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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Job Description
We are looking to appoint to a part-time (6 PA) Consultant Clinical Oncology post to support
the Specialised Cancer Services Directorate of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation
Trust which is based at Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield. This post is to provide input into the
Lung and Upper GI teams at the Chesterfield Royal Infirmary including Acute Oncology /
Carcinoma Unknown Primary.
Weston Park Hospital is the specialist cancer centre, serving the hospitals and population of the
North Trent Cancer Network.
Qualifications and Experience Required
The successful candidate must have full GMC registration, completed Specialist Training and be
entered on the Specialist Registrar of the GMC, or have a CCT date, within six months of the date
on interview.
General Directorate Information
Weston Park Hospital is the base for the Oncological Service for South Yorkshire, North
Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire. It is one of the major Radiotherapy Centres in the
country and is sited in the main hospital campus area of the city, within a quarter of a mile from
the University, the Children’s Hospital, Jessop Hospital for Women and the Royal Hallamshire
There are approximately 3,500 inpatient admissions per year, 20,000 daycase chemotherapy
attendances and over 7000 new patients registered annually. It is a self-contained hospital unit
with 82 inpatient beds.
Weston Park Hospital acts as an NSCAG supra-regional referral centre for the diagnosis and
treatment of gestational trophoblastic disease and a national and European centre for the
treatment of arterio-venous malformations with the stereotactic radiosurgery unit (in conjunction
with the neurosurgical team).
There is a newly built daycase chemotherapy suite and offers the opportunity to treat 28 patients
at any one time. There are outpatient facilities, a radiotherapy department (see below), theatre
facilities and pharmacy with a reconstitution service for cytotoxic chemotherapy. A Teenage
Cancer Trust Unit for adolescents, jointly funded between the Teenage Cancer Trust and Weston
Park Hospital Cancer Appeal, was completed in 2002. There is an Academic Department of
Clinical Oncology, with representatives in medical oncology, radiation oncology and, most
recently, surgical oncology, the latter in association with the Department of Surgery at the Royal
Hallamshire Hospital.
There is a diagnostic imaging department with x-ray ultrasound apparatus and impression
suite facilities are provided in close association with the simulator suite and the
radiotherapy department. Diagnostic isotope, CT and MRI scanning are now available on
There is an expanding programme of cytotoxic chemotherapy. The hospital also houses a
large radiotherapy and physics department and provides an ocular oncology service in
conjunction with the ophthalmic surgeons at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, who have
achieved NSCAG status.
The radiotherapy equipment is housed in a large treatment hall and comprises:
Seven Varian Linear Accelerators, comprising:Four linac 6 MV Accelerators – three with MLCs.
Three dual energy (6 MV and 10 MV) Accelerators with electron facilities and
Currently OBI is available on one Linear Accelerator, all others having portal
IMRT software is commissioned for 5 Linear Accelerators.
One spare bunker.
One 250 kV Orthovoltage Machine.
One Pantak Superficial Set.
One Varian Simulator.
One Lexsell Stereotactic Radiosurgery Unit.
PDR Selectron for gynaecological use in a purpose built extension.
Two Virtual Simulators (spiral CT scanner with specific planning software).
There are facilities for the use of unsealed isotopes in therapy and diagnosis.
Pathological Services
Haematology and histopathology services are currently provided from the Royal
Hallamshire Hospital.
A service for chemical pathology, bacteriological and other specialised investigations is
provided by the appropriate departments in nearby hospitals.
Phlebotomists are employed at Weston Park Hospital for both inpatients and outpatients.
Outpatient Services
There are outpatient facilities within the hospital with 6 consulting suites and
approximately 50% of our outpatient work is carried out at Weston Park Hospital.
However, the remaining 50% are seen as outpatients in the local district general hospitals.
There is an outpatient chemotherapy suite staffed by appropriately trained nurses.
There has been considerable emphasis on the need for parallel consultation in the
treatment of malignant disease and joint clinic sessions are held with Consultants in other
specialities including haematology, surgery, endocrinology, dermatology, gynaecology,
urology, paediatrics, ENT and maxillofacial surgery.
