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Digital Mass Media
What is New Media?
• Today we are in the middle of a new media
revolution – the shift of all culture to
computer-mediated forms of production,
distribution, and communication.
Media Convergence
• Technological
• Economic
• Cultural
• How has the internet/social media changed
the way we produce and consume:
Print (Newspaper and Magazine)
Long Tail vs. Short Head
Social Media
Vine and Instagram
Difference with Traditional Media
• One to many
• Many to many
• Filter, then publish • Publish, then filter
How are media habits changing?
• Choice-More options
• Conversation-many ways to communicate.
• Curation-organize your own content
• Creation-user generated content
• Collaboration
Mass Communication Degree
Prepares the graduate to work in
multiple platforms for print,
broadcasting and web
Builds oral and written
communication skills and the
ability to think critically
Emphasizes the development of
news gathering, writing,
reporting and production skills
Requires students to select an
area of interest and develop a
professional portfolio. Internship
or practicum required
Integrated Marketing Communication
Emphasizes integration of marketing,
advertising, public relations, event
management, and corporate
communication into the development
of persuasive campaigns
Builds oral, written and
graphic skills and the ability
to think critically
Requires students to take courses in
both mass communication and
Requires students to take an
internship and build a
portfolio of professional work
Courses in Digital Mass Media
MCOM 241 Media Writing
MCOM 226 Multimedia Storytelling and Production
MCOM 342 Advanced Reporting and Writing
MCOM 346 Television Production
MCOM 441 Reporting Public Affairs
MCOM 333 News Editing
MCOM 349 Advertising Copy and Layout
MCOM 471 Public Relations Writing and Production
Multimedia Storytelling MCOM 226
• Introduces basic writing and production skills
for effective multimedia storytelling.
Audio slideshows
• Visual representations of information, data or
Shatesha Scales
Web Producer Fox Charlotte
I assist the Web Producer and
Digital Sales Specialist with
maintaining and selling the
FOX Charlotte website. I work
closely with the web producer
to research and help expand
the sites presence in social
media outlets. I assist the
Digital Sales Specialist with
brand development and new
site implementations.