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Kentucky Studies- Slavery and the Civil War in Kentucky/ the Great Flood of 1937
Slavery (Time line, Venn diagram, KY and the Civil War, book)
1. How many slaves were accounted for in Kentucky’s first state census?
2. What was the Kentucky Abolition Society?
3. What did Kentucky’s Non- Importation Law do? When was it put in to practice? When was it repealed?
4. What basic rights were denied to those living in slavery? (111/112)
5. Who is David Rice? What did he do? (112)
6. Who is Cassius Clay? Describe his abolitionist efforts. (116/117)
7. How did Kentucky slaveholders view their slaves?
8. What is a fugitive slave?
9. What happened to many runaway slaves that escaped into Kentucky?
10. Lincoln urged Kentucky slaveholder to participate in “voluntary compensated emancipation,” what did
that mean? Did Kentuckians agree to this?
11. What did Lincoln issue when compensated emancipation failed?
12. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? What did this mean for slaves living in Kentucky?
13. Why did so many slave families flock to US Army camps?
14. Which camp in Kentucky became a popular recruiting post for freed slaves who wanted to enlist in the
Union army?
15. Why would slaves want to fight in the Civil War?
16. By the wars’ end, how many Kentucky African Americans had entered the army?
17. By the time that the Civil War was over, were the slaves in Kentucky free?
18. What was it that eventually freed all slaves in the United States? Did the state of Kentucky initially accept
19. Why did Kentucky slaveholders resist the 13th amendment?
20. When were all slaves in Kentucky finally freed?
Civil War (KY Battles packet, Time line, book (144-148))
21. What were the dates of the Civil War?
22. Did Kentucky side with the North (Union) or the South (Confederates)?
23. Why was the state of Kentucky unique from other states in the Civil War?
24. What difficulty did Kentuckians at war face due to its location?
25. List and record the victor for each of the 11 battles taking place in Kentucky.
26. Who won the most battles in Kentucky?
27. Which Kentucky battle resulted in the most casualties?
28. Which side suffered the most casualties from Kentucky battles?
29. Be able to label at least 3 battles on a map of Kentucky.
30. How many soldiers from Kentucky enlisted in the Union and Confederate armies?
31. How many of those men died from battle wounds, accidents or disease?
The Great Flood of 1937
1. Which areas of Kentucky were the most impacted by the flood?
2. What were the dates of the flood? When did water levels fall below flood stage?
3. Describe the events of Black Sunday.
4. Describe the aftermath of the flood, how did the government react?
5. By today’s standard, how many dollars in damages did the flood cause?