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By: Mahdi Mahdi
It came from dogs, Cats, other animals
that bite.
The disease is zoonotic, meaning it can
be transmitted from one species to
another, such as from dogs to humans,
commonly by a bite from an infected
A zoonosis is an infectious disease that is transmitted
between species (sometimes by a vector) from animals
to humans or from humans to animals (the latter is
sometimes called reverse zoonosis or anthroponosis).
The rabies virus infects the central
nervous system, ultimately causing
disease in the brain and death
Rabies causes about 55,000 human
deaths annually worldwide.[3] 95% of
human deaths due to rabies occur in
Asia and Africa
In the US, animal control and
vaccination programs have effectively
eliminated domestic dogs as reservoirs
of rabies.
In several countries, including Australia
and Japan, rabies carried by terrestrial
animals has been eliminated entirely
While rabies had once been eradicated
in the United Kingdom, infected bats
have recently been found in Scotland.
Almost all human deaths caused by
rabies occur in Asia and Africa.
The rabies virus travels to the brain by
following the peripheral nerves.
The incubation period of the disease is usually a few
months in humans, depending on the distance the virus
must travel to reach the central nervous system.
My Summary and links
I’ve got all my Info from Google and wikipedia
• My project is about Rabies and where it came
from Well it all came from dogs and other
animals that bite.