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Our Mission: No Man Dies of Prostate Cancer
Australian Prostate Cancer Research impacts the world
through research and development of paradigm-shifting
practices in prostate cancer care and treatment.
Australian Prostate Cancer Research
14–20 Blackwood Street
North Melbourne
VIC 3051
[email protected]
Twitter @AustProstate
Messages from our Chairman and Executive Team 4–5
Our Impact 2014 6
Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer & Men’s Health 8
The Guest Fundraising Dinner 9
15th Asia Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference 10
Our Research 11
Community Support 12
Financial Summary 13
Our Board 14
Our People 15
Thank you 16
Chairman and Executive
Director Report
The reporting period was one of exploration for Australian Prostate
Cancer Research as we learned from our colleagues overseas and
worked more closely than ever with men facing prostate cancer to
unearth their unmet needs.
There is undoubtedly an increasing sense of importance in addressing
health conditions specific to men.
We know from our own research than men do badly in health
statistics; even worse in regional and remote areas. Healthcare costs
are rising at unsustainable rates and we must research more effective
treatments and more efficient ways of delivering care.
At our 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference, we heard from Prof Larry
Goldenberg from Vancouver Prostate Centre about the importance
of involving a more holistic approach to men’s health alongside
prostate cancer care. We share this vision and earlier in 2013, we held
a successful event, led by Board Director Bill Guest, to raise funds
for a revolutionary facility targeting improved prostate cancer and
men’s health care. In October 2013 we commenced the design of a
large-scale research project to deliver a new model of care for prostate
cancer, through a comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ for public patients.
Laurence G Cox AO, Chairman
The Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health will
open in Melbourne’s Parkville precinct late 2014. We intend for this
bold project to provide the world with the best-practice blueprint for
clinical care in prostate cancer. The Centre will develop new protocols
in patient management and a holistic approach to the patient care
pathway. Furthermore, we aim to integrate on-site screening, imaging,
pathology and genetic analysis for patients requiring these tests.
At the time of this report, we have in excess of 950 patients signed
up to our online clinical care pilot - PROSTMATE. The project was
officially launched to the public in November 2013 and we are excited
to be leading the way in personalised, online clinical care for our area
of focus. Together with the new Centre, PROSTMATE allows us to
conceptualise a more efficient healthcare system where we can reduce
the burden of patients presenting to physical clinics unnecessarily,
through the use of technology.
We also welcome a number of new staff over the past year to our
growing team at Australian Prostate Cancer Research and, of course,
we thank our many donors, without whom we could not pursue our
unique and cutting-edge research.
The coming year promises to be a landmark one not only for our
organisation, but for men with prostate cancer and men’s health
more broadly.
Laurence G Cox AO, Chairman and
Prof Anthony Costello, Executive Director
Prof Anthony Costello, Executive Director
“The coming year
promises to be a
landmark one not only
for our organisation, but
for men with prostate
cancer and men’s
health more broadly. ”
Statement from
the CEO
2014 has been a year of dramatic changes for our organisation as
well as the broader landscape of men’s health and prostate cancer care
and treatment.
Prostate cancer remains the second most common cancer death
in Australia, a statistic that’s on the forefront of our minds as we
research and develop better treatments and models of care to support
Australian men and their families.
Technological innovations should make it ever easier to put men in
touch with their health — devices such as fitbit and the new Apple
iPhone, infrared heart rate monitors and even sleep cycle and fitness
tracking applications seamlessly connect consumers to their health.
These advances in technology mean that the landscape of healthcare
delivery will change rapidly and Australian Prostate Cancer Research
has been at the forefront of these trends, launching the world first
prostate cancer care program that is exclusively delivered online,
including specialist consultations delivered via video chat.
James Garland, CEO
Australian Prostate Cancer Research is the key communication
channel to clinicians and allied health professionals in prostate cancer
globally. We are the hosts of the largest conference and congress in
prostate cancer, attracting top specialists from the United States,
Canada, Europe and the Asia Pacific. These meetings offer a fantastic
network to disperse the latest key information on research outcomes
and developments in treatments as well as master classes and
workshops to share our expertise. We feel lucky to have been able to
forge strong coalitions, alliances and partnerships at both national
and international levels which have led to important milestones in
prostate cancer care, such as the internationally published Melbourne
Consensus on PSA Testing.
