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Basic Beliefs and History
An Overview of Hinduism
An Overview of Hinduism
•One of the
most widely
religions in the
–700 million
followers, 1 in
8 are Hindu
An Ancient Path
Basic Hindu Beliefs
• Brahman
– Name Hindus give to the single
supreme force
• Complex, nameless, formless, unlimited
• Other gods Hindus worship are part of this
– Main other gods include:
• Brahma - Creator
• Vishnu – Preserver
• Shiva - Destroyer
Basic Beliefs: Reincarnation
– Rebirth of the soul in
various forms; could be
– Goal is to “get it right”;
moksha – freeing of the
soul from body to unite with
**Hindus believe people are
born again and again until
they achieve moksha
Basic Beliefs: Karma
• Idea that everything you do affects your position
in the next life
• Also, your present situation is a result of your
past lives
Law of karma:
Good actions = Good Karma = better next life
Basic Beliefs: Caste system
– Developed from the four
Aryan social classes
– Person born into caste,
stays for life
**Hindus believe you must
perform your dharma, or
the duties of your caste,
to improve your caste
position in the next life
Sacred Texts
• Vedas: contain eternal
– Originally developed by
the Aryans
• Upanishads: help to
explain the ideas
contained in the Vedas
• Epics – Ramayana,
– Contain various Hindu