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Italy and Germany
► People
who share a common language, a
common soil, common traditions, a common
history, a common culture, and a shared
human experience seek to create political
unity around an identity of who or what
constitutes a nation
► WHAT??
 Extreme patriotism combined with individual
feeling as part of a collective consciousness (US
v. THEM)
 Why is nationalism so important to study???
Italian Unification: 1861
Giuseppe Mazzini: Created Young Italy in 1831
Risorgimento: the resurgence of Italian nationalism and culture.
In 1859, Camillo di Cavour (skilled diplomat and prime minister) led
Sardinia-Piedmont (with the support of King Victor Emmanuel II)
and other northern Italian states in a rebellion against Austrian
 French also helped against the Austrians= French got Nice and
Popular revolts led by Giuseppe Garibaldi (popular mercenary) broke
out in several southern provinces and proved successful.
Under Cavour's guidance, Lombardy, Naples, Sicily, and other duchies
elected to annex themselves to Sardinia-Piedmont in 1860 under the
rule of Victor Emmanuel II, who proclaimed the creation of a unified
Italy the following year with a constitution and himself as head of state.
The last provinces to join the new nation were Venice in 1866 and the
Papal States in 1870.
Nationalist Movements in Europe
► Germany
and was
unified in 1871
 Otto von
“Blood and
 Defeat of
Austria and
Zionism in Europe
► Zionism:
The movement to
create a Jewish state
► Success of European
nationalism transforms prayer
for Israel into a movement
for it
► Nationalism prompts
persecution of outsiders
► Theodore Herzl: the
founder and visionary
► Not all Jews supported the
hope of Israel
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