We have worked tirelessly behind the scenes on the opening of
our new clinic, the Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer and
Men’s Health. We are fortunate to work with deeply committed
Board members on achieving our goals, and we thank our Board
member Bill Guest for his wonderful efforts to fundraise for our
groundbreaking and innovative men’s health facility. The Centre
will deliver new, evidence-based treatments to patients and we will
continue to research new methodologies and incorporate them into
our clinical model.
Finally, I would like to give my thanks to our Chairman Laurence Cox,
Executive Director Prof Anthony Costello and our Directors, as well as
our donors who so generously and passionately support us.
James Garland, CEO
“We are fortunate
to work with
deeply committed
Board members on
achieving our goals.”
Our impact
prostate cancer patients
our online cancer support program
We acquired
Over 600 guests
’s Parkville
in Melbourne
e first
to establish th
attended the 15th Asia-Pacific Prostate
Cancer Conference in Melbourne
We connected with over
We managed a
repository of over
36,000 individual
samples from radical
was highly
PROSTMATE is Australia’s first
web-based, personalised support
system for men and families
dealing with prostate cancer,
launched by Australian Prostate
Cancer Research in November 2013
following a six month trial with
50 prostate cancer patients.
The need for this revolutionary
program was identified by men
with prostate cancer who can
struggle to navigate facets of
their treatment. PROSTMATE
is tailored to the needs of each
patient, gives them access to the
right information and expert advice
from prostate cancer specialists at
the right time. Most men don’t get
to see a prostate cancer specialist
nurse, a psychologist or other allied
health professionals when they are
diagnosed with prostate cancer
and PROSTMATE will now allow
anyone access to these services.
PROSTMATE also offers tools
to track progress, treatments
and appointments and access to
expert support via tele-health
consultations delivered via phone
or video chat.
PROSTMATE has been developed
by a multidisciplinary team of
urologists, radiation and medical
oncologists, general practitioners,
nurses, allied health professionals
and consumers.
‘Our next steps for this program include broadening reach
throughout Australia and engaging more men and their
families to use PROSTMATE. We also hope to further build
on the clinical integration potential of the program as we see
great value in this aspect of PROSTMATE for both clinicians
and patients. ’
Dr. Addie Wootten,
Clinical Psychologist and PROSTMATE Project Lead
Launch in November 2013
Personalised online support for prostate cancer patients and families
Over 950 members with a quarter of members from rural and
regional areas of Australia
PROSTMATE was highly commended for Innovation at the 2014
Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards
Australian Centre for
Prostate Cancer &
Men’s Health
Australian Prostate Cancer Research is proudly ringing in a new era
in healthcare for men. The Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer &
Men’s Health will launch in November 2014, setting a new benchmark
for comprehensive prostate cancer and men’s health care, and
addressing a massive unmet need in health support for men.
Dr Joe Pereira, Operations Manager, was hired earlier in the year
to source the site and develop the Centre’s facilities. Located at
14-20 Blackwood Street, next to the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer
Centre in Melbourne’s health precinct, the Centre will open its doors
to the public at the end of 2014.
The clinic and services are tailored to suit men — including a
comfortable and relaxing waiting room that offers business facilities,
a meeting room and free WIFI, leather lounges and a putting green.
Ten state of the art consulting rooms will be fitted to deliver a
range of treatments from prostate cancer care to physiotherapy and
psychological consultations. Each room also offers amazing views
of the Melbourne skyline. A fully equipped gym will allow exercise
physiologists and allied health staff to work with patients to improve
their physical fitness and establish tailored exercise routines and
fitness programs.
14-20 Blackwood Street
Onsite pathology services
700 square metres
Men’s lounge waiting room
10 consultation rooms
Onsite Parking
2 dedicated procedure rooms
Tissue Bank and Lab
‘Taking on the development
of the Australian Centre for
Prostate Cancer and Men’s
Health has been a rewarding
and exciting professional
challenge. It has been
amazing to see our vision
for a groundbreaking new
healthcare facility for men
come to life and we have
reached many milestones
already: from securing a
fantastic centre location,
finalising the designs for the
layout of the centre, working
with partners to fit out our
state of the art consulting
rooms, labs and patient areas
such as the reception area,
and recruiting fantastic staff. ’
Dr Joseph Pereira,
Operations Manager
Top left: Building exterior for the Australian
Centre for Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health
Top right: Joseph Pereira, Operations
The Guest Fundraising
The Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health would
not be possible without the vision and determined support from
our Board member and Melbourne businessman Mr Bill Guest.
