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Akhan legal
“Lighting Your Path to Justice”
 Efficient
 Affordable
 Licensed
 Client
Afshan Khan
Licensed Paralegal
[email protected]
110 Didsbury Road,
Suite 55
Ottawa, ON, K2T 0C2
Office: (613) 271 – 7112
Cell: (613) 276 – 8690
 Accepting
all cases
 Providing
• Founded on march 15, 2014
• MISSION: Wanting to provide its clients with highly-competitive,
time and cost effective legal services
• We strive to create, build and maintain our clientele and take
pride to be their valuable partner by providing the most reliable
and trustworthy paralegal services within Ottawa
Specializing in Immigration and
Refugee legal matters
Business history and
company profile
• Dedicated to providing prompt, responsive and personalized
attention to all our clients, from individuals to larger corporations
• Striving to provide the best of work within the scope of Paralegal
Practices, as established by the Law Society of Upper Canada
• Located in Kanata, the West end of Ottawa, just 15 minutes from
• Arrangements with other Law and
Paralegal firms to exchange referrals
and work on client’s cases together for
better results
Ms. Khan’s Profile
• Master’s Degree in Economics
• Licensed Paralegal with a College diploma from Everest
• With over 10 years of experience
• Previously worked as an immigration and settlement Counselor
for Catholic Immigration Center
• Knowledge of advanced research, interpersonal skills, effective
planning and decision making skills helps ensure optimal
representation for each clientele
• Multilingual; fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and
understands Persian and Pashto
Akhan Vision
• Aiming to become one of the most knowledgeable
and affordable paralegal service providers within the
National Capital Region
• Always working on building a reputation with every
client as reliable and trustworthy
• Wanting to be known for our open and honest
dialogue with values clients
Akhan mission
• AKHAN LEGAL’s mission is to educate people to allow
them to make informed legal decisions by providing
affordable and high quality legal services with integrity,
professionalism, and efficiency
• To develop a positive role model to help shape the future
of paralegal profession and increase awareness among
general public
• To bring about positive change
help the public find
where justice could not
be found
• Immigration and Refugee matters
• Small Claims Court in actions up to $25,000
• Landlord – Tenant Board Tribunal Representation
(Administrative Tribunal dealing with residential tenancies)
• Provincial Offences Court (Traffic violation, Municipal and
Provincial Prosecutions, some Criminal Offences)
• Human Right Tribunal
• Legal Research and Documentations (Representation,
Advocacy and Document Preparation)
• Commissioner of Oaths
Immigration and
• Assisting with any immigration issues inside or
outside of Canada
• Sponsorships (spousal and parental)
• Group of Five – Sponsorship of Refugees
• Refugee Claims
• Skilled Worker
• Business Class
Immigration and
refugee (Cont)
• Some more services within Immigration and Refugee
matters we assist clients with:
• Permanent Residence
• Citizenship
• Work & Study Permit
• Temporary work Permits
• Live in caregivers
Immigration and
refugee (Cont)
• Extension in work & study permits
• Restoration of status
• Investors
• Entrepreneur
Small claims and
debt recovery
• If a debtor fails to pay an outstanding account or a creditor
violates your rights by engaging in illegal debt collection
tactics we can provide the help you need. Also with,
• Arrears of Rent
• Unpaid Accounts
• Damage to Property
• Failure to Repay a Loan
• Breach of Contract
• Recovery of Personal Property
Landlord – tenant
• Are you being evicted from your home? Is a tenant making claims
against you that are simply untrue? If you’re in the midst of a
landlord/tenant dispute, the legal team at AKHAN LEGAL can help
• Termination of Tenancy
• Landlord requires Premises for Demolition, Repair, or Use
• Review Provincial Work Order
• Rental Increase
• Transfer Care Home Tenant
• Tenant Change Locks
Provincial court
• We can help you by guiding you through and enabling you to make
informed legal choices. We are also able to handle summary
conviction criminal cases
• Traffic Violations
• Municipal & Provincial
• Criminal Offences
Human Right Tribunal
• Working to protect the Chartered Rights of those we represent for
people who have been discriminated on grounds of
• Age
• Sex
• Cast
• Creed
• Disability
• Ethnicity
Legal Research and
• Having vast experience as a settlement counsellor
and having served on the Boards of various profit
and non-profit organizations, we have the necessary
communication skills
• Legal writing and documentation efficiency have
been achieved through education, experience and
• If you need services like legal
we have various resources
help you prepare and to help
you make the right choices
And always