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1 atoms of the same element that have a
different number of neutrons
4 an alkaline Earth Metal that has 20 neutrons
7 named after Germany
10 these gases tend to be unreactive
14 name of an element that has an atomic
mass of 50.941
15 the element that IS NOT found in nature with
161 neutrons, in period 7
16 used as a "lifting" gas in balloons
19 the horizontal rows of the periodic table
22 name of element 40
24 the group name that contains Sulfur,
Selenium, Tellurium, and Polonium
29 the name for a particle of an atom with a
neutral electrical charge
30 reacts with oxygen to form rust
31 elements that are brittle, nonmalleable, and
poor conductors of electricity
33 named after France
35 the smallest particle of an atom and has a
negative charge
36 named after the village in Sweden, Ytterby
37 element essential for life and can form long
chemical chains
40 a "noble" group element with 10 protons
43 the number of protons in the nucleus of an
atom is known as its __________ number
44 name of element in Group 4 with 22
46 element name after the color indigo
49 chemical name for Na
51 the first synthetic element to be made by
colliding nuclei
52 these rays are the most penetrating type of
53 the most reactive family that are metals
58 known for its use in thermometers
59 name for element 25
61 nonmetal group that is very reactive and is
known as "salt forming"
63 name of element NOT found in nature in
Group 7 with 64 fewer protons than Bohrium
64 the particle of an atom that has a positive
elements in Groups 3 - 12 in the periodic
table are known as _____________ metals
66 the most common semimetal
67 name for element that is used as a filament
in light bulbs
68 the name of the element that is in the most
reactive metal group and is found in
69 a metal used for soda cans and is recyclable
2 element name with an atomic mass of 32.06
3 chemical symbol for copper
5 atomic symbol for a precious metal used in
rings, not silver
6 chemical name for the symbol "I"
8 named after Albert Einstein
9 the name of the element that is a nonmetal
and is a toxic gas that forms table salt when
combined with Sodium
11 subtracting the atomic number from the
atomic mass number will give you the
number of ___________ in the nucleus
12 a material that conducts electrical current
under certain conditions
13 the American element
16 chemical symbol for the element Helium
17 Carbon 14 has how many more neutrons
than Carbon 12?
18 one of two gases in the Halogen Family with
the least number of AMU's
20 the specific amount of energy an electron
has is known as ____________ level
21 chemical symbol for silver
23 name of element named after the father of
the first periodic table
25 the name of an element that is a nonmetal
and is a liquid under normal room conditions
26 name of element 33
27 the Greek name for atom, meaning
28 to which group of gases does the element
Neon belong to
32 chemical symbol for Gallium
34 elements like Uranium are dangerous
because they are ___________- active
38 name of element 45
39 chemical name for the symbol "N"
41 metal with the symbol Nb, element 41
42 name of element 30
45 name of element 78
47 good conductors of electric current and heat
48 name for element with an atomic number of
50 the element that is used to produce energy
in nuclear power plants
54 water has two atoms of this element
55 name of element in Family 16 that hugs the
zigzag line and has 1 more proton than
56 named after Poland
57 name of element 12
60 chemical name for a major gas present in air
62 a person that stated the idea that a
compound is composed of more than 1 atom
and always combines in specific ratios