Download The Cell System Poster Project – Worth 100 pts. Task

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The Cell System Poster Project – Worth 100 pts.
Task: Work with your group members to show how the organelles of a cell work together to
make the whole cell function—just as the parts of a system make the whole system function
correctly. A system could be a hospital, stadium, music studio, supermarket, amusement park,
bike, car, factory etc.
Posters: Begin by writing the title somewhere on the poster: The Cell System
Then plan out the design of your poster. It must include a picture or illustration of a plant cell,
animal cell, and the system that you chose. You must leave room to label the different
organelles and their functions/ comparisons to the system you chose.
You may print out pictures and bring them to school to attach to your posters. The labeling and
comparison of function is the most important part of this poster.
Grading: You are being graded on participation, following directions and on your finished
The Cell System
(Names of the people in your group here or at the bottom)
Be sure to label and tell
the function of each
organelle and relate it
to how its counterpart
would work within your
Cell Wall
Cell membrane
Endoplasmic Riticulum
Golgi Bodies