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“The immortal Bhagawa
Dhwaj (saffron flag) brings
before our eyes a living
image of our ancient,
sacred and integrated
national life in all its
pristine purity and entirely
crossing all superficial
barriers of province, sect,
creed, caste, language and
Since times immemorial, it
has been the symbol of our
dharma, our culture, our
traditions and ideals
- Sri Guruji Golwalkar
We meditate upon
the splendor of the
illuminating God Savita,
The Deity Supreme
May He inspire our mind and intellect
- The Gayatri mantra
“The traditional explanation of the
Nataraja is that He symbolises the
creation of the universe in one hand and
the death of the universe in the other the drum and the flame - and after all,
that is what cosmology is all about…
For the modern physicists, then, Shiva's
dance is the dance of subatomic matter”
- Carl Sagan, world renowned Astronomer
On June 18, 2004, an
unusual new landmark
was unveiled at CERN,
the European Center for
Research in Particle
Physics in Geneva - a
2m tall statue of the
Indian deity Shiva
Nataraja, the Lord of
“Yet, the most wonderful and
most sublime of all teaching,
the Brahman doctrine that the
ALL equals the unity of
consciousness, culminates in a
mystical victory over this
dilemma, the words so obscure
to the understanding, so close
to the intuition: Tat Tvam Asi.
That Thou Art.”
Erwin Schrodinger,
Father of Quantum Mechanics
O Devi, O Mother
Protect us and the earth
with those lovely form of yours
moving about in the three worlds,
as also with your exceedingly
terrible forms
- Durga Saptashati, 4.26
यानि सौम्यानि रूपाणि त्त्रैलोक्यॆ विचरन्ति िॆ
Mother, I bow to thee!
Rich with thy hurrying
Bright with orchard
Cool with thy winds of
Dark fields waving
Mother of might,
Mother free.
Glory of moonlight dreams,
Over thy branches and lordly streams,
Clad in thy blossoming trees,
Mother, giver of ease
Laughing low and sweet!
Mother I kiss thy feet,
Speaker sweet and low!
Mother, to thee I bow.
O Mother,
Here is an offering
for you
Our tan-man-dhan
Our body and soul,
Our hearts and
Our skills and
Our lives.
“There was neither the king, nor State
control, no punishments and punishers.
Only by the power of Dharma, all people
protected each other mutually”
- The Mahabharata
Our ideals of Democracy are
deeply rooted in the ancient and
modern Hindu ideas of Praja
tantra & Dharma Rajya
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
Religious harmony and
Secularism are alive in
India ONLY because
Hindus are in majority
The erstwhile Indian areas
that become Pakistan and
Bangladesh have become
theocratic, fundamentalist,
unruly and non-democratic
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
Freedom of speech,
expression, art and
worship are sustained
because they are
inherent in the Hindu
The threefold Hindu
ideal, trivarga of
Dharma (rule of
eternal law), Artha
(wealth creation) and
Kama (Quality of life)
make up the goals for
our national growth
and prosperity
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
The Hindu family ties
and values, bound in
strands of love,
affection and mutual
trust are not only the
keys to peaceful living
but also serve as a
great social capital
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
Rishis (rishika’s) of the Rig-Veda
Gurus of Peace
Business Queens
Warriors of Indian Armed forces
Women's’ empowerment,
respect for womanhood in
both spiritual and material
fields are enshrined in
Hindu culture
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
Shrivan,Tapovan, Mahavan:
Thick Sacred forests protect
The love for Gomata the cow
protects national cattle
Sacred trees
Sacred hills
Sacred rivers
Besides laws and govt. policies,
it is deep rooted Hindu love and devotion
for Nature that stirs our environmentalism
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
Respect for Diversity
in all its glory and
beauty is the
hallmark of Hindu
civilization –
An age-old model for
Hindu way of life,
the bedrock of all our cherished national values
Hindu Dharma’ s message of equality
Sri Rama
Gita says Varna is
determined NOT
by birth, but by
nature and deeds
Rishi becomes
disciple of
Vyadha, the
Adi Sankara bows
to an enlightened
outcaste man as
his Guru
The Spiritual Heritage of Dalits
The Vedas, compiled by Dalit
Rishi Vyasa, son of a
are the most revered
Hindu scriptures, for eons
The Supreme Hindu book of
morals and ethics,
Thirukkural was given by the
Tamil Dalit Sage Thiru
valluvar, a weaver (1st
century C.E)
“ As the older, dried
branches fall off a
growing tree to give
place to new ones,
.. the society would
shed varna system, the
existing social structure
at one time..
