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How did the Renaissance change
the nature of society.
Quick Write
In your notebook, write down as many ideas and facts
that you can remember about the Middle Ages.
• Decline of an empire
• Feudalism
• Social Classes
• Wide Spread disease
• Castles
• Christianity
Glories of the Renaissance
• Time period from 1300s1700s in Europe
• The Renaissance marks the
end of the Dark Ages or
Medieval Europe
• Renaissance – rebirth
• Rebirth of interest in art
and learning
Glories of the Renaissance
• Europeans began to
study classical texts
• They adopted some
Greek and Roman
•Was a
philosophy, or
way of thought.
•Humanist thought
came from
Humanists Focus on :
1. Individual Worth
2. Strong Commitment to
Public Service
3. Development of Skills
and Talents
• Humanists believe that
the individual human
is important.
• They think that people
are capable of making
great accomplishments
in this world.
These subjects are called
“Humanities” today
• Humanism stressed
the importance of
classical subjects
such as:
•Public speaking
Effects of Humanism
thought sparked
an explosion of
learning, and
1) What civilizations influenced Renaissance culture?
• A. Greek and Roman C. Indian and Chinese
• B. Roman and Chinese D. Greek and Indian
2) Which of the following is true of Humanists?
A. They believe that humans are naturally evil and need religion to cure
B. They believe that humans are capable of great accomplishments by
C. They believe that humans are incapable of anything without God.
D. They believe that humans are all automatically going to Heaven.
3) How did cultural life change during the Renaissance?
4) How did humanism affect the way people thought about life and death?