to
the group.
-In individual activities
3-Which was your main contribution in this Webquest about Advertising?
___ Suggesting the idea of the outdor___________________________
4- Return to the construction process of your activity. In which of them did you
have more difficulty? Why?
The purpose of our ad we actually don’t know if we reached the goal.
5 – How was the planning of the activities?
Well we lose the most explanations of this project for personal reasons , at the
beginning we are not very committed, our group is very accommodated and
have any initiative. But finally we have to produce a perfume ad.
a- Was there effective collaboration of all group?
I can say that our group didn’t have the efficacy expected by the teacher.
b-Were there permanent interventions of the teacher?
Not much, we think that she had disregarded our group because we had lost
many classes and she was very concerned about the conclusion work______
c-Which the most difficulty of the group?
The most difficult thing was to find the right product for the right consumer that
would be our target audience._______________________________________
6- How well did you understand your task?
After researching we could understand which advertising techniques we could
use in our ad.
7-What steps did you take to clarify the expectations?
We thought what lifestyle, values, opinions and points of view are represented
in this ad and what would be the effect of our ad in the public target.
8- What recommendations might you make to the next team taking on this job?
Don’t miss the explanations of the teacher, be committed, and do a good
9- How did your initial opinions and supposition about your topic change as you
went through the research process?
In what way we could persuade women to buy our product.
10-How influential was your team’s discussion on your changing attitude or
point of view?
__Samantha said that our ad was not at all persuasive, but could be much
better, we think after this and agreed with her… probably could have included
more.but because time.factor we didn´t do it
11- What specific problems or challenges arose as you worked through your
We didn’t have much computer abilities.
12- How big a role did the team play in solving any of these issues?
Well the teacher bring to us another student who was not of our class which
knows about linux and how to making power point he helped us fairly.
13- In what ways are you now a better Internet researcher?
Well our group like to read a lot, but this experience realize
14. In your opinion, what did you think about this methodology worked in class?
And the topic chosen, it is relevant?
We think the experience of working with propaganda and making one is a nice
thing, I would like to have done more.
Dear students thank you very much for your collaboration and your
pledge for the success to this implementation work. A BIG hug for all of
you!!! Wish success in your future careers.
Teacher Márcia C. S. Fajardo