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The Cancer Society and
Daffodil Day
What is Daffodil Day?
Daffodil Day is the day put aside for
people all over New Zealand to help
raise money for the Cancer Society so
the Society can help people who have
Why does the Cancer Society
use the Daffodil as it’s symbol?
Because the daffodil is seen as a symbol of hope
It is the first flower of spring and this makes
people think of new life
Daffodils give hope and new life to all
New Zealanders coping with cancer
Who helps the Cancer Society
make Daffodil Day special?
•The National Bank
•The hundreds of businesses, schools and
groups that take part in Daffodil Day
•The thousands of volunteers who stand
on street corners and collect money from
the public
•YOU! All of the school children who
learn about Daffodil Day and get
Why should you take part in
Daffodil Day?
•By being a part of Daffodil Day
you are helping people and
their families who are sick
•Each person that gets involved
may only do a small part but it
all adds up to a big difference
•The money donated to the Cancer Society
helps pay for all sorts of services like nurses,
library books, and really important research
into how to help people get better
•By wearing the Daffodil you are showing
that you support people with cancer
Below are just some of the ways that the
Cancer Society helps people affected by cancer;
Volunteer Drivers
• Health promotion to
help prevent cancer
including; SunSmart,
Smokefree & LiveSmart
A Great Big Thank You
The Cancer Society wants to say a big thank you
to everyone who takes part in Daffodil Day.
With your Help the is Hope