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Associate Professor at the University of Macerata
Marketing, International Marketing, Management
Department of Economics and Financial Institutions – University of Macerata
Department of Economics and Management – Catholic University of Milan
AMS - Academy of Marketing Science
AIDEA - Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale (Italian Academy of Management)
EURAM - European Academy of Management
SIM - Società Italiana di Marketing (Italian Academy of Marketing)
Bechelor in Economics achieved in 1990/1991 at Catholic University of Milan. Title of the thesis: Direct
marketing strategies in the bank sector.
Course post-bachelor in Bank Marketing, Catholic University of Milan, January - July 1991.
Course in Marketing Research G. Tagliacarne, Aism – Associazione Italiana Studi di Mercato, October December 1991.
Course on Didactic Methods, Catholic University of Milan, February - March 1993.
Course for Educators, Centrimark (Catholic University) Koinos, July 1993 - February 1994.
Course post-bachelor on the Third Sector (no profit), Catholic University of Milan, October - July 1997.
Ph.D. in Marketing, XIII cycle, achieved in 2002 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Title of the thesis:
The impact of Internet on the activity of the financial intermediaries: the banks in the web.
Course of Statistic methods for Social Sciences, University of Macerata, January - February 2011.
Corse of Qualitative Research, SDIPA University of Calabria, September 2011.
Foreign languages
Conferences and Seminars organized and coordinated
University of Macerata: from 2003 to 2012 n° 56 events
Catholic University of Milan: from 2006 to 2012 ° 23 events
The most relevant research topics relate to bank marketing, direct marketing, Internet marketing and
relationship marketing, international marketing for small and medium sized enterprises.
In particular the following researches have been financed:
 By Toniolo Institute - Catholic University of Milan, "Direct marketing and the banking sector"
 By University of Macerata, "The internationalization of SMEs in Italy: a focus on marketing variables"
(as coordinator of the research);
 By University of Macerata, "The internationalization of small and medium-sized Italian companies: best
practices and successful business models". This research involved researchers from the Catholic
University of Milan, University of Bergamo (as coordinator of the research);
 By Manas S.p.A. "The internationalization of Marche firms: territory, tradition, innovation, international
networks," (as coordinator of the research);
 By PRIN funds 2007, "Business models for the entry of Italian companies in the Chinese market”. (as
coordinator of the research);
 By Italian Academy of Marketing "Marketing, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development",
Department of Economics and Business Administration, Catholic University of Milan;
 By University of Macerata "Networks of local, national, and transnational corporate competitiveness".
(as coordinator of the research)
 By Italian Academy for Marketing "Marketing and sales function in times of crisis".
By ECC Marie Curie “POREEN— Partnering Opportunities between Europe and China in the
Renewable Energies and Environmental industries”.
She is participating at two study groups within the Italian Society of Marketing:
• the development of medium-sized enterprises in Italy (coordination Varaldo, Dalli, Tunisini, Resciniti)
• international marketing and country of origin effect (coordination Bertoli, Resciniti).
Relation to Congresses
"Direct marketing and financial services: the reasons for its success", Conference Cegos - Centre for Studies
and Research "Direct marketing in the financial sector", Milan, 4-5 June 1997.
"The loyalty of the customers of the financial system: techniques of customer satisfaction and total quality
management", University of Macerata, Faculty of Political Sciences, Macerata, 3 and 4 April 1998.
"The approach to Internet marketing of Italian banks: an empirical study", Conference Sisei - The Italian
Society for the Study of Economics and Business, III Workshop Sisei", Milan, 10 February, 2001.
"The impact of Internet on financial intermediation: the case of banks on the Net. A comparaison among
Italy, Europe and the United States", International Congress Marketing Trends - University Ca' Foscari of
Venice - EAP Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris, 29-30 January 2002.
"The impact of Internet on public utilities: the case of railways in Europe", University of Salerno, SVIMAP
"Processes regulation of public services. Constraints, institutional opportunities and working conditions",
Fisciano, 11-12 April 2002.
"The relations among Italian museums: a real network or ...", 19th IMP International Conference University of Lugano, Switzerland, 4-6 September 2003.
"Internet for franchising: something new or just a different way of communicating?", Conference "The
network systems in retailing. Relationship models, rules, and value creation ", Institute Tagliacarne, Rome,
21-22 November 2003.
