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Skeletal Website assignment
Segment 1: Anatomical terms
1. Divided into sections using ___imaginary planes___
2. The _____Tranverse___ runs from R/L and divides the body into _Superior__
and ___Inferior__
a. The head is ___Superior___ to the neck
b. The ______________ is superior to the waist (you fill in )
3. The ___Frontal__ plane runs from head to foot, cuts the body into __Anterior__
and __Posterior__.
a. Your rear-end is _____posterior___ to your belly button
b. Your sternum is ____________________ to your heart (you fill in)
4. The _____Sagittal____ divides the body into _____Right ___ and ____Left___.
Terms _____Medial___ and _____Lateral____ come in handy.
a. Medial means: towards midline
b. Lateral means: away from midline
5. Proximal means: Towards/close to trunk
6. Distal means: Away/farther from trunk
7. Label the figure with the anatomical terms you just reviewed
Segment 2: The skeletal system
8. Skeletal systems is home to ____206___ bones
9. Bone and cartilage combo make up __20%__ total mass of human body
10. The skeletal system is designed to ___Protect__ and _Support___
11. The 2 major divisions are ___Axial___ and ___Appendicular___
12. Axial skeletal systems is formed by: long axis/ 80 bones
13. What does the axial skeletal system protect? Spinal cord, brain, heart, lungs
14. Paired bones is paired with a copy of itself. Example: temporal.
a. Give another example of a paired bone in the body:__Parietal___
15. Unpaired bones: doesn’t have a match. Example: frontal bone
a. Give another example of an unpaired bone in the body: ___Occipital__
Segment 3: The vertebral column (spine)
16. Consists of ___26____ bones
17. Broken down into _5_ divisions
18. Cervical contains __7__ vertebrae
19. Thoracic contains ___12___ vertebrae
20. Lumbar contains ____5___ vertebrae
21. Sacrum and coccyx bones are ____fused____ bones
22. Curvature abnormalities examples are ____Scoliosis____, ___Kyphosis____,
Segment 6: The appendicular Skeleton: upper limbs
23. The appendicular skeleton helps us ____move_____
24. The pectoral girdle is also known as the ____shoulder girdle___ and it attaches
to the ____scapula____
25. There are _27__ bones in your hand
26. The largest and longest bone in the upper limbs = ____Humerus_____
27. The ____distal____ ends of the radius and ulna connect with the humerus to
make the _elbow___
28. The hand is made up of __8 _carpals, _ 5 _ metacarpals, and __14_ phalanges
29. The ___Humerus__ articulates (joins) with the ____scapula___ to make the shoulder joint
30. The _Femur__ articulates with the ____Pelvis____ to make the hip joint
31. The tibia is ____distal__ (proximal or distal) to the femur
32. The cervical vertebrae is _____superior____ (superior or inferior) to the lumbar vertebrae