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P E E L Assignment: Poetry
What is PEEL?
P= Make a point about the text (Assertion)
E= Example (Quotation)
E= Explanation of evidence
L= Link back to initial point
Possible Frame for PEEL Statement on Poetry
In “__Title___” by _(Author)___ the subject concerns_________________________.
(Description of subject)
The poet utilizes _________ to (illustrate) his/her message. For example“_______”
(poetic technique)
which means_______________________. The most powerful lines in the poem,
(explanation of evidence)
“_______________________” (reveals/exposes/demonstrates) the poem’s message…
(Additional evidence)
(Continued analysis of the poem linking evidence to original point)
Sample PEEL Statement on a Poem
In “I Too” by Langston Hughes the subject concerns the discrimination and prejudice of White
Americans towards Black Americans. The poet utilizes extended metaphor to illustrate his
message. For example “They send me to eat in the kitchen when company comes” which means
the whites, ashamed by blacks, isolate and segregate their “darker brother.” The kitchen
represents the laws that segregated Blacks in the early to mid-20th century. The dining room
symbolizes freedom to participate fully in American society. The most powerful lines in the
poem, ”They’ll see how beautiful I am….”And “I too sing America.” further emphasize the
message of racial pride and equality, suggesting that in time, White America will see the errors
they have made by segregating Blacks and make amends for their actions. Furthermore, “…I
laugh/and eat well/ and grow strong” reveal Black Americans response to discrimination,
hinting at the power human beings can gain from adversity.