Along with Dr. Daniel Moon and Prof Tony Costello, Mr Guest was
determined to streamline and improve the clinical pathway for public
prostate patients. The collective research led to the concept of a onestop-shop model of care, tailored specifically to men. The dream: to
build such a facility and research the outcomes, compared to care in
the standard public system.
Mr Guest hosted a special fundraising dinner in October 2013 at
his residence with 70 of his friends and business partners, who
collectively pledged $600,000 to kick-start the Australian Centre for
Prostate Cancer & Men’s Health.
Our sincere thanks to Bill, our partners and the many men who have
donated at the dinner and since October 2013 for this revolutionary
step forward in prostate cancer and men’s health.
‘There are a lot of people
who wouldn’t be able to
access the kind of treatment
I was able to find, so this
public health project is
incredibly important. It’s a
complex and confusing area
of medicine. Our Centre
will deliver excellence in
prostate cancer care to
Australian men. ’
Bill Guest, Australian Prostate
Cancer Research Board
member and Patron of the
Australian Centre for Prostate
Cancer and Men’s Health
Above left: Comedian Vince Sorrenti
and the Hon Peter Dutton MP
Above centre: Guests enjoying the dinner
Above right: Channel Nine’s Jo Hall and
Board Director Bill Guest
Left: Prof Tony Costello and Eddie McGuire
15th Asia-Pacific
Prostate Cancer
Above left: Opening of the 15th Asia Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference; above right: Prof Tony Costello and the Hon Peter Dutton MP
The Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Health and Sport, welcomed
over 600 delegates to the 15th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference
in Melbourne in September 2014. The Minister addressed the need for
continued support of Australian men living with prostate cancer and
their families. “The Government recognises prostate cancer is a major
health issue – and this conference is a great opportunity for local and
international experts to share views on management, treatment and
latest research,” Mr Dutton said.
Professor Tony Costello, Australian Prostate Cancer Research’s Executive
Director, introduced and welcomed the Minister, and stressed the need
for a change in prostate cancer care for Australian men and families.
Professor Costello announced the creation of the Australian Centre for
Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health, which the Minister will officially
open in November 2014.
Conference SNAPSHOT
31 August—2 September 2014
Melbourne Convention Centre
Over 600 attendees
Opened by the Hon Peter Dutton MP
Prostate Cancer World
Congress announced —
Cairns, Queensland
18–21 August 2015
The Prostate Cancer World Congress
will take place in August 2015. It
will bring together world leaders
in prostate cancer presenting their
expertise and current research on all
areas of prostate cancer.
To see the latest announcements visit
“The Minister addressed
the need for continued
support of Australian
men living with prostate
cancer and their families.”
Our research
Specialist Tumour Tissue Collection for Research
Pelvic Floor Study
Biorepository Manager Michael Kerger collects, prepares and analyses
post-operative prostatic tissue and matches the results to patients’
clinical data, capturing all relevant information. This unique project
provides a high quality resource for use by medical scientists in the
quest to better understand and treat men with prostate cancer.
The study is a pilot randomised
control trial to evaluate the
effectiveness and usefulness of
using an animated pelvic floor
model in educating prostate cancer
patients about correct pelvic
floor exercise technique prior to
undergoing radical prostatectomy.
The study will determine if this
additional education impacts their
return to urinary continence. The
animation was developed by the
investigators and was funded by
an educational grant from Tolmar.
The animation series videos
can be viewed on our website
Partner Program
Funded by beyondblue, the Partner Program was developed by
Australian Prostate Cancer Research’s Clinical Psychologist and
eHealth Program Manager Addie Wootten. It is a 6 week online
program testing this model for supporting partners of men with
prostate cancer and assessing the benefits for participants. The partner
program offers 6 modules of interactive information and exercises as
well as downloadable offline exercises designed to engage partners to
work through issues as a couple. There is a forum where participants
are encouraged to share their experiences. We are continuing
to recruit pilot participants in order to have a larger sample of
pilot data which we will use to apply for further grant funding to
comprehensively assess the efficacy of this intervention using a
randomised controlled trial methodology.
My Road Ahead
My Road Ahead is an online CBT-based self-directed intervention
which aims to provide experiential as well as information and psychoeducational material to men diagnosed with prostate cancer across
a range of topic areas delivered across 6 modules. 144 patients were
recruited and randomly assigned to the three groups. There was a
significant education in psychological distress for those participants
who received the program and forum as compared to those who
received the program or the forum alone. The paper outlining these
preliminary results has been submitted to European Urology. We
intend to submit a NHMRC application for further funding to
evaluate this program within the clinical setting in March 2015.
