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R.A.P. pg. 2(L)
R.A.P. Lions vs. Wildcats
Reading Notes pg. 3R
W.I.O. Darius and the Ionians: Page 4 (left)
Reading Notes Pg 5 (R)
Page 7 R
I. The Persian Wars!!!!!
A. 520 B.C.E. Persia conquered Ionia
(small Greek polis)
- 20 years later, Ionians revolted +
asked other Greek polises for help.
- Athenians +other polises sent a few
- after 5 yrs. of fighting- Persians won!
-Darius (Persian King) wanted revenge
on Greeks for helping Ionians.
B. Battle of Marathon
-490 B.C.E. Darius sent 600 warships
+army to Greece.
- landed on plains of Marathon
- decided to leave plains +attack by
- as they were loading their ships
+leaving, Athenians ran down the
hills around Marathon +defeated
the unsuspecting Persians.
- runner set off to Athens with
news of the Athenian victory!!
- when he reached Athens, he yelled…
and collapsed and died of exhaustion
C. Athenians discover rich silver
- spent their new wealth on ships
called Triremes
- now had the largest navy in Greece!
Reading Notes Pg. 6L
W.I.O.Battle of
pg. 8 (L)
Create a comic strip Pg. 9(Right)
Using the information in your notes from the
start of the Persian Wars to this point, create a
comic strip that shows the important events
that took place so far.
Use as little words as possible and your final
version should be colored.
Yes, you can use stick figures if you need to 
II. The Battle of Thermopylae!! Pg. 11R
A. Xerxes (480 B.C.E.) – Darius’s
crazy son- seeks revenge on the Greeks
-sent 250,000 soldiers across the
Aegean Sea +conquered N. Greece
- 20 Greek polises united to fight Persians
Sparta – led army
Athens – led navy
B. The battle of Thermopylae!!!
- 7,000 Greek soldiers travel to
- held off the Persians for 3 days, so
the Athenians could flee to the
island of Salamis.
- 300 Spartans stayed +other
Greeks fled to help the Athenians
- Persians, helped by a Greek traitor, found
the mountain pass +crushed the Greeks.
- Persians killed every soldier that was
guarding the pass +sandwiched the Spartans
on either side.
- the Persians marched on to Athens and
finding it deserted, burnt it to the ground.
Reading Notes Pg. 10 L
W.I.O. The
Battle of
Pg. 12 (L)
S.P.A.W.N. Pg.13 R
S-Special Powers: If you had a special power, what would you
have changed about the Battle of Thermopylae?
P- Problem Solving: If you were a Greek commander, how would
you have reorganized the Battle of Thermopylae?
A-Alternative Viewpoints: If you were a Persian, what would you
list as your reasons for attacking Greece?
W-What If: What do you think would have happened if the
Athenians had not fled to the island of Salamis?
N- Next: What do you think happens next in the Persian Wars?
III. The Battle of Salamis!!! Pg. 15 R
A. Greeks tricked the Persian fleet into
sailing into the strait btw. Athens +Salamis.
- Persian ships could only go in a few at a
- Persian ships were bigger and Athenian
ships were smaller.
- The Athenian warships surrounded the
Persian warships in the smaller space of the
strait and destroyed the Persians.
B. The Persians marched on to Plataea and
were soundly defeated by the now unified
and unstoppable Greek army.
- By working together the Greeks saved their
The Battle
of Salamis
Pg. 16L
Reading Notes Pg 14 L
pg. 17 R
Battle of
Pg 18 L
Persian Wars Ended!!! Pg. 19 R
Greeks Won!!!!
After all was said and done, Persians
still ruled Ionia.
Headline News
Pg. 20 L
Cause and Effect (pg. 21 R)
Battle of
Battle of
Battle of
Battle of
Fall of Persia (pg. 23 Right)
Using page 137 in your textbook, list the reasons
why the Persian Empire fell after the Persian