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100-1,200 amp, +24 VDC Vortex® Power
System with 100 or 130 amp PCUs
Key Features
• Single Point Adjustment
tools required to make
settings and adjustments; one
intelligence shelf controls up
to 56 PCUs
The Vortex power platform with 100 or 130 amp power conversion units (PCUs) is a
modular power system providing up to 1,200 amps of power for +24 volt systems. The
basic components of a Vortex power system include an intelligence shelf, which houses the
meter–control–alarm microprocessor (MCA) and PCUs; expansion shelves for additional
PCUs; and a modular distribution cabinet.
• Remote Access
allow users to view, control
and interact with all power
systems in a network from a
remote location
• Plug’n’Play
Plug’n’Play—add PCUs
without adjustments and
settings; no system shutdown
• Front Accessible
Accessible—allows for
easy installation, additions
and maintenance
• Modular Design
Design—simple to
install and operate; allows
users to grow system in costeffective increments
• High Density
design takes up less floor
space; houses four PCUs per
10.5" (26.67cm) H x 23”
(58.42cm) W shelf
• Optional Temperature
automatic adjustment of PCU
output voltage when battery
temperature increases or
The intelligence shelf can accommodate up to four PCUs, and the expansion shelves, also
housing up to four PCUs each, can be added for larger load requirements. The intelligence
and expansion shelves are 23" (58.42cm) wide x 10.5" (26.67cm) high.
In addition to housing the PCUs, the intelligence shelf provides a powerful, microprocessorbased meter–control–alarm system which is capable of monitoring and controlling up to 56
PCUs. The front of the intelligence shelf provides a 16-character alphanumeric display which
can be activated at the touch of a keypad.
Vortex distribution is modular by row and position. The cabinet allows for up to four rows
with a maximum of 96 positions. Users can combine any number of 1-150 amp circuit
breakers and 1-50 amp TPA-style fuses to customize power plants. GJ-style circuit breakers
and TPL-style fuses are also available.
The Vortex system, powered with 100 or 130 amp PCUs,
is ideal for wireless applications such as MTSO, cell sites
and base stations, cellular, PCS and GSM technologies.
Additional Information
For additional specification, engineering and installation
information, specify spec. number 582120000 (power
system), 588701101 (400 amp power shelf and 100 amp
PCUs) or 588703800 (520 amp power shelf and 130
amp PCUs).
For ordering information, request drawing
SAG582120000, PD588701101 or PD588703800.
• Saf
ety Compliance
Compliance—UL listed
to UL subject 1801
LLP 2-51
100-1,200 amp, +24 VDC Vortex Power System with 100
or 130 amp PCUs
The System
The Vortex platform includes a modular distribution product line that can be designed with one to four panels. Each modular
panel can be configured with any combination of distribution positions, low voltage disconnect, battery disconnect and dual
voltage bus panels. Distribution cabinets are front accessible,
modular in design and are initially configured in the factory. The
cabinets are 24.375" (61.91cm) wide, 17.5” (44.45cm) deep and vary
in height depending on the capacity. Circuit breakers and/or fuse
modules snap into the multi-position distribution blocks to provide
for easy installation. For larger device requirements, TPL-style fuses
and GJ-style breakers are available up to 600 amp rating.
One Row Distribution
Intelligence Shelf
A front access intelligence shelf houses up to four PCUs. Available shelf
ratings are 400 amps (with 100 amp PCUs) or 520 amps (with 130
amp PCUs). The intelligence shelf includes the MCA, which provides a
single point of adjustment for such features as float voltage, test/
equalize voltage, high voltage shutdown and current limit adjustments
for all PCUs in the entire power system. The intelligence shelf display
allows users to view specific alarm conditions, system measurements
and system settings. All adjustments can be performed locally via the
alphanumeric display panel on the front of the intelligence shelf or
remotely via optional software and hardware. The MCA provides local
indicators and the ability to transmit various alarm conditions such as
PCU failure, high voltage shutdown and AC failure.
Four Row Distribution
Intelligence Shelf
LLP 2-52
100-1,200 amp, +24 VDC Vortex Power System with 100
or 130 amp PCUs
Expansion Shelf
A standard 7’ high power system can contain one to four
front-access expansion shelves, each of which houses up to
four PCUs. Available shelf ratings are 400 amps (with 100
amp PCUs) or 520 amps (with 130 amp PCUs). The
expansion shelves are 23" (58.42cm) wide, 10.5" (26.67cm)
high and 14.88" (37.78cm) deep.
