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“The White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling, was written and published in
February of 1899 with original intent to display the imperialistic relationship
between the United States and Philippine Islands. The poem degraded and, in some
ways dehumanized developing civilizations, with words like, “take up the white
man’s burden—fill full the mouth of famine And bid the sickness cease” essentially
stating that these civilizations were so unfortunate, so stupid that they could not
take care of themselves. The poem sent the message that it was the “white man’s”
dreaded duty, because they were so much more advanced than these “savage”
people, to guide these people into humanity.
This poem not only displays the imperialistic viewpoint of the United States and the
Philippians Islands, but many other nations including the British Empire who
believed it was upon them to take control of certain land and bodies of people in an
effort to “guide them away from savagery and self destruction”.