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New Cancer Centre at Guy’s
Transforming the
experience of cancer
Dr Maj Kazmi
Clinical Director, Cancer Services
Alastair Gourlay
Programme Director, Cancer Centre
Diana Crawshaw
Chair, Cancer Centre Patient
Reference Group
Why are we building a new Cancer Centre?
Patient comment:
“It was all fine as an inpatient on a ward but now as an
outpatient I have different appointments on different days with
different members of the team. Ideally it would all be coordinated – e.g. dressings, speech therapists, clinical nurse
specialists – all in one package. And I have radiotherapy
coming up and I’d like that co-ordinated with other things too.”
What are our key aims?
• To bring together the majority of cancer care and research under
one roof, so that patients are given seamless care and staff can
work together on diagnosing, treating and applying research into
• To improve supportive care, patient information and
complementary therapies at each stage of the patient pathway to
improve patients’ quality of life both during treatment and into
recovery and survivorship
• To provide an outstanding environment that will ‘lift the spirits’ of
patients, relatives and staff
What is the ethos of the new Cancer Centre?
• No unnecessary waits
• Patients in control of design and working processes
• Technology as an enabler
• Flexibility of design
• 12 hour working day
• Potential to be open 6-7 days a week
• ‘Art of Care’ married with ‘Science of Treatment’ - Cancer
Some changes we are making to be ready to
move into the Cancer Centre
Preparing for a longer working day
Asking patients what times are best for them
Changing the times of clinics
Piloting proposed changes
Initiating technology projects
One of these is making it easier
to offer appointments which suit
patients e.g. an appointment
with a doctor and for a CT scan
in one day
Getting the right balance of
the feel of the building
between a clinical
environment and a welcoming
and relaxed environment.
How will the new Cancer Centre look?
4 ‘villages’:
• Welcome
• Radiotherapy
• One Stop (Outpatients,
Imaging and Minor
• Chemotherapy
Complemented by:
• King’s College London (KCL)
Research floor
• Private Patients Unit
Typical village atrium
Ground floor
Progress to date - Build
Full business case approved
January 2013
Planning permission granted
January 2013
Enabling works (demolition)
March 2013
Foundation works completed
December 2013
Building frame erected to 3rd floor
May 2014
14 storey frame completed
September 2014
Next steps
Construction completes
Installation of medical equipment
Commissioning and staff orientation
New Cancer Centre opens to patients
Foundations commence – August 2013
First floor concrete slab – April 2014
Second floor concrete slab – May 2014
Patient treatment will begin in Summer 2016
View from Snowfields
View from Great Maze Pond
Patient Reference Group
“We want patients to have their say in every aspect of how their care is
delivered; from being involved in decisions about their treatment, to helping us
design the facilities in which their treatment is provided.”
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