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Global Media Solutions
About The Right List
The Right List is a
Global Media Solutions provider
The Right List is a global media solutions provider, focused on connecting customers to a
targeted audience across multiple sales, marketing and distribution platforms. Our suite of
digital products and services consists of mobile and interactive media solutions, such as
mobile content production and publishing, web-to-mobile platform integration, and direct
mobile marketing. Interactive services include consumer data appending, targeted e-mail
marketing, and online lead generation. Through strategic partnerships with leading online
networks and international wireless service providers, The Right List has the ability to reach
over one billion consumers in over 60 countries worldwide.
The Right List specializes not only in providing innovative tools for your company to better
reach consumers around the world, but also in designing customized solutions to meet your
company's unique needs. By working closely with your company to analyze your market niche,
The Right List delivers specialized and integrated technological solutions that provide your
company with a true competitive edge. The Right List prides itself on its education and support
systems, ensuring that your company is kept abreast of the latest digital products, and that
your current products are running as efficiently as possible. The Right List truly delivers global
media solutions and we invite you to explore how The Right List can help launch or expand
your company today through mobile and interactive media.
Interactive Services
Reach over one billion
consumers worldwide
Strategize – Create – Execute – Deliver - We can do it all. With Multimedia Direct’s Interactive Media
Services, you can Create your digital vision, Execute your direct marketing initiatives and Deliver
targeted prospects and customers to your evolving business. Wondering how? Let us Strategize – and
together, through our network of interactive partners and proprietary digital media solutions, we will
determine the most cost-effective, results-oriented path to grow and expand your company’s reach,
communication and immediate revenue goals.
Interactive Services
Email Direct Plus
Reach one of the industry’s largest and most responsive targeted e-mail lists through
Multimedia Direct’s E-mail Direct Plus service. Our International database consists of
over 100 million B2C and B2B opt-in consumers and can be segmented by the
following demographic and lifestyle criteria:
Available Demographics
• Income
• Education
• Occupation
• Ethnicity
• Housing
• Gender
• Children
• Age
• Religion
• Geography
Available Interest and Lifestyle Selects
• College Market
• Consumer Goods
• Cosmetics
• Dining
• Electronics
• Entertainment
• Tobacco Products
• House & Home
• Internet Usage
• Office Supplies
• Apparel
• Travel Services
• General Product Consumption
• Sports and Recreation
• Toys & Games
• Pet Services & Supplies
In addition to list rental, The Right List can handle every campaign detail from time-sensitive
broadcasting to accurate open and click-through reporting, as well as HTML or Rich Media creative
design. Our custom-tailored programs will ensure not only the most accurate audience targeting,
but also the highest return on your marketing investment.
Interactive Services
Lead Power Direct
Co-registration (known as co-reg or pay-per-subscriber service) is designed to heighten product and
company awareness in the online market and generate leads for direct sales. Co-registration
involves placing a short advertisement (usually three lines of text) for your company on high traffic
websites. The short advertisement allows readers to request additional information about your
product or service. Those who are interested in your service ”opt-in” to receive more information
through an e-mail newsletter or other type of direct marketing campaign. With the check of a box,
you as a marketer, have permission-based access to potential customers who have requested
information about your product or service. Co-registration allows clients to build targeted databases
of consumers interested in their products, services, company, brand or special offers. The
information captured by the co-registration service typically consists of a name, e-mail address,
date/time stamp, IP address, registering URL, and telephone number, if desired.
I am interested in receiving offers and discounts from CIngular
I am not interested in receiving offers and discounts from
I am interested in receiving offers from Anheuser-Busch
I am not interested in receiving offers from Anheuser-Busch
Interactive Services
Data Append Plus
Enrich your existing customer database by appending valuable demographics and lifestyle information
such as postal and e-mail address, age, gender, marital status, job occupation, religion and more. With
The Right List’s Data Append Plus service, you can enhance your customer database and augment
your selectable target criteria, refining your ability to communicate and reach your company’s most
valuable asset, its customers. The Right List’s international consumer database offers over two dozen
data enhancement attributes, as well as 150 million NCOA’d postal records and over 100 million
verifiable opt-in e-mail addresses, making it one of the largest, most dynamic consumer data sources
in the world.
Interactive Services
Direct Vision
Whether it’s creating a captivating HTML ad for an e-mail campaign or designing a
comprehensive mobile storefront, The Right List’s creative Direct Vision design team has the
ability and in-depth knowledge to make your vision become a direct digital reality. Trained and
well-versed in HTML, Flash, Rich Media and digital animation, the Direct Vision team has won
notoriety and acclaim from top national advertising firms, as well as elite Fortune 500 companies
and leading world-class brand names. It’s no wonder why their business motto is – “If you can
think it, we can create it!”
Interactive Services
Web Host Plus
The Right List’s Web Host Plus service offers clients a simple, cost-effective alternative to off-site
Internet hosting. From single HTML images to full-blown corporate websites and comprehensive
databases, Web Host Plus offers 100% secure and redundant 24-hour access web hosting
solutions. With bandwidth from leading telecommunication providers spread across multiple colocation facilities around the US, The Right List’s Web Host Plus service can accommodate both
shared server and client hardware managed solutions. Client-tailored programs, which include
hardware maintenance, software programming, custom installations and 24 hour technical support
are available for small and large-scale needs alike.
Mobile Services
Broaden your digital reach by adding
a mobile dimension to your business
Expand your digital communication – relate to your customers on whole new level – market directly to your
target audience with tomorrow’s technology - today. This is Mobile Media. The Right List offers a full suite
of comprehensive mobile media products, ranging from web-to-mobile platform integration, mobile content
production, mobile media publishing and distribution, as well as direct mobile marketing. Whether you’re
looking to add a mobile dimension to your current media offerings or diversify your direct marketing
initiatives through the mobile channel, The Right List has the right mobile solution for your evolving
company needs.
Mobile Services
Mobile Direct Plus
Broaden your digital marketing initiatives by integrating The Right List’s mobile marketing service –
Mobile Direct Plus. Leverage your direct marketing campaign results by targeting the industry’s most
responsive wireless consumer database. Consisting of over twelve million opt-in wireless subscribers,
The Right List’s mobile database can be segmented by age, gender, education, occupation and
geographic location. The Mobile Direct platform can dynamically deliver both standard text (SMS) and
multi-media (MMS) messages, as well as provide real-time campaign reporting for immediate result
Mobile Services
Mobile Media Advantage
Add a mobile dimension to your online property with The Right List’s Mobile Media Advantage.
Offer standard text messaging (SMS) and premium multi-media services (MMS) such as ringtones,
wallpaper images, and games right on your website with our custom tailored content management,
message delivery and billing platform. Capitalize on the mobile industry’s huge growth and
revenue potential by offering customers your existing media in easily accessible mobile formats.
Purchase and billing is quick and easy using your own registered U.S. Short Code. Pre-paid credit
or debit card processing can also be integrated, offering customers a variety of simply and efficient
billing choices.
Global Media Solutions
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SVP Marketing
The Right List
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