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Bean Plant Journal
A Journal
A.P. Biology Assignment (12 February 2014 – 15 March 2014
Objective: To observe and record the characteristics/physical traits of an emerging
dicotyledon plant (bean plant) over a 28-day period.
Requirements: A journal with at least 20 entries spread as equally as possible
throughout the 28 days.
Entries should include…
 Date in which germination begins
 Diagrams of the germinating seed at several stages of growth.
 Measurements as to the length of the root/shoot (metric please)
 First sign of leaf growth
 Measurement of seedling growth
 Number of leaves seen and the size
 Overall structural features
 The final page of the journal should include a diagram of the shoot and root
system with the various parts labeled of the final plants.
Place seeds in a wet paper towel that is then stored in a plastic bag. The bag should be
kept in a dark, warm place and checked daily. Once the root is prominent (3-5) days, the
seed may be planted.
Planting and growing the seeds.
Do not pack the soil tight. Make a hole in the soil so that the seed is approximately 2 cm
below the surface. Be certain that the soil is kept moist, but do not over water you will
drown the roots. The roots only carry out cellular respiration which requires oxygen,
roots cells get the oxygen from the air spaces in between the soil particles, you saturate
the air spaces between the soil with water and the cells can’t get enough oxygen. Place
the seeds in a location of the house that receives adequate lighting.
It is best to plant all seeds given but do not plant more than 1seed/pot or cup. Plants
sometimes die without an obvious cause. The object is to get a plant with sufficiently
large leaves to complete the transpiration lab on the 13th of March..
This assignment is worth a test grade