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By Dalton Erskin
The Greeks had already been tormented by the
Persian rule, but not the Athenians.
The Persians Kick an
Ant Hill
 In the September of 490BC a Persian armada of 600
ships set sail for Athens with 20,000 soldiers and
 When the Athenians learned of the Persian armada
they sent for help from Sparta. But the help would
never come.
 When they could wait no longer for help from Sparta
the Athenians decided to send 9,000 hoplites to battle
the Persian invaders.
 The Persian and Athenian armies met 26 miles north
of Athens on the plain of marathon and prepared to
face off.
 The generals were now split on whether to wait for the
Spartan reinforcements.
 The Persians thought they were crazy and prepared to
receive the Greeks.
 Soon the hoplites were upon the Persian line.
 While the flanks of the Greeks were advancing, the
center gave way and the Persians advanced toward the
fleeing Greeks.
 While the flanks of the Greeks were advancing, the
center gave way and the Persians advanced toward the
fleeing Greeks.
 While the Greeks were advancing on the retreating
Persians, some of them made it to the boats and set
 The Greeks then made a forced march all the way back
to Athens.
 According to legend the word of the victory at
Marathon was carried to Athens by a runner.
 But unfortunately the win was in vain.
 The Greeks one the battle but the war was far from
 The men of the battle were legends.
 Victories at Salamis and Marathon established Athens
as an empire.
 A man named Themistocles later urged for defense.
 Though not successful on a large scale picture, the
battle was a welcome victory.
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