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Alternative Energy
Mr. O’Rourke
 A source of energy for transportation that
utilizes something other than fossil fuel for
Alternative Energy Benefits
 Low/no environmental impact
 Reduces dependency of foreign oil
 Efficient $$$
 Fuel derived from recently living biological
matter (plants).
 Fossil fuel is derived from long dead
biological matter.
Compressed Air
 Used stored compressed air to power a
 Can be used in addition to
electric/solar/gasoline etc. (hybrid)
Types of Biofuels
 Vegetable Oil- can be used interchangeably with
diesel on old engines or can be converted to
biodiesel for new ones.
 Biodiesel- produced from oils or fats and is similar
to diesel.
 Bioalcohol- ethanol, propanol and butanol (all
biologically produced alcohols).
 Biogas- contains methane (landfill gas)
Electric Cars
 Automobiles that use an on-board rechargeable
energy storage systems.
 Produce no exhaust fumes and minimal pollution
 Many are capable of accelerating faster than
conventional automobiles.
Hydrogen Cars
 Use hydrogen for fuel
 Hydrogen is burned through combustion
 Hydrogen is converted in a fuel cell
– Reacted with oxygen to produce water and
Hybrid Automobiles
 An automobile that uses two or more distinct
power sources for propulsion.
 Most common is internal combustion
engine/electric motor.
 Nearly every large car manufacturer now
produces one or more hybrid automobile.
Solar Vehicles
 Similar to an electric car.
 PV cells convert sun’s energy into
electrical energy.
 Not as practical for day to day
transportation as other alternative energy
Any Others?
 Any other types of alternative energy
vehicles you can think of???
Your Assignment
 Pick an alternative energy and create a PowerPoint that
covers the following areas:
Definition of your chosen energy
Examples of
Associated costs with you’re A.E. Trans.
Environmental impact
Be sure to include pictures