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TCI Chapter 15: Learning About Hindu Beliefs
DIRECTIONS: As you read the chapter, thoroughly answer the questions below. You’re answers must be
in your own words (do not simply copy down the words in the text) and in complete sentences.
15.1 Introduction
1. How has Hinduism shaped Indian life?
2. What is dharma?
15.2 The Origins of Hinduism
3. Who were the Aryans?
4. Early Aryan religion is called Vedism, named for the Vedas. What are the Vedas?
5. Who were the Brahmins? What could they do that many could not?
15.3 Hinduism and the Caste System
6. What are the four main social classes? (include who is part of these classes)
7. Describe who the untouchables are, where they lived, and how they were treated.
15.4 Hindu Beliefs About Brahman
8. What does Brahman mean?
9. To Hindus, the soul, or atman, is part of what?
10. Describe how Hindu temples are built.
15.5 Hindu Beliefs About Multiple Gods
11. Who are the most important Hindu gods today? What do each of them do?
12. What do the extra arms on the gods symbolize?
13. What does Divali mean and what does the festival celebrate?
15.6 Hindu Beliefs About Dharma
14. Hindus call their system of social classes varna dharma, which means
“ __________________________________.”
15. The Brahmins had to memorize over ____________ verses to recite the Vedas orally because they
were not written down for over __________years.
16. What is one of the basic values of Hinduism? How does this relate to dharma?
17. Which animal became a symbol for the Hindu belief in reverence for life and why?
15.7 Hindu Beliefs About Karma
18. Hindus believed that ________ had ___________________.
19. How was the Hindu belief about karma related to the caste system?
15.8 Hindu Beliefs About Samsara
20. Samsara is the cycle of _____________________________________.
21. What is reincarnation?
22. How do Hindus escape reincarnation?
23. Define pilgrimages. Where are some places people take pilgrimages?