Easy System Expansion
Power Conversion Units
The modular, high frequency, switch-mode Vortex PCUs are the foundation of the Vortex platform. Plug’n’play technology
allows for easy system configuration. System capacity can be increased by simply plugging an additional PCU into an existing
intelligence or expansion shelf – no adjustments or setup are required. The Vortex power system can house up to 20 PCUs
which provide load power, battery float current and battery recharge current. The PCUs are monitored and controlled by the
intelligence shelf. The PCUs allow the user to appropriately size a power plant (100 to 1,200 amps) to meet specific
Power Conversion Unit Specifications
Voltage: Nominal 208/240 volts AC, single phase, 50/60 Hz,
with a range of 176 to 264 volts. Extended range is 150 volt
AC to 290 volt AC (100 amp unit only).
Inrush Current: Peak does not exceed 2 times the RMS input
at full load, under any conditions of input voltage within the
rated input voltage range.
Frequency: 45 -70 Hz
Protection: Each PCU is individually wired and connections
for individual AC input branch circuits are provided. If the
AC input voltage decreases or increases beyond a nonadjustable predetermined value, the PCU power conversion
circuitry inhibits, disabling PCU output. The PCU will
recover automatically when the AC input voltage is reestablished within specifications limits.
Typical Power Factor: Greater than or equal to 98% for any
load greater than or equal to 50% of rated full load at
nominal line. Meets IEC 1000–3–2.
Typical Operating Efficiency: 88% at full load.
Voltage: Nominal +24 volts DC, Negative Ground.
Current: 100 amps per PCU, up to a total of 400 amps per
shelf with four PCUs installed. 130 amps per PCU, up to a
total of 520 amps per shelf with four PCUs.
Regulation: Steady state output voltage remains within
±0.5% of any voltage within the range of 23.0 to 29.0 volts
DC (23.0 to 28.0 volts DC for 130 amp PCUs) for any
combination of frequency, normal input voltage, and load
from no load to full load over the temperature range of -20°
C to +65° C (-4° F to +149° F) for 100 amp PCUs, -20° C to
+50° C (-4° F to +122° F) for 130 amp PCUs.
Filtering: On or off battery
Voice Band Noise — Less than 32 dBrndC
Wide Band Noise — Does not exceed 250 mv peak-to-peak,
or 25 mv rms
Psophometric Noise — Does not exceed 1 mv
LLP 2-53
100-1,200 amp, +24 VDC Vortex Power System with 100
or 130 amp PCUs
Power Conversion Unit Specifications (continued)
Current Limiting — Maximum output current of each PCU
can be set from 10% to 110% (105% maximum for 130 amp
PCUs) of full load current.
High Voltage Shutdown — If PCU output voltage exceeds an
adjustable preset value, the PCU shuts down. After
approximately three seconds, the PCU automatically
Status/Alarm Indicators and Metering
Extensive alarming and status indicators such as AC on/off,
fan fail, PCU failure and open sense are displayed on the 16character numerical display of the intelligence shelf and
on the PCUs within the shelf.
Operating Temperature:
-40° C to +65° C (-40° F to +149° F) for 100 amp PCUs,
-20° C to +50° C (-4° F to +122° F) for 130 amp PCUs
Storage Temperature: -40° C to +85° C (-40° F to +185° F)
Humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Altitude: The maximum operating ambient temperature
should be derated by +10° C (+50° F) at an elevation of
10,000' (3,048m) above sea level. For elevations between
3,000' (914m) and 10,000' (3,048m), derate the maximum
operating ambient temperature linearly.
Ventilation: Fan-cooled front to rear
EMI/RFI Suppression: Conforms to FCC rules Part 15,
Subpart B, Class A with an option for FCC and CISPR22
Class B emission ratings.
Audible Noise: 3' from any vertical surface does
not exceed 65dBA; 55dBA with low fan speed selected.
Physical Characteristics
Mounting: Plug-in installation
Width: 5.13" (13.02cm)
Height: 9.88" (25.08cm)
Depth: 14.5" (36.83cm)
Weight: 18 lbs. (8.16kgs)
Safety Compliance
UL recognized (UL 1950)
CSA 22.2, No. 950
100 or 130 amp,
+24 Volt Power
Conversion Unit
w.. m a r c o n i . c o m /pow
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