Sri Guruji, a true pioneer of Social equality
….for the sake of
construction of a new
house, old house
requires to be destroyed.
Similarly, perturbed social system
must be put to an end here and
now “
Sri Guruji, a true pioneer of Social equality
Hindutva at the forefront of fighting Caste evils
Veer Savarkar &
Swami Shraddhanad
admired by
Dr. Ambedkar as great
social reformers
1969 Udupi VHP
Conference – saints
declare untouchability
is against Hindu
Hindutva at the forefront of fighting Caste evils
15 Aug, 2005:
“I publicly apologize for the
grave mistake that my
grandfather committed by
not allowing Baba Saheb
Ambedkar to enter the
- Sudhir Maharaj, grandson of Ramdas
Maharaj, Nasik Kalaram temple priest, at a
function organized by the Samajik
Samarasta Manch, a RSS outfit
Hindutva at the forefront of fighting Caste evils
“If untouchability is not a sin,
nothing else in the world is a
sin” - P.P. Balasaheb Deorasji,
4th Sarsanghachalak (19731994), lifelong warrior against
caste evils
2006 – Dalit Panthers
leader Sri Namdev
Dhasal shares dias with
P.P. K S Sudershanji,
hails Sangh’s service for
Hindutva is NOT parochial, NOT sectarian
“ The positive concept of social
consolidation envisaged by
Sangh has room for the
Muslims and Christians of this
country also. The Sangh
harbors no hatred for anyone
merely because he belongs to
a different faith.
- Sri Guruji Golwalkar
Hindutva is NOT parochial, NOT sectarian
The word ‘Hindu’ in our view
connotes the national entity of
Bharat and not merely a religious
faith… whoever identifies oneself
with this national life-current,
irrespective of his/her creed, is a
Hindu “
- Sri Guruji Golwalkar
Making Vivekananda’s dream a reality
20,142 teachers
5200 volunteers
20 field work agencies
8 associates
poorest of the
across Bharat
Ekal Vidyalaya 1-teacher school movement
Rebuilding of the houses for
earthquake affected in Bhuj, Gujrat
Hostels for Vanavasi students in
Teensukhiya, Assam…
Scholarships and Free hospitals for
slum children of Bangalore ….
Orphanages for victims of terrorism
in Jammu and Kashmir..
Selfless Service
for National Reconstruction
Mughal and British zamindari
system failed the Indian agriculture,
brought famines that killed
thousands of Indians in last century
Thanks to Green Revolution we are
now self-sufficient in food-grain
production and with adequate
buffer stocks
C Subramanyam
With resolve, we will truimph over
the current issues of crop failures
and farmer suicides
ICAR, ICRISAT,progressive farming
India ranked nowhere amongst milk
producing countries in the world in 1946.
Now India produces the world's Largest
Pouched Milk Brand with an annual
turnover of US $868 million
50 village Milk Cooperatives of
Gujarat have ISO 9002 Certification.
950 will be getting it soon.
