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Ligaments and Tendons
Websites for videos
Ligaments: connect bone to bone
Ligament vs tendon:
Tendons: connect muscle to bone
Muscle moving bone:
Anterior: in the front
Posterior: in the back
ACL tear:
After watching the videos, answer the following questions:
Describe how the muscle, bones, ligaments, and tendons all work together to move the arm or leg.
Nerves bring a message from the brain telling the muscle to contract
The muscle contracts and pulls on the tendon
The tendon pulls on the bone it is attached to
The bone moves but the joint stays together because of the ligaments connecting the bones
2. Why would an athlete not be able to play if his/her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) was torn?
The bones would not be held together by the torn ligament (stability)
There might be other tissues damaged as well
Swelling and inflammation could prevent the joint from working correctly