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Honors World History
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Mr. Keeling
Course Overview
The course is an honors level course and the academic and behavioral expectations are high.
Please be forewarned, as the world is generally considered a large and complicated place with many
people and cultures, this course will need to move at a rapid pace. The scope of the course begins
with the emergence of man in settled societies and ends in the late 20 th century.
Course Organization
The approach to our course is for the most part chronological however; themes and trends will
be emphasized. In this regard the course is fairly traditional in its format. The purpose of the course is to
develop an understanding of the evolution of global processes and contacts, interaction with different
types of human societies. Class time will be spent in a variety of ways, all of which are designed to aid
students in academic and social success. In addition to traditional text studies and lecture, students will
be expected to engage in artistic study, primary source reading, discussions, in class writing, and game
Course Topics: are based on the Arizona State Social Studies Standards Strand 2
 Early Civilizations: prehistory, first civilizations, Greece and Rome, comparative world
faiths, and Early China
 World in Transition: Byzantine and Arab Empires, Feudal Europe and Japan,
comparative empire building, European and Asian interactions
 Renaissance and Reformation: intellectual trends, mathematics and science, impact
of the Protestant and Catholic reformation on the globe
 Encounters and Exchange: social political and economic results of exploration,
colonization of the Americas, Asia, and Africa, technological shifts, the transformation
and creation of nations
 Age of Revolution: overthrow of traditional governments in Europe and the Americas,
Scientific Revolution, The Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution
 Age of Imperialism: political, economic, and social domination of MDCs over LDCs,
new division of the globe, local responses to imperialism, and the long term effects
 World at War: Causes and effects of WWI and WWII, impact of global economy, new
political ideologies, nationalism in the 20th century, and the creation of a bipolar
 Contemporary World: Current events, developments, and issues that shape the
global community, terrorism around the globe, movements towards political and
economic independence around the world
Course Themes:
Interaction among major societies (trade, war, and diplomacy)
Change and continuity across periods
Impact of technology and demography on people and the environment (population
fluctuations, disease, manufacturing, migrations, agriculture, weaponry)
Systems of social structure and gender structure
Cultural and intellectual developments
To develop an appreciation for the study of global society
To develop and understanding for the process and methods of historical inquiry
To construct a personal understanding of World history in cultural, political, economic,
and social terms
To become competent in the study of geography, locating both ancient and
modern societies on any given map
To improve writing, research, and critical reading skills
To hone thinking skills, analyzing and identifying multiple sides to arguments
Quarter grades will be tallied using basic point values.
Semester grades will be figured using the standard formula.
1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
Semester Exam
Assignments and Attendance
 Students are expected to complete text assignments and homework thoroughly and
attentively. IF an assignment is late (not completed upon the beginning of the class
period), the student will have one week to complete the assignment for NO MORE THAN
50% credit. The late assignment will not be accepted after this time and the grade
earned will be a zero.
 If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check with the instructor as well as the
webpage and calendar. If no assignments are posted for that day, make sure to email
the instructor. I will not track you down; it is your responsibility to make up any work during
your absence.
If you have trouble printing an assignment at your house, explore your alternatives. You
can hand write your work, email the instructor, email a friend to print it for you, go to the
If a student has an unexcused absence on the day an assignment is due or a quiz is
given, a make-up will NOT be granted. Work missed during an excused or school related
absence will be completed within one week of the absence.
School wide policies regarding absences and tardiness will be enforced.
To keep assignments, notes, and other important documents organized you will need a
binder for this class. In addition you will need a spiral note book and some blue pens in
order to accurately and appropriately complete certain assignments in class.
Behavior and Participation
This course is very interactive and requires a high level of participation from both student and instructor.
Discussion oriented learning can be fun, but necessitates that students exercise courtesy and respect.
Decorum shall be practiced in the classroom. All district guidelines regarding appropriate behavior will
be enforced. This includes but is not limited to prohibitions on cheating and plagiarism. Any violations
of district rules will be immediately addressed.
Discrimination or derogatory language in ANY form (ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status) will never be tolerated. If you have a question or a concern regarding this, please
do not hesitate to contact the instructor.
Food, drink, and gum are not allowed in the classroom, except at the instructor’s discretion.
Cell phones are to be shut off and put away in the classroom. Visible phones will be taken and may
be picked up by a parent or guardian; this is the first and final warning.
In response to rampant cheating using electronic devices, trips to the bathroom will not be
permitted during quizzes or exams.
District and school wide dress code will be enforced.
Print this page out and return to the instructor-
Honors World History
Parent/Guardians please read through the course overview with your student.
Make sure you understand the attendance, behavior, and assignment policies.
Signing below indicates that you have read and comprehended the course
overview and understand the expectations.
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Student signature
Printed guardian name
Parent/Guardian signature
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