Dr. V Kurien
From 3.8% in 1947 to
9% annual GDP
growth in 2007
Current foreign
exchange reserves at
$120 Billion
India is providing aid to 11 countries,
writing-off their debt and
loaning the IMF $300M
Business & Economy
Mobile phones are growing in India by
about 1.5 Million a month with reducing
long distance rates
India is one of the world's largest
diamond cutting and polishing centre
India, 2nd largest
tractor maker
and 5th largest
vehicle maker in
the world
Knowledge & Technology Superpower
Of the 117 SEI CMM Level-5 companies
in the world, 80 are in India
India's revenues from the IT industry will
be $87 Billion by 2008 - McKinsey
Bio-Informatics, Bio-Technology,
Genomics, Clinical Research and Trials –
Emerging Industries
Among the only 6 countries the world that
launch satellites of their own
INSAT among the world's largest domestic
satellite communication systems
Responsible Nuclear Superpower
Among the only 3 countries in the
World that have built Supercomputers
on their own
Indian manufacturing quality will overtake that
of Japan very soon - TQM expert Yasutoshi
Strides in Self Reliance
Threats and
facing the
and its soul,
the Hindu
way of life
Jihadi, Islamist Terrorism
Motivated by the Asura powers
unleashed by fanatic brand of
Islamic Religion
Demographically and politically
powerful, thanks to self-serving
Vote Bank politics
Controls India by its “purchasing
Jihadi, Islamist Terrorism
Aims to keep Indians in an
unannounced Dhimmi (slave)
Suppresses the voices of sane,
patriotic and liberal Muslims
Aims for the eradication of all
Kafirs (ie. Non-Muslims) and the
establishment of Caliphate
Naxal Terrorism
Born out of the Sino-Soviet split in the
Indian communist movement.
Supported by almost all the antinationalistic outfits.
Controls 160 of the 604 administrative
Get funded by anti-India governments,
and by smuggling of drugs, human
trafficking, and poaching.
North Eastern Terrorism
Church is the mother of Northeastern terrorism: “Nagaland for
Aims for the destruction of Pagan
cultures, philosophies, and freedom
Exploits the natural resources such
as tea estates, crude oil and natural
gas, silk, bamboo and handicrafts
Richest are the terrorists, politicians,
and churches.
Anti-nationalism disguised as
Pseudo secularism
 Includes
Communist Comrades,
Congress compadres and Christian
 Provides
huge subsidies to
institutions of the “powerful
minorities” from tax payers’ money
 Restricts
the existence of the
“powerless majority”
Anti-nationalism disguised as
Pseudo secularism
Supports the destruction of Indian
culture, values, and places of worship
Makes the Justice system lenient
towards the terrorists and their
Restricts freedom of expression
through media control
Caste poilitcs, a wedge
dividing Hindu society
Every civilization had its own lowly
caste practices, including the West,
Africa, China and the middle east
Castiesm in India – essentially a
socio-economic problem
Enemies of Hinduism still use it as
a tool to malign and defame the
Hindu religion
Caste poilitcs, a wedge
dividing Hindu society
Chrisitian Conversions do NOT remove
casteism. They create new castes,
more poverty and powerful terrorism
Pseudo-secularism thrives by the
indirect support to castism
Hindu unity and Hindu consolidation is
the only remedy for castism in any and
every form
Swami Vivekananda says,
“Mark me, Then and then
alone you are a Hindu,
When the very name
sends through you
a galvanic shock of
Then and then alone you
are a Hindu,
when every man who bears the name,
from any country,
speaking our language or any other language,
becomes at once
the nearest and the dearest to you
Then and then alone you
are a Hindu,
when the distress of
anyone bearing that
comes to your heart and
makes you feel
as if your own son were
in distress,
when you will be ready to
bear everything for
Krishnadeva raya
We don’t have to do
anything other than
creating an organizational
in our society
and making it
strong and
.. If we just do this, all other work
will happen by itself.
The political, social and economic
issues that haunt and torture us
will all get solved”
- Dr. Hedgewar, RSS Founder
"…Truth and knowledge
are an idle gleam,
if they do not bring power
to change the world…"
- Sri Aurobindo
|| कृण्वन्तो ववश्वमार्यमम ||
… Yes, We do have the power
to change the world