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Power Supply
Power supply - Internet URL
Purpose of the Power
• Convert household power into a form the
computer can use.
• Provides power to every device in the
• The Power Supply converts AC (alternating
current) which is external power to DC (direct
current) internal power that the computer can
Roles of the Power Supply
Link to the Role of the Power Supply
• Stability – provides sufficient power to PC.
• Cooling - The power supply contains the main
fan that controls the flow of air through the PC
• Energy Efficiency - Newer PC power supplies
work with components to reduce the amount
of power they consume when idle.
• Expandability - The capacity of your power
supply is one factor that will determine your
ability to add new drives to your system
• A power supply is responsible for 28% of
Household Power &
• Household Power – the external power source
that comes into the wall.
• Power Problems that may lead to power
supply problems.
– Line Noise
– Surges
– Lightening strikes
– Brownouts
– Blackouts
Line Noise
• Line Noise - Line noise
consists of small
variations in the voltage
level delivered to the
computer. Noise that
the power supply
cannot handle can
cause it to malfunction
and pass the problem
on to your motherboard
or other internal devices
• This is a temporary increase of voltage
that can last just a few thousandths of a
second, but in this time the voltage can
increase from 110 to 1,000 volts or even
• Voltage surges can disrupt or even
damage your computer equipment
Lightening Strike
• Enormous amount of electricity involved
in a storm, a strike near your PC--near
meaning within several miles--can
induce currents in metal objects.
• Any wire that comes in from the outside
and attaches to your PC can become a
conduit for a pulse of destructive energy
such as a telephone line or power cord.
Brownout and Blackout
• Brownout - when a brownout occurs, the
voltage drops from its normal level to a
lower voltage and then returns; in some
ways, it's like the opposite of a surge.
• Blackout - A blackout, of course, is when
the power totally fails.
Parts of the Power Supply
Internal Power
Parts of the Power Supply
• Power supplies generate high voltages internally
and can be dangerous.
• Unless you have been specifically trained to work
inside power supplies, you should not open one.
Power Supply Specs
Input Voltages and Tolerances
• Input Voltage Range – acceptable range
of input – 85v-135v AC or 170v-270v AC
• Output Rating (Watts) – output of power
measured in watts
Voltage Selector Switch
• Normally dual
voltage selector to
be set at either
• 110 – Normal
voltage setting
• 220 – For settings
out of the U.S.
• If a 110v is set to
220v damage can
Motherboard Connector
• Most important
• Supplies power to
other devices
through the
• Wires are made of
ATX 20
Older P8 & P9
Or P1 & P2
Drive Connectors
• The power supply provides power to internal
hard disk, floppy disk, CD/DVD and other drives
directly, through four-wire connectors that are
designed to attach to the rear of each drive
• The number of connectors that come with a
system may vary.
• There is a specific smaller floppy drive
• Multiple larger four pin connectors may be used
on hard drives, CD-ROMS, and DVD.
Drive connectors
Hard drive
Floppy drive
Power Supply Fan
• Primary cooling source for the entire
• Power supply fans may be made of
different components and move
different levels of air.
• The fan is usually the first piece of the
power supply to fail because of dirt in
the air.
• Most computers use additional auxiliary
fans to help cool the entire PC.