Peter MacCallum Cancer
Centre PROSTMATE Pilot
This pilot aims to test the use of
online delivery of cancer care
within the Urology Department
of Peter MacCallum Cancer
Centre. The project investigates if
PROSTMATE can be integrated
into the department’s clinical
model and become an accessible,
equitable and effective model of
care online.
NeoAdjuvant Trial in Prostate Cancer
This trial involves patients taking a cocktail of hormone therapy drugs
aimed at dramatically reducing the presence of cancer in the prostate
prior to radical prostatectomy.
Community support
The Giving Tree Art Auction for Australian Prostate
Cancer Research
Mary and Fred Schepisi hosted an auction of unique works of art
on 23 January 2014 at Mossgreen Auction Rooms in Melbourne to
raise funds for Australian Prostate Cancer Research. The inspiration
for Mary Schepisi, the driving force behind the event, was both her
relationships with friends and family experiencing prostate cancer
and her long-standing friendship with Australian Prostate Cancer
Research’s Executive Director Professor Tony Costello. Leading
Australian contemporary artists, including Vincent Fantauzzo and
Chris Bond, donated works to the event.
With special thanks to Mary Schepisi, Mossgreen Auction Rooms and
all contributing artists.
Right: Contemporary artist Darren Wardle was among the generous artists who
donated work.
‘I decided to support the
vitally important and life
saving research of Australian
Prostate Cancer Research,
after my husband underwent
a radical prostatectomy in
2013 and I witnessed first
hand the impressive results
of that research.’
Mary Schepisi
100 Day Challenge
Australian Prostate Cancer Research is the recipient of funds raised
by participants in the 100 Day Challenge, a fundraising concept
developed by CMI Events in Melbourne.
The 100 Day Challenge launched in July 2014, challenging participants
to log their daily exercise kilometres to their personal dashboards
on via the STRAVA app on their smartphone,
raising funds for the Australian Centre for Prostate Cancer and Men’s
Health. The 100 Day Challenge developed a great following on social
media and has attracted teams of athletes who have come up with
creative ways to raise funds – the Dedicated Wilderness Adventure
Club ran 3137 kilometers collectively (the distance from Melbourne to
Perth). The 100 Day Challenge concluded in October 2014.
Blue September
In 2014 we again partnered with Blue September, fighting cancer in
men. The Blue September campaign raises money for men’s cancers
and proceeds go directly to Australian Prostate Cancer Research and
the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.
Thank you to the Blue September team for their continued
partnership and fundraising efforts, allowing us to develop
and deliver our programs.
100 Day Challenge Ambassadors Michael
Gale and Scott Cummings.
Financial summary
The financial report for Australian Prostate Cancer Research has been
audited and a summary of the finances is represented below. For a full
copy of audited financial records please contact [email protected]
 47.4% General donations
 8.0% Trust funds/grants
 21.8% Congress/conference
 22.1% Third party
 0.7% Interest
 60.3% Research projects including
 11.4% Research dissemination
 23.8% Event support/Awareness
 4.6% Administration
Our Board
Mr Laurence G Cox AO, Chairman
Mrs Amanda Milledge
Laurie has been involved in Australian and
International securities markets since 1960 and in
the medical research industry since the formation of
the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in 1985.
He was awarded the Order of Australia for services
to the securities industry in 1996.
Mandy is a former lawyer and Pro Bono
Co-ordinator who now works independently in the
not-for-profit arena. She is a trustee of the Collier
Charitable Trust and a Director of the Lord Mayor’s
Charitable Foundation.
Mr Leon L’Huillier, Deputy Chair
Leon is an experienced Chief Executive and Company
Director and has substantial experience across a range
industries, government, the not for profit sector and
sport. He is a Director of ALH Group Limited, a
former Director and Audit Chairman of Woolworths
Limited, and a former Chairman of the Investment
Board of Lend Lease Corporation.
Prof Anthony Costello, Executive
Tony is one of the leading prostate specialists
internationally and is Professorial Fellow & Head
of Department of Urology, The Royal Melbourne
Hospital, affiliated with Department of Surgery,
University of Melbourne. Tony pioneered robotic
surgery in Australia.
Mr Bill Guest
Bill is the Chairman/Director of Guest Group. He
has held many senior corporate roles and also served
as Director of the Melbourne Football Club. Bill has
been on the Board of CARE Australia since 2000
and is the Chair of the CARE Australia Fundraising
and Communications Committee.