Research and North Trent Cancer Service
There are excellent opportunities for clinical research, co-ordinated by the Clinical Trials
Centre at Weston Park Hospital. The Clinical Trials Centre is a phase I National Cancer
Research Network site. Support for health services research is provided by Sheffield
University’s School for Health Related Research (ScHARR). The “North Trent Cancer
Network”, which co-ordinates cancer services across all Trusts in North Trent covering a
population of nearly 2 million, provides overall co-ordination of cancer developments,
clinical cancer research and audit. We have recently been accorded CRUK centre status.
Any candidate who is unable for personal reasons to work full-time will be eligible to be
considered for the post; if such a person is appointed, modification of the job content will be
discussed on a personal basis with the Trust in consultation with consultant colleagues.
This is a part-time (6 PA) Consultant Clinical Oncology post to support the Specialised Cancer
Services Directorate of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust which is based at
Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield. This post is to provide input into the Lung and Upper GI
teams at the Chesterfield Royal Infirmary including Acute Oncology / Carcinoma Unknown
The appointee will join established multidisciplinary teams for these cancers and all Cancer Unit
oncology input is by teams of visiting sub-specialists from Sheffield. The post holder(s) may also
be involved in developing an Acute Oncology service on the Northern General site.
The appointee will work to the terms and conditions of the new Consultant Contract. The
allocation of time between the various duties of the post will be open to some adjustment in
consultation with Consultant colleagues and the employing Trust, but initially will be as follows:Specimen Timetable for Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Direct Clinical Care sessions: 5
Supporting Professional Activities: 1
The precise details of the appointees’ timetable will be negotiated at the time of appointment and
will be dependent on previous experience / interests. However, initially this post will provide
cover for maternity leave and will therefore involve input into the Breast and Lung cancer teams
at Chesterfield Hospital and it is that initial timetable that is used for illustrative purposes as
shown below:
Clinical Oncology 6 PA
Lung OPD
Lung MDT Sheffield
The appointee may in agreement with visiting oncology colleagues in the Cancer Units, share
responsibility for the very small number of residual referrals of a general (unspecified) nature
which are outside the now extensive range of visiting sub-specialisations.
The duties of the post include clinics at Weston Park Hospital, together with outpatient clinics in
the Cancer Units. The appointee will have access to inpatient beds at Weston Park Hospital, not
in the Cancer Units. The appointee will have office accommodation, which may be shared,
secretarial support and access to a computer and the intranet.
An annual review of duties including fixed commitments will take place with the Clinical
Director as part of the job plan process.
The person appointed will take his/her equal share in providing emergency cover (currently 1:18)
and will be required to cover for colleagues during periods of absence. He/she will have
continuing responsibility for patients in his/her care and the proper functioning of the
The appointee will be expected to take an active part in Undergraduate and Postgraduate
teaching and training and in this respect, as long as you remain a Consultant within the Trust,
you will be regarded as an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in the University of Sheffield,
subject to the regulations of the University
Management Arrangements
Clinical Directorates became operational at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital on 1 April 1991 and
are now well established. Clinical Directors are appointed by the Chief Executive for a three year
period, subject to annual review.
