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Rev. 1
Conference on Health in the Mediterranean
Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union
Ministry of Health Conference Centre
27-28 October 2014
Welcoming and Introduction (20’)
Daniela Rodorigo, Italian Ministry of Health (MoH) (4')
John Ryan, Directorate General for Health and Consumers (DGSANCO) (4')
Enrico Granara, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) (4')
Agis Tsouros, World Health Organization (WHO) EURO (4’)
Foad Aodi, Associazione medici di origine straniera in Italia (AMSI) (4’)
Session 1
Presentation of the Mediterranean Projects in the field of Public Health
promoted and funded by the Italian MoH (60’)
Introduced and Moderated by Pasqualino Rossi, Italian MoH (5’)
Presentation by project leaders (50’)
Nereo Segnan, A.O. Città della Salute e della Scienza TO: NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases)
Projects (8’)
Silvia Declich, Istituto Superiore di Sanità – CNESPS: CDs (Communicable Diseases) Projects (8’)
Alessandro Nanni Costa, Centro Nazionale Trapianti / Marwan Masri of Lebanon MTN:
The MTN (Mediterranean Transplant Network) Project (8’)
Marina Bagni, Italian Ministry of Health FORE-Med: Animal Health Research Foresight for
the Mediterranean (8’)
Stefano Cinotti, Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna:
Cooperation Italy – Libya: Technical assistance and capacity building to diagnostic and surveillance
programme on FMD control. (8’)
Georges Saliba, Union for the Mediterranean(UfM) / Andreas Ullrich, World Health Organization,
Geneva: UfM Mediterranean Projects: the way forward (8’)
Giancarlo Belluzzi, Italian MoH (8’)
Coffee break (10')
Session 2
International Health Regulations (75’)
Introduced and Moderated by: Ranieri Guerra (Italian MoH) (6’)
Presentation of main issues (25’)
Paola Testori Coggi, DGSANCO: EU action on IHR – Decision 1082 /intersectorial cooperation, link
with international cooperation including GHSA agenda (8’)
Guenaël Rodier, WHO EURO: WHO implementation of IHR amongst countries of the European and
extra-UE Mediterranean WHO region: opportunities vs logistical and organizational challenges (8’)
Jaouad Mahjour, World Health Organization WHO-EMRO (8’)
Implementation of the new IHR (25’)
Alex Leventhal, Israel MoH: Criticalities and solutions - 1 (8')
Silvia Bino, AL Focal point: Criticalities and solutions - 2 (8’)
Loredana Vellucci, Italian MoH: The Italian experience (8’)
Discussion (15')
Maria Grazie Dente, ISS (5’)
Assad Rahhal, IHR NFP, Jordanian MoH (5’)
Paolo Guglielmetti, DGSANCO (5’)
Conclusions (6’)
Rapporteur: Giuseppe Ruocco, Italian MoH
Session 3
Antimicrobial Resistance (75’)
Introduced and moderated by: High Level official of Member State (GREECE)
Presentation of main issues (45’)
John F. Ryan, DGSANCO: Key Issues and presentation of the AMR Action Plan at UE level
(including AMR/HAI) (9')
Jaouad Mahjour, WHO EMRO: The issue of AMR in the EMRO Region (9’)
Nicola Petrosillo, National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani: Italian
initiatives against AMR (9’)
Antonio Battisti, Head Animal Health Diagnostic Unit - National Reference Laboratory for
Antimicrobial Resistance: The “One health” approach: the veterinary perspective (9’)
Maria Luisa Moro, Agenzia Sanitaria e Sociale Regionale Emilia-Romagna (9’)
“Cooperating to fight antimicrobial resistance”
Discussion (25')
Michael Borg, Department of Infection Prevention & Control, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta
Murat Akova, European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
(ESCMID), Hacettepe University, Department of Infectious Disease, Ankara (6’)
Mario Poljak, University of Ljubljana, SLO (6’)
Marina Bagni, Italian MoH (6’)
Conclusions (5’)
Rapporteur: Marc Sprenger, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
13,30 - 14,30 Lunch
Session 4
Lifestyles (90’)
Introduced and moderated by: Agnese Rabovica, LAT (5’)
Presentation of main issues (50’)
Gauden Galea, Division of Non communicable Diseases and Life-course at WHO-EURO: Common
nutrition challenges for the Mediterranean region (10’)
Representative from DGSANCO (tbc): The EU approach(es) to Nutrition and the Mediterranean
region (10')
Franco Sassi, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): The economic
burden of NCD in the Mediterranean Region (10')
Daniela Galeone, Italian MoH: The Italian Experience – Guadagnare salute/PNP (10')
Peyman Altan, Turkish Ministry of Health: Fighting risk factors for NCD (smoke, etc.) (10')
Discussion (30')
Jafaar Heikel, International University of Casablanca, (6’)
Riccardo Lampariello, Global Education and Training Initiative (GETI) Union for International
Cancer Control (UICC) (6’)
Giuseppe Gorini, Istituto per lo studio e la prevenzione oncologica di Firenze (ISPO) (6’)
Other discussant (6’)
Conclusions (6’)
Rapporteur: Roberto Bertollini, WHO Representative to the European Union
Coffee break (10')
16,00- 18,00
Session 5
Health and Migration (120’)
Introduced and moderated by Karoline Fernandez de la Hoz, General Secretariat for Health &
Consumers Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equity (5’)
Presentation of main issues (90')
Santino Severoni, PubIic Health Aspects of Migration in the WHO European Region: Strengthening
the health sector capacity to manage large influxes of migrants. (10’)
Marc Sprenger, ECDC: Migrant health and key infectious diseases in the EU/EEA: Key issues (10’)
Isabel de la Mata, DGSANCO: Migrants and health in the EU (10’)
Ranieri Guerra, Italian MoH: The Italian response: “Mare Nostrum”and other Initiatives (10’)
Francesco Bongiorno, Sicilia Region: Preparedness and response at local level (10’)
Concetta Mirisola, Italian National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty (NIHMP)(10’)
Davide Mosca, International Organization for Migration (IOM) Geneva: Logistics and assistance.
The needs for migrants (10’)
Jenny Kremastinou, Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention: The Greek experience
Stefano Campostrini, University Ca' Foscari Venice: Health promotion and migrants' health: some
thoughts from the italian system passi (10’)
Discussion (20')
Beatriz Padilla, University of Minho, Portugal (5’)
Manuel Carballo, International Centre for Health and migration Development Geneva (ICMHD)
Pierre Verbeeren, Doctors of the World Belgium (5’)
Ursula Trummer, Center for Health and Migration (5’)
Conclusions (5’)
Rapporteur: Aldo Morrone, IFO
Moderated by: Journalist tbd
10,00- 13,00
Welcoming and Introduction (30’)
Beatrice Lorenzin, Italian MoH (6’)
Tonio Borg, DG SANCO (6’)
Szuzanna Jakab, WHO EURO (6’)
Ala Alwan, WHO EMRO (6’)
Fathallah Sijilmassi, UfM (6’) Saliba??
Roundtable 1
International Health Regulation (70’)
Introduction and opening statement (10')
Italian Minister of Health
Presentation of highlights (15’)
Rapporteur Giuseppe Ruocco
Discussion (40’)
Ministers/Heads of Delegations
Conclusions (5')
Italian Minister of Health
Coffee break (10')
Roundtable 2
Health and Migration (70’)
Introduction and opening statement (10')
Italian Minister of Health
Presentation of highlights (15’)
Rapporteur Aldo Morrone
Discussion (40’)
Ministers/Heads of Delegations Minister of Health Giordania Ali Al nahleh Hyasat
Conclusions (5')
Italian Minister of Health
13,00 - 14,00 Lunch
14,00- 17,00
Roundtable 3
Lifestyles (70’)
Introduction and opening statement (10')
Italian Minister of Health / Moderator: Ala Alwan
Presentation of highlights (15’)
Rapporteur Roberto Bertollini
Discussion (40’)
Ministers/Heads of Delegations Representative , Ministry of Health SloveniaDr. Agata Zupančič
Conclusions (5')
Italian Minister of Health
Coffee break (10')
Roundtable 4
Antimicrobial Resistance (70’)
Introduction and opening statement (10')
Italian Minister of Health
Presentation of highlights (15’)
Rapporteur Marc Sprenger
Discussion (40’)
Ministers/Heads of Delegations
Conclusions (5')
Italian Minister of Health
Closing remarks and presentation of the outcomes by the Italian Minister of Health (30')