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1. The _____________________ is the outer layer of the epidermis and it is made up of dead cells.
2. The deepest layer of the dermis is referred to as the __________________ layer.
3. _______________ glands secrete an oily material known as sebum into hair follicles.
4. The _______________ is defined as a white, half-mooned shaped structure at the base of a nail.
5. Red bone marrow is involved in a process known as _____________________, which is the production of
blood cells.
6. ___________________ muscle tissue is found in the heart and produces heart contractions.
7. The _________________ is described as the deepest layer of the epidermis that contains stem cells that
develop into all of the cells of the epidermis.
8. ___________________ glands are special skin glands located in the ear canal.
9. __________________ bones are rounded and often covered by thick tendons.
10. __________________ are connective tissue cords that attach bones to bones.
11. In muscle movement, the ___________________ is defined as the more movable portion of the muscle.
12. The subcutaneous layer of the skin is primarily composed of ________________ tissue.
13. ____________________ are cells that are involved in forming bone tissue.
14. The bones of the arms and legs make up the _____________________ skeleton.
15. _________________ is an oily compound that protects and moisturizes the hair follicle and skin.
16. ____________________ is described as the most common type of skin cancer but the least likely type of
skin cancer to spread through the body.
17. The shaft of a long bone is known as the _______________________.
18. ____________________ are defined as freely moveable joints in the body.
Intramuscular injections should be given in which three human muscles?
19. _______________________
20. _______________________
21. _______________________
21. The ends of long bones are known as the _________________________.
22. ____________________ ribs attach directly to the sternum in the human body.
23. ____________________ are best known as mature bone cells.
24. ____________________ are bone cells that are involved in a process known as bone resorption.
25. The _____________________ is my favorite bone of the human body.