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The Growth and
Development of a
What Is Germination?
• Germination- the sprouting of a seed into a
new plant
• For seeds to germinate, or grow, they
– water
– sunlight
– carbon dioxide
– nutrients
– soil
Seed: It All Begins Here
It all begins with a seed. Some seeds are spread
with fruits. Animals eat the fruit and “poop out”
the seeds. Some seeds are dispersed by wind,
water, or “catching a ride” on animals. Rain helps
push the seeds down into the soil.
Soon the seed sprouts. The roots
come out first to absorb water
and nutrients for the seed. The
roots begin to grow deeper into
the soil.
The stem sprouts after
the roots and begins
growing towards the
top of the soil (remember
plants grow towards the
sun). When the stem gets
above ground, the leaves
begin to grow and open.
The seedling is a young plant. During this stage, the roots are growing wider
and deeper. The stem continues to grow up towards the sunlight. More leaves
are growing and opening up. As soon as the young plant has leaves, it can
begin making food through photosynthesis.
The plant is finished
with growth and
development and
is now an adult. It
can now grow
flowers and
reproduce by going
through pollination
and fertilization.
This adult plant
has reproduced
and has lots of
seeds. Check out all those apples!!! That’s a whole lot of seeds!!
Check It Out!!!