Mr Kevin Luscombe AM
Kevin is Chairman of management consultants,
Growth Solutions Group. His career background
has covered senior corporate management and
Board roles in Australia, USA, and South East
Asia and most recently in Europe, and as owner
and Chairman of successful marketing services
companies in Australia.
Mr David Shaw
David is a partner at Campbell & Shaw Solicitors,
and has been engaged with Australian Prostate
Cancer Research since it formed its Board in 2011.
David is a former AFL Commissioner and was
Essendon Football Club president from 1993 to
1996, having also played in four grand finals for
Mr John Waters
John has worked in the commercial legal sector
for more than three decades. He was a Partner
of Mallesons Stephen Jaques from 1987 until his
retirement from the partnership in late 2009. He
worked in the Dispute Resolution Group where he
specialised in all aspects of corporate litigation.
Mr Michael Andrew
Michael is the former global CEO of KPMG
international, member of UN partnerships forum
and international business council representative.
He is the current chair of the B20 anti-corruption
taskforce. He has 26 years experience as a KPMG
partner, is the former vice chair of the committee for
Melbourne and MCC committee member.
Our people
James Garland, CEO
James has worked in the non-government sector
for over 10 years. James received a Bachelor of
Commerce from the University of Melbourne and
a MBA from Swinburne University. He chairs the
biannual CEO forum for non-profit leaders and is a
member of several non-profit organisations.
Joseph Pereira, Operations Manager
Joe has a PhD in Cancer and Cell Biology and a wide
range of experience in scientific service management
and project and facility management. Joe’s focus
at Australian Prostate Cancer Research is the
establishment of the Australian Centre for Prostate
Cancer and Men’s Health.
Addie Wootten, Clinical Psychologist
and eHealth Program Manager
Addie is a clinical psychologist and has worked in
prostate cancer research since 2003. She has led a
number of large psycho-oncology research programs
and is particularly interested in online tools to
support patients and their families.
David Blashki, PROSTMATE
David completed a Bachelor of Health Science and
held several roles in the corporate health & wellbeing
industry before he joined Australian Prostate Cancer
Research to coordinate PROSTMATE.
Tina Shaw, Marketing Manager
Tina started her career in the UK after graduating
from University College London with a Master’s
Degree. She worked for a variety of arts funding
bodies in project management and marketing before
taking on the marketing of Australian Prostate
Cancer Research.
Sally Marasco, Business
Development Manager
Sally has extensive experience in project
management, fundraising and business development.
She is responsible for the delivery of the Asia-Pacific
Prostate Cancer Conference & Prostate Cancer World
Congress and managing pharmaceutical partnerships.
Jamie Wilzcek, Media Manager
Jamie has 18 years experience in television and
radio, specifically reporting and producing. Jamie
worked in media promotion for a national not for
profit organization before joining Australian Prostate
Cancer Research.
Kate Hatton, Partnership Manager
Kate’s background is in the finance industry, she
has held various positions in corporate finance and
stockbroking. Kate developed an interest in the
not for profit sector during her involvement with
Michael Kerger, Urological
Biorepository and Data Manager
Michael established the urological biorepository
with a focus on Prostate Cancer tissue in 2005.
His focus is developing a world-leading annotated
accurate high quality prostate cancer tissue resource
for research.
David Gray, Prostate Cancer
Specialist Nurse
Dave has worked in the field of urology for 6
years, has coordinated the surgical theatre lists for
urological procedures and most recently worked as a
specialist nurse caring for men with prostate cancer.
Dave completed his Masters of Nursing (Urology &
Continence) in 2012.
Colin Shiel, Finance and
Administration Manager
Colin oversees the Financial, IT and HR function and
contractual obligations for Australian Prostate Cancer
Research. Colin has many years of experience within
various corporate services roles across the Health
Sector, Property, University Sector, Insurance and
Thank you for
all your support
AGI & Staff
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Paul Auckett
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Blue September
Anthony Bongiorno
Jack Bongiorno
Anthony Burgess
Andrew Burnes
Andrew Buxton
Geraldine Buxton
Michael Buxton
Glenn Calder
Campbell & Shaw Barristers & Solicitors
Greg Campbell
Carlo Vaccari Trust
Greg Carns
Andrew Cattermole
Chris Chadwick
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City Circle Demolition & Excavation
Clare Cousins Architects
Michael Coade
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Barbara Cotterell
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