Clinical Director, Specialised Cancer Services
Lead Clinician for Chemotherapy Services
Lead Clinician for Radiation Services
Senior Manager, Radiation Services
Acting General Manager
Nurse Director
Business Manager
Senior Group Accountant
Dr P M Fisher
Dr L S Evans
Dr S Pledge
Mrs M Tomlinson
Mr I Scott
Mrs M Yates
Mrs G Marsden
Mr N Leek
NHS Consultants in Clinical Oncology
Special Interest
Dr S Clenton
Colorectal, Neuro-oncology
Dr O Din
Urology, Breast
Dr K S Dunn
Breast cancer , TBI
Dr C Ferguson
Urological Oncology
Dr P M Fisher
Lung Cancer
Dr B Foran
Neuro-oncology, Head & Neck Cancer
Dr M Q Hatton
Lung, Breast Cancer
Dr C Lee
Lung, Breast Cancer
Dr J Lester
Head & Neck Cancer, Melanoma
Dr J E Martin
Urology, Gynae
Dr J Mohanamurali
Lung Cancer, Urology
Dr S D Pledge
GI, Gynaecological oncology, Paediatric Radiotherapy
Dr O P Purohit
Breast Cancer, ENT, Maxillofacial, Lymphoma
Radiotherapy & Metastatic Bone Disease
Dr S Ramakrishnan
Breast, Skin Cancer
Dr J Wadsley
GI, thyroid
NHS Consultants in Medical Oncology
Special Interest
Dr S Darby
Upper GI, Lymphoma, Unknown primary
Dr L Evans
Lymphoma, high dose chemotherapy, urology including
testicular tumours, Unknown primary
Dr J Hornbuckle
Dr M Winter
Breast Cancer, gestational trophoblastic disease
Dr L Walkington
Acute Oncology
Consultants in the Academic Department of Clinical Oncology
The Academic Department of Clinical Oncology was established as a joint initiative between the
University, the Yorkshire Cancer Research Campaign and (former) Trent Regional Health
Authority. The clinical base is situated at Weston Park Hospital. Laboratory facilities are based at
the adjacent Royal Hallamshire Hospital within the Institute of Cancer Studies. There is a
complete integration of the department within the National Health Service and research facilities
are available, if required, to the appointee.
Special interest
Professor R E Coleman
Professor in Medical Oncology
(Honorary NHS Consultant)
Breast cancer
Metastatic bone disease
Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Dr S Danson
Medical Oncology
(Honorary NHS Consultant)
Malignant melanoma and Lung Cancer
Professor P Woll
Professor in Medical Oncology
(Honorary NHS Consultant)
Lung cancer
Dr M H Robinson
Reader in Clinical Oncology
(Honorary NHS Consultant)
Junior Medical Staff
Twelve Specialist Registrars in Clinical Oncology.
Five Specialist Registrars in Medical Oncology.
Six core medical trainees.
Two F2 and one F1 doctors.
One Senior House Officer (VTS for general practice).
Four Specialist Registrars in Palliative Medicine (rotation through WPH).
Current trainee staffing will be shared with the new Consultant.
Other Medical Staff
Two Consultant Radiologists (sessional attachment).
Two Consultant Anaesthetists (sessional attachment).
Two Speciality Doctors in Oncology.
Support Staff (including nursing, professional and technical staff)
There is a full establishment of nursing staff, radiographers, physicists and physics
technicians (including an impression suite).
The Main Conditions of Service
The appointment will be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital
Medical and Dental Staff (England) as amended from time to time. The arrangement of duties
will be such as may be agreed from time to time between the employing Trust and the person
appointed. Whether the successful candidate chooses to accept a whole-time or part-time
contract, it is agreed that any private practice undertaken, whether limited or not by the Terms
and Conditions of Service, will in no way diminish the level of service that may be expected from
him/her in carrying out the duties specified above (Schedule 9 Terms and Conditions of Service).
This Trust supports the concept of Continuing Medical Education and in line with Clinical
Governance Senior Clinicians are expected to participate in continuing professional development
This appointment is subject to medical fitness and the appointee may be required to undergo a
medical examination and chest X-ray.
Potential applicants should be aware of the Department of Health and GMC/GDC requirements
with regard to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses.
The successful candidate must be immune to Hepatitis ‘B’ and Tuberculosis. They will be
required to provide, in advance of appointment, evidence of immunity or have a local blood test
(as deemed appropriate by the Occupational Health Department).
This appointment is subject to an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure. Please note that
all charges associated with this check will be passed on to the applicant.
Residences and Removal Expenses
The successful candidate will be required to maintain his/her place of residence in contact with
the public telephone service and not more than 10 miles by road from the Royal Hallamshire
Hospital, Sheffield, unless prior specific approval to a greater distance is given by the Trust.
Removal expenses on appointment will be paid in accordance with the Sheffield Teaching
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Terms and Conditions of Service. These documents can be seen
at the offices of the Medical Personnel Department. It should be noted that it is not Trust policy to
reimburse interest payment on bridging loans.
If candidates wish to visit the hospital(s) concerned, they are at liberty to make arrangements
direct with:
Dr P M Fisher
Clinical Director, Oncology
Weston Park Hospital
Whitham Road
S10 2SJ
Tel: (0114) 226 5241