"Utilities and the Internet: a focus on European postal sector", International Congress Marketing Trends,
University of Venice Ca' Foscari - EAP Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, Venice, 28-29 November
"The challenge of marketing in the legal profession. Information or advertising? Marketing tools to improve
customer relationships", Congress on Strategy, organization and marketing for law firms, University of
Macerata - AIGA Italian Association Young Lawyers - Lawyers Association of Macerata, Macerata 23
September, 2005 (invited speaker).
"Cooperation in small and medium enterprises to break into international markets – Angeli della Moda on
the Japanese market", International Conference on Coordination and Cooperation across organizational
boundaries, Catholic University of Milan - London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Milan, 20-21
April 2006.
"Elements for building and enhancing relationships with customers - The marketing mix of the firm",
Conference on Marketing for Law Firms - Strategies and techniques for developing and improving the
quality of customer service, the Civil Chamber of Monza , 14 June, 2006 (invited speaker).
"Italian SMEs and the Internet: lights and shadows. Results of an empirical research ", 6th International
Congress Marketing Trends, Paris, 26-27 January 2007.
"Internet for franchising: something new or just a different way of communicating?", International
Congress of the Academy of Marketing Science, Verona, 11-14 July 2007.
"Loyalty marketing and loyalty cards: the results of an empirical research", IV Congress of the Italian Society
of Marketing – Marketing of Talents, Rome, 5-6 October, 2007.
"Italian Small and medium enterprises abroad: an empirical investigation", 7th International Congress
Marketing Trends, Venice, 17-18-19 January 2008.
"Technology and franchising. The contribution of the Internet to the evolution of the relations franchisorfranchisee-customer", 7th International Congress Marketing Trends, Venice, 17-18-19 January 2008.
"Territory, relationships and competitive business model in Marche region," University of Macerata,
Macerata 2 April, 2008.
"Territory, relationships and competitiveness. New ways of national and international development for
small and medium-sized Italian firms", 8th International Congress Marketing Trends, Paris 15-16-17 January
"Italian Small and Medium Enterprises Abroad: current situation and future perspectives", International
Congress of the Academy of Marketing Science, Oslo, 21-25 July 2009.
"Small and medium-sized firms and the internationalization process: state of the art and perspectives", 6th
Congress of the Italian Society of Marketing - Fashion Marketing, Florence, 6-7 November, 2009.
"Italian SMES in the International context. A model to succeed in China ", 9th International Congress
Marketing Trends, Venice, 21-23 January 2010.
"China: Threat or Opportunity? Development paths of some Italian best practices", 7th Congress of the
Italian Society of Marketing, Marketing & Sales beyond the crisis. Organizational and strategic options to
regain the market, Ancona 23-24 September 2010.
"Television advertising in Italy. Present, past and future ", University of Macerata, Macerata, November 16,
2010 (invited speaker).
"New challenges for the internationalization of enterprises. Italian firms in China: business models and
market policies", 10th International Congress on Marketing Trends, Paris, 20-22 January 2011.
"Networks, territory and firm development. The perspective of Italian family firms", 11th EURAM Annual
Congress, Tallin 1-4 June 2011.
"Business models for the entry of Italian companies in the Chinese market", Conference The merchant and
the dragon - Marketing Strategies for Italian companies in China "- Presentation of research results PRIN
(Research Programme of National Interest): Italian Firms Business Models and Market Strategies to enter in
China, University of Venice Ca' Foscari, 9 September 2011 (invited speaker).
"Corporate Communication in Italy", University of Macerata, November 23, 2011 (invited speaker)
"Nets and networks supporting the internationalization process", 10th International Congress Marketing
Trends, Venice, 19-21 January 2012.
“Italian firms in China: emerging business models for family firms”, 12th Euram Conference - Social
innovation for competitiveness, organizational performance and human excellence. Rotterdam, 6 - 8 June
2012, Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University.
“Business models of Italian entreprises in markets with high cultural distance. A focus on the Chinese
market: crucial relations, marketing strategies and performances”, The 15° Mc-Gill International
Entrepreneurship Conference, Pavia: Department of Management Studies, University of